Eternity & Ephemerality are one of Azwel's weapons in Soulcalibur VI.


Most believe that all of Azwel's wave experiments were performed when he was part of the Aval Organization, but this bears reexamination. Documents regarding waves not described in his research thus far have been found in the ruins of a certain facility. These documents are incomplete, so the effects of waves are still unknown, but it can be guessed that they deal with the concepts of time or though.

The following enigmatic text was found on a scrap of paper unearthed in the ruins:

"I would never have discovered these waves if I had never met those two. It is time to probe into the presumption that eternity is an endless series of momentary nows. The question is whether I am a slave to time, or if I can transcend it. I must find an answer for humanity's march into the distant future. Indeed, this is like nothing that has come before...In fact, it is a personal revolution! I have stepped outside the bounds of anthropology! Hmm... Perhaps I shall call myself a Scholar of the Future for now."


Azwel's formed weapons are colored white for Soul Calibur and orange for Soul Edge. These could be considered Azwel's Joke weapon given its description and placing in its listing in Character Creation.


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