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Soulcalibur IV: Jessie's Story is a 3-Dimensional movie that will be released July - December 2011, worldwide. Starring Jessie Parnell as Jessie, Desiree Goyette as Taki, Steve van Wormer as Maxi and more.

Worldwide Release Dates
United States MTV, WGN America July 20, 2012
Japan TV Japan (America), Toei July 21, 2012
Italy Rai Uno, Rai Due, Rai Tre, Rai Quattro August 8, 2012
Netherlands Nickelodeon September 8, 2012
Germany Nickelodeon September 9, 2012
Poland Zig Zap September 14, 2012
Canada (Namco English) Cartoon Network, YTV September 9, 2012
Portugal Canal Panda October 13, 2012
Brazil TV Globinho October 20, 2011
Spain Clan TVE September 19, 2012
Latin America (Including Mexico) Boomerang September 20, 2012
China Nickelodeon July 21, 2012
Taiwan TeenNick July 22, 2012
Singapore, Israel Disney Channel September 21, 2012
Russia DisneyXD October 12, 2012
Greece Disney Channel October 19, 2012
Philippines ABS-CBN Channel October 30, 2012
South Korea KNN Channel November 7, 2012
Finland MTV 3 November 11, 2012
Norway NRK2 November 11, 2012


November 12, 2012
Britain, Wales BBC One November 22, 2012
Turkey NTVMSNBC December 1, 2012
India Zee TV December 2, 2012


The movie starts out as an opening sequence like the video game series. Then the first scene appears with Jessie walking home with new Soul Series Character, Vincent Mahnken. Jessie is having a flashback about being taken away from her parents, along with Chellby and Brittney. Vincent asks Jessie if he would text her as soon as she got home. She accepts his request. When Jessie gets home, two uninvited guests sneak into the Parnell Manor. Jessie reveals the assassins which turns out to be Taki and Maxi. Jessie defeats them and banishes them. Mr. Parnell returns home from his first day as mayor of Colorado Springs. Mr. Parnell asks Jessie if she fought in self-defense. Jessie responds that she did.

In Canon City, Neiko and his elder sister Brooke watch the news. It was revealed that both of their parents were injured in a car accident. Later, Jessie comes over, and overhears the newswoman, Lisa Lyden stating that Neiko and Brooke's parents had died from their injuries.

Neiko and Brooke grieve for about a week then their troubles end. At the Carmel, in Science Class eighth hour, Jessie is called up to the teacher's desk. Jessie is given Kagekiri, the birth weapon of what is called Ninja Dragon Fire infused with water. He urges her to use it wisely. After school, Vincent tells Jessie about different ways to "learn academical bullshit."

Taki and Maxi appear again and Jessie, Kierian, and Vincent prepare to attack until Maxi wants to "chat" with Jessie. She, Vince, and Kierian ignore them and head for their lockers. While Jessie is talking to Andrew on phone, Jessie yells at him, and breaks up with him.

Jessie later stops by Andrew's house to return his stuff. Later at the Hogbacks, Taki and Maxi had already been added into the clan. Monsters appear then Tira appears. The warriors win the battle with Tira. The 14 are transported back into the principal's office. The principal gives the 14 masked forms. (Appearance: Power Ranger-like outfits)

The next battle is with Astaroth, then the 14 "morph" and fight Astaroth. Astaroth runs away. Back at the Arsenal, Jessie is asked by Neiko and Kara about her history, the excellent memory she has. In a flashback, Jessie, as a baby, ends up in a car accident with her mom and her mom's friend. 2 years later, she ends up being diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. The flashback ends with Jessie stating it was nothing but a smart alec tact.

In Ostrheinsburg, Tira is plotting some scheme to get "The Princess of Shuri" (A title which Aunjhane claims to be) to go on Soul Edge's side.

In Colorado Springs, Another demon has appeared and the warriors, having already sensed him appear out of nowhere. The demon starts fighting the warriors, the demon named Elkomi defeats Maxi, Kilik, Andrew, and Vincent. He splits the ground in two and pushes Jessie into the ravine, only to see she is holding on to a branch. Elkomi fades and Andrew is trying to get Jessie up. Tira appears and starts insulting Jessie. Andrew is still reaching out to Jessie. Jessie falls, and suddenly transforms into Carmel Form. She jumps back up to fight Tira, and wins.

Meanwhile, in Ostrheinsburg, Mitsurugi, Setsuka, and Tira are summoned by Nightmare, once again. Tira is scolded by Nightmare for failing to kill Jessie. Back in Colorado Springs, Jessie is excited to have earned her new powers of Ninja Dragon Fire, for surviving a fall. Taki wonders why all of Tira's demons are out to get her daughter. She finds out it was because of her aura from her first battle with the Ninja Dragon Fire.

Mitsurugi, then, appears in the Graphic Arts room, attacking the teacher and students, Jessie appears, morphing to Ranger Form. She battles with Mitsurugi for a short time, until he uses a special attack to strengthen the power of Soul Edge in her body. Mitsurugi disappears, laughing in victory. Jessie's eyes glow red as she mauls one of her classmates to one of the computers. She then walks out of the school.

The next day, Kara, Isabelle, and Morgan wonder why Jessie was not at school. They get an answer from Nikita Ferguson, one of Jessie's classmates in Science class. Nobody contacted the school, or Jessie would have had an excused absence.

So, Kara heads to Jessie's room in the Warriors of Time Aqua base, finding that there was nobody there. Kara exits when she hears a sound coming from Darkness. She then finds Jessie on her bed, she is alarmed, and goes up to her, feeling her head, she finds that she has a fever of 150 degrees, and she had managed to survive. Kara cooks a Japanese meal for Jessie. Later, Jessie is seen finishing her miso soup, her temperature returning to a normal 98.6 degrees in 20 minues. Kara asks what Jessie would like to do next. Jessie states that she had never been to an arcade, she wanted to go to one.

30 minutes into the game play at the arcade, Kara, Morgan, and Isabelle are watching Jessie play Tekken 5, in a tranced gaze, with boys her age onlooking as her impressive gameplaying defeats her opponent. While Kara heads out to get Jessie a berry blast smoothie, she continues to ponder about what has happened to her. When she returns, the boys that have onlooked her are surrounding her. Morgan, Isabelle, and Kara run inside to see that the now pale Jessie has fainted. Isabelle cals her boyfriend Logan, and asks him to take the three and the unconscious Jessie to the emergency room. Logan escorts the four to the emergency room, with Kara apologizing for the inconvenience. Logan states that it was no big deal. At the hospital, Kara is awaiting if Jessie is okay or not. The doctor tells her that she is not ill, but they will need to run a few tests on her.

Kara is in the waiting room when McKay arrives. McKay brings her and Jessie baskets of goodies. Meanwhile, at Ostrheinsburg, Nightmare sends Tira to bring Jessie back, and serve him. Tira disguises as a doctor, attacking the nurses and kidnapping Jessie. Meanwhile, Kara hears commotion in Jessie's Hospital Room, and finds that the room is destroyed, and Jessie is gone.

Outside, Jessie is walking past Garden Park High School, when two boys intentionally bump into her. Jessie mauls the two boys into the wall. As Jessie walks inside Garden Park High School, she mauls the registrar and principal of the school. Jessie then walks into the gym, which is abandoned, with Tira watching her walk in. Kara, Isabelle, and Morgan run inside the school, finding a dark aura, leading them to the abandoned gym. Kara walks inside and finds the pale Jessie standing beside Tira. Kara ends up confronting Tira, and morphs into Carmel Form. Kara battles Tira and moves Jessie back, warning her to run. Tira knocks down a pillar that holds the climbing rope. Suddenly, Hyup Do with lightning surrounding it, blocks the falling pillar. Jessie walks away from Kara, Morgan, and Isabelle, and back alongside Tira. She asks Jessie to show them the dark power created by Soul Edge. With the summon "Soul Edge, Go!" Jessie morphs into Devil Jessie.

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