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Lolita Guerrero(ロリータ・ゲレロ,Rorīta gerero),or Lola(ローラ,Rōra) for short is a character in a Soul series of fighting games. Lola made her first appearance in series' fourth installment,Soul Calibur III,and has returned in Soul Calibur IV,and Soul Calibur V.

What lies in her soul is Revenge

In Soulcalibur V's promotional material she is referred to as Father's Daughter


Early Life

Lola was born into a family of migrants from Spain. Her father was an brave warrior,and mother was a housewife. Father died when Lola turned 22. Lola and her mother were left alone ... Mother taught Lola how to defend herself, in order to protect her daughter. Lola was extremely upset when her father died, and a few more months could not believe that he was dead ...

Soul Calibur III

Lola's mother died shortly before the events of Soul Calibur III, and she told the reason for her father's death ... He was killed by an Azure Knight who owned a very dangerous sword, Soul Edge. 2 weeks after the death of Lola's mother, Lola turned 26, and she decided to form a group to destroy Soul Edge. To find warriors worthy of being in her group, she began her journey ...

Soul Calibur IV

After several months of adventure, Lola formed a group, and, after several weeks of training, the group, led by Lola, went on an adventure to destroy the Soul Edge. Their adventure led them to Ostrheinsburg Castle, in which they met a small girl in dark brown clothing with a large ring-like blade. The girl told them that the sword is not here, and that it is better for them to look for the sword in another place. The group believed the girl, but Lola sensed a falsehood in her words, and declared that she did not believe her. The girl laughed, and said that in vain she did not believe. Sharply, from one of the rooms of the castle, ran a group of people, with red armor and weapons, and, they, led by a girl, attacked the group of Lola. After not a long battle, Lola's group won the fight, and, they began to climb the floors of the castle, but on one of the floors they were met by another group of strange people dressed in red armor. Since Lola's group was exhausted by the last battle, the group lost, and decided to retreat for a while, and returned to Mexico City.

Soul Calibur V

Shortly before the events of Soul Calibur V, Lola's group, was attacked by a huge group of strange people in red armor, led by Azure Knight. Lola's group first tried to fight back, but, then, they realized that the group was too big, and began to retreat. Lola shouted "I'll keep them!", And stood upright in the face of Azure Knight. One swing of the sword, and Lola was already lying on the floor defeated. Before her "death," Lola smiled, but she did not die, she was sent to Astral Chaos, where she met her father. He did not die, and just like Lola was sent to the Astral Chaos. Finally, Lola and her father reunited ... Again ... Although,during the events of Soul Calibur V Lola was trapped in Astral Chaos,she appeared in Soul Calibur V as a playable character.

Physical Appearance/Costumes

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Lola is a strong, fighting, and fearless girl. She is ready to fight to the last, and never retreat. Self-confident, but very vulnerable to insults. Although she is vulnerable to insults, her fighting spirit never falls, and she always tries to jump above her head.

Fighting Style

Lola fights with a halberd pole type weapon, called a Naginata (Japanese), or Zanbatou (in-game), and thus benefits from maximum spacing between herself and her opponent. She is equipped with some of the longest non-projectile attacks in the game. A fair amount of her attacks increase in damage depending on how far away her opponent is at the point of impact. To facilitate adequate spacing, Lola has fast stepping, as well as a handful of sequences in which she will jump or dash back at the end of an attack. At times when she can't space away from her opponents, she has a few attacks at short-range with auto guard impact properties to reduce pressure. With all of these factors, Lola is most effective at long-range and decent and mid-range. Although she has many long range attacks, most are very linear and a wary opponent could feasibly evade them quite easily via sidestepping, though this requires fast anticipation and/or reaction time. Lola has a decent array of low attacks to utilize, most of them relatively slow horizontal strikes however.


Critical Finish

Blazing Heaven's Wheel: Lola throws her opponent into the air using her weapon, twirls them up high with flames then throws them back down and pushes her weapon through her opponent's heart.

Critical Edge

Blazing Deadly Wheel: Lola throws her opponent into he air using her weapon,twirls them up hight with flames,then strikes opponent down with her naginata.


Soul Calibur III

Old Toledo - Burning Gallery

Burning Mansion

After the capital was moved to Madrid, Toledo ended its role as capital of Spain, but it still continues to flourish as a center of activity.

This mansion, standing in the wealthy district of town, belongs to a wealthy merchant who is on a personal quest to pursue the trail of the massacres caused by Nightmare. Through extensive independent research, he collected records and reports regarding the incidents, and it is said that he hired a famous artist to draw a portrait of Nightmare based on the information he had collected. However, perhaps he had learned too much. The mansion fell victim to a suspicious fire and now burns fiercely. The voracious flames race to consume everything. It will surely not be long before all is reduced to ash...

Soul Calibur IV

Ostrheinsburg Castle - Twilight


Much time has passed since this proud, once-impregnable fortress, with its four citadels, was reduced to ruin. The scars inflicted by giant siege engines several years ago tell the tale of the horror of war. After losing its first lord and

falling into ruin, this castle was occupied by a terrible master known as the Azure Knight.

The chaos of war, and then the Azure Knight, filled this land with bitter hatred. A miasmal fog still lingers over the castle even after the knight has left.

It is said that this land, avoided even by wild beasts, feels like home to those who have accepted evil into their hearts. Those who visit this place will surely see the dark birds that gather at the top of the tower of this crumbling castle.

Soul Calibur V

Astral Chaos


This stage is an open circular platform with ring-out possibilities to all sides. All sorts of fragments, from the mortal world, float in the background.

Astral Chaos is an alternate dimension and the final resting place of souls which have been devoured by Soul Edge.

The core of Astral Chaos, the "Star of Chaos", is surrounded by multiple souls which have blended together. Astral Chaos, the Void, the Other World, or just simply Chaos are all names by which this mysterious dimension is known. Chaos can be seen as both a manifestation of Soul Edge's own inner world as well as the "other side" of our own world.

Astral Chaos serves as the key to Soul Edge's continued survival. Each time the physical blade is shattered, the spirit of the sword retreats into Astral Chaos until it's servants are able to gather enough fragments to restore the sword.

Theme Music

Soul Calibur III

  • Courage Ablaze

Soul Calibur IV

  • Twilight Dwellers

Soul Calibur V

  • Venice Rooftops (SCV Mix)


Soul Calibur III

  • "Please get out of my way!"
  • "This is gonna be great!"
  • "All right, let's settle this!"
  • "Be careful from now on!"
  • "I'll take you on any time you want!"
  • "It looks like I'm just too strong for you."
  • "I won't hold back next time!"
  • "Prepare yourself!"
  • "Outta the way!"
  • "Let's end this!"
  • "Aren't we cheeky?"
  • "This is absurd!"
  • "Go down!"
  • "Goodbye!"
  • "It's over!"
  • "Hey, you're not half bad." - Taunt
  • "Give it up already." - Taunt"
  • "What?!"
  • "I can't believe this!"

Soul Calibur IV

  • "Please,step away!"
  • "Why you want to fight?"
  • "Why you don't listen to me?!"
  • "Okay,okay... I'm ready to fight!"
  • "Why do you step in my way?"
  • "Please... Leave this place!"
  • "I warned you..."
  • "I'll tear you to peaces!" - when tauting Nightmare
  • "Step away,stupid child!" - when tauting Tira
  • "Don't stand up!"
  • "Step..."
  • "...Away!"
  • "I'll end this!"
  • "Was that too much?"
  • "Die!"
  • "Too painful?"
  • "Good night!"
  • "Please..."
  • "...Leave!"
  • "Strike!"
  • "Hah! That was too easy!"
  • "Good night,dear..."
  • "I think you learned the lesson."
  • "It's your fault..."
  • "If you listened ... You could avoid a fight ..."
  • "Here is your advice: Conflict can be solved with words!"
  • "How this could happen?!" - After losing a battle.

Soul Calibur V

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