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New Timeline

Lolita Guerrero(ロリータ・ゲレロ,Rorīta gerero),or Lola(ローラ,Rōra) for short is a character in a Soul series of

fighting games. She appeared in the Soulcalibur VI, which marks her debut appearance in the new, rebooted Soulcalibur timeline. She is nicknamed The girl filled with thirst for revenge

What lies in her soul is Revenge


Early Life

Lola is the daughter of a popular swordsman in New Spain, and her mother was a dancer. Father could long not to return home, that strained mother and old sister Lola's, Anna. Anna is 5 years older than Lola. Father paid much attention to Lola and taught her to fight, depriving Anna of attention. That's why Anna bullied Lola.. But when Lola grew up, she was able to confront his sister.

Soulcalibur VI

Father, as always, for a long time did not go home, but this time longer than usual.. As Lola was the only one in the family except the father, who knew how to fight, she went looking for him, but as soon as she left the house she met with the azure knight, with a huge and strange sword. Lola not was able to confront him, he killed her mother..
"Run after me!"
Lola screamed to her sister in tears.. They managed to escape into the forest, their house was destroyed.. Lola was angry, but most importantly, she was interested in her father's fate.. Anna and Lola managed to find some residential village where they were kindly received by an old woman. Lola taught her sister how to defend, and together they left the village, to meet adventures...

Physical Appearance

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Lola is a bold and independent girl. She stubborn, and always achieve their goals. After the death of his father - Lola became more serious and tough.


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Fighting Style

Lola fights with a halberd pole type weapon, called a Naginata (Japanese), or Zanbatou (in-game), and thus benefits from maximum spacing between herself and her opponent. She is equipped with some of the longest non-projectile attacks in the game. A fair amount of her attacks increase in damage depending on how far away her opponent is at the point of impact. To facilitate adequate spacing, Lola has fast stepping, as well as a handful of sequences in which she will jump or dash back at the end of an attack. At times when she can't space away from her opponents, she has a few attacks at short-range with auto guard impact properties to reduce pressure. With all of these factors, Lola is most effective at long-range and decent and mid-range. Although she has many long range attacks, most are very linear and a wary opponent could feasibly evade them quite easily via sidestepping, though this requires fast anticipation and/or reaction time. Lola has a decent array of low attacks to utilize, most of them relatively slow horizontal strikes however.

Critical Edge

Blazing Deadly Wheel: Lola throws her opponent into he air using her weapon,twirls them up hight with flames,then strikes opponent down with her naginata.



Soulcalibur VI

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