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"Let the light shine out of darkness"
Aniki (Ah - Nee - Kee), is a manifestation of the celestial power associated with the moon. She is considered a, Child of the Night.


During the cold night of January 7th, 1500, Aniki was manifested into a human form seemingly at random. Aniki was then cast from the celestial bodies onto Earth. Despite the great power that embodies her, Aniki has no recollection of her past prior to her human manifestation.

Aniki wandered the Earth for sometime, becoming acquainted with her physical form and its limitations. Eventually, Aniki came to learn of the legends of The Cursed Sword, and its counter-part, Soul Calibur.

Recognizing the impressive power of both, Aniki decided to pursue ownership of both with the intent of using the swords to return herself to her celestial form.

At some point, Aniki acquired the scythe, Ankou and set out in pursuit of the blades.

Child of the Night

Aniki's human form is far from perfect, a result of her unorthodox creation. Being manifested of the Moon's celestial power; her skin is a deep gray/black and is covered in long, intricate markings. Additionally, she lacks eyes and hair. Besides those things, she towers over most humans in height and build.

Her appearance alone has earned her a title in folklore as The Child of the Night, a wandering goddess sent from the moon to observe humanity in time of crisis. These stories would make her a target for fame seekers but none who have pursued her for glory have prevailed.


Being a manifestation of celestial power, Aniki boosts several unique and sub-human abilities.

  • Shape Shifting

Aniki can alter her appearance for short amounts of time

  • Lunar Power

Moonlight greatly increases her power

  • Super-Human Strength
  • Agelessness
  • Non-dependent on Food and Water
OC Screenshot 2019-01-13 21-08-40

Aniki in combat

Chronicle of Soul (SCVI)


Aniki's full body appearance

In 1585, Aniki arrived in the Middle-East in search of information regarding Soul Calibur, and its potential wielder. While the location of Soul Edge was made known to her by her connections to the energies of the world, Soul Calibur continued to remain unseen.

When the final showdown between the two blades finally occurred, Aniki felt the powers of the world fluctuate wildly out of balance. As the swords ripped time and space asunder, Aniki came in contact with her celestial counter-parts again.

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