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Augustos Edison (Cousin Maim) is a Soul Caliber IV fan character created by the Architect of Halo

Cousin Maim in Thesmophoros' Imperial Garden

. What lies in his soul is Justice'.'



As a boy, Cousin Maim's shape and form weren't what he and his parents intended, so therefore, that is why his parents were vaporized into pure energy.

As a teenager, Cousin Maim appeared to be a standard being with a proud attitude, but then the mysterious energy returned to pick him apart.

As an adult (which is his current age), he had a decent appearance with his ceremonial armor protecting his inner appearance.



There existed a harmonial group of families who wanted nothing more than to enjoy themselves all the time, never once getting in any arguments or debates. Unfortunately, that was just too much to ask, considering the area those people chose to live. Though their home planet was Earth, the unknown continent that this clan lived on was separate from the outer world, meaning that this unknown entity had full custody over the innocent clan's fate.

The pack of strange creatures unloaded from their starship, and looked in all directions. The innocents hid from these aliens, and heard their crude dialogue emit from their mouths. "I thought you said there'd be sentinent life on this damn world," one of them shouted. "Not just a bunch of flowers and drawings of-" One of the little girls snuck between a pair of bushes, and watched the aliens take the picture of a rainbow. "What the hell is this?!" the larger one said. The three of them then dropped the picture, and walked away as if nothing happened.

Suddenly, the girl stepped over a stick, and the majority of the families ran away while the three largest men grabbed her, and split up into different directions. The tallest alien pulled out a strange weapon, and shot an odd bolt of energy into each of their backs. "Humans...?" the alien with the weapon muttered. "Wow, these people are everywhere in this universe..."

Once every person in the clan was caught, the aliens piled together, and dropped what looked like a small box in the center of the circle the families were arranged in, and each of them heard some sort of bang! that made an enormous flash of light that made everything disappear into a volitale form of gas.

Zazalamel strolled upward on the steps of an abandoned castle, and smelt something rather odd. He heard some sort of wheezing in the corner of the main hallway, and caught a boy wheezing for air. He stopped and saw a little boy gagging while emitting some form of a blue toxic gas. He said nothing, but decided to take custody of him, but he could not touch the boy without creating a risk for his own personal safety. Zazalamel wrapped a hankerchif around his hand, and softly dragged the child out of the castle.

Years later, many years later....

A gateway to an unexplained room was surrounding Cousin Bain, and his relative known as 'Cousin Maim'. The two had a relationship that was equal to a pair of beings fused together in the same body, with an invaluable relationship that could never break by conventional force.

The room had a dark tan coloring to it, and was full of nets and a salty smell of ocean water. Cousin Maim had similar armor to Bain, only he wore short-shorts with fur covering them completely. His helmet was the same as Cousin Bain's, with the exception of it being far darker in hue.

His weapon was not a scythe, only a gigantic steel sword that could slice anything that wasn't titanium. Most of the time, it didn't slice objects, but broke them apart or smashed them instead.

"What an odd area you've discovered," Cousin Bain told his counterpart. Maim snorted humorously, as he knew when his biologically related friend was joking. "We must find the exit," Maim explained anxiously in his deep voice. "We cannot get to the upper area without further assistance."

Cousin Bain chuckled sarcastically. "Do not be afraid you maggot," he responded rudely. Cousin Bain raised his scythe, and caused a small beam of energy to emerge from the tip. The beam sliced half of the grating above off of its mass, and revealed a room above.

Bain then used his scythe as a pick to climb the wall that led up to the new path he created. "Come you vermin," he ordered his cousin. "We must not waste time to find this pirate we were assigned to assassinate." Maim had no choice but to obey, as he ranked below Cousin Bain in their organization.

Once the two reached the top, a disturbing presence was felt. Despite there only being two armored soldiers on the far side of the wall, there was nobody else inside the room that appeared to be a bizarre bridge of a submarine.

The two tan-armored soldiers unhurriedly sidestepped towards the two assassins, and drew strange weapons from their belts. Before they obtained the chance to attack, Cousin Maim leaped into the air, and sliced the two into tiny block-sized bits that slowly turned into ooze that hardened once it made physical contact with the ground.

Cousin Bain scanned the room, searching for anyone else aboard. "I believe this may be the only beings aboard my cousin," Maim told him calmly. One second after his sentence, a set of doors slid open, revealing a woman dressed in red clothing along with a dark-gold hued mask that covered less than a quarter of her face.

"Idiots!" she yelled before realizing her crew was not present. Once she looked around the bridge, she noticed the two men who boarded her vessel. "Where'd everybody go?" she asked herself. Cousin Bain held his scythe in one hand as he walked up to her in a calm manner. "There you are monster," Cousin Bain said politely. The woman put her hands on her face.

"Uh…Hi?" she replied with a confused tone. Bain and his semi-brother stayed in their same spots with their weapons aimed away from the pirate. After five minutes, boredom started to affect the three, and the target of the assassins was the first to respond.

"Aren't you two going to do anything?" she screeched. Cousin Bain pointed his scythe at Divatox, and launched a grey beam of energy at his target. As the insane pirate screamed at the top of her lungs, she ran around the room as she attempted to find anything that she could use as a weapon while the beam chased her.

"I am succumbing to boredom," Maim said while growling. The woman then attempted to find a button that could cause her vessel to sink beneath the ocean, or self-destruct, but before that could occur, Cousin Bain grabbed her while placing his hand over her mouth, and puncturing her spine with his scythe.

As her body slowly turned to stone, two unidentified entities entered the room with a strange creature in the middle.

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