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Duuza is a character exist within the continuity of the soul series, making his first appearance in Soulcalibur: Undead, acting as it's main antagonist and the final boss. Duuza is the son of a king in ancient times. He was one of the many casualties of the raging war at that time but was resurrected, with the cost of his father's life, and his humanity, both physically and in the soul, turning him into a demonic being with unimaginable power.

What lies in his soul is "Chaos"

He is also refered to as "The New God of The Underworld"


Duuza is a tall demonic being. Due to the effect of his resurrection, his skin turned pitch black and eyes turned dark red. He covered most of his body with skeletal-designed armor, gauntlets, and grieves, fitting his self-proclaimed title as the underworld king. Duuza wear a metallic mask that covered his face, with only his bloodshot eyes can be seen from it. He also wears a black cloak, his long demonic horns are sprouting from it.

Nobody knows how he actually looks like beneath his mask and heavy armors. Agatha mentioned that everyone who had "the honor to gaze upon his face" met their demises seconds later.

Powers & Abilities

Duuza's power source is the Astral Chaos, and for as long as he maintains a connection with the realm, he is invincible. He is able to manipulate the shape of his body parts to form constructs, which he utilizes in his fighting style. He can form his hands into swords with various length and shapes, sprout metallic appendages from his back that are sharp enough to pierce through any armors, and also sprout a giant, flesh covered claw from his chest. Duuza can also summon the pure energy of Astral Chaos, which usually manifest in the form of a black orb of various sizes. Anything that the orb touches will crumble into dust.

Duuza can also fly or simply hover above the ground. He can also open small dimensional rifts to teleport anything or anyone, by means of transporting them through Astral Chaos and then summon them back to the main realm in a different place. He also utilizes this in his fighting style, like summoning his throne to fall on his opponent or to let attacks pass through his body without harming him. He can also create dimensional rifts that open to a different universe but doing so requires him to use all of his power.

Overall, he is considered to be a high to top tier character in terms of gameplay


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Soulcalibur: Undead

Duuza - Shadowfall-0

Duuza - Shadowfall-0


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