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Asesina is a bonus character that debuted in Soulcalibur V. She is an escaped convict that killed her family. She fights with Astaroth's move set. Her weapon, the Jail Break, is a wooden, black hammer, with round pieces of metal with spikes attached to it.

What lies in her soul is Rage


Asesina is a young girl who at first looks innocent, but is actually psychotic. She wears dark colors and has her long blonde hair tied back into Braided Pigtails. She wears a form of mask, Tiger Pauldrons, and a necklace. Her torso is left open in the middle, as she wears the Hunter’s Suit, Dancers Top,and a Cropped Jacket. The back of her jacket and as well as her Tight Skirt, have a large spider on them. Her skirt also has the spider surrounded in a black vine-like pattern. In her primary outfit, she wears a Ball and Chain on her leg and chains on her wrists and hips, showing that she had escaped from prison. In her alternate outfit; she drops her prison-inspired outfit for a more Gothic-inspired outfit. It is primarily black with a dark red skirt while white spiders appear constantly on the outfit.

As revealed in her alternate costume in SCV, she has a black spider tattooed between her breasts.

Asesina alternate


Soulcalibur V

Ever since she was a young girl, Asesina was a criminal. After witnessing her father kill her mother, brother, and sister, Asesina went insane, delirious with grief. She ran away from home, and went to the original Astaroth and trained with him for several years. Asesina eventually left Astaroth. She returned to her old town and tracked down her father. She engaged him in a battle and came out victorious. The past brought itself back up, and instead of stopping, Asesina continued to beat the man down to the point where she killed him. She killed her father. She became a thief, and eventually, a murderess. She was eventually captured and went to prison. She later killed the guards and escaped. She is now searching for Astaroth again, her mentor and her only friend in a world full of enemies.


Asesina is a very cold person. She has a short temper and is eager to fight anyone, and willing to kill her enemies. She is cocky, sassy, and sarcastic.


"Come on!"

"No escape!" - when activating her critical edge

"Let's end this!"


"You scum!" - spoken when knocked out of the ring

"Watch yourself..." - when performing "Ax Volcano"

"So.... Sorry!" - spoken when performing "Breath of Hades"

"All eyes on me!" - when performing "Demented Moon"

"You're next... to DIE!" - when performing the unblockable version of "Canyon Creation"

"Did that hurt?" - spoken when throwing Astaroth


"Where is he?!" - when engaging Maxi in battle

"I knew I'd find you!" - when engaging Astaroth

"Will you fight me?"

"I win!" - victory quote

"That was one good fight" - victory quote

"He can't be dead!" - victory quote against Maxi

"Astaroth..." - victory quote

"What? The original is dead?" - victory quote against the mass produced Astaroth

"Try working a little harder next time." - victory quote

"Looks like it's going to be another wonderful day" - victory quote against Elysium, Pyrrha, or Patroklos

"Soul Edge belongs to me now!" - victory quote against Nightmare

"I will use Soul Edge to bring back Astaroth!" - victory quote against Nightmare

"Bring him back for me!" - victory quote against Algol

"Oh my!"- when hit by a tremor

"You'll pay for this!" - when knocked out of the ring


The original Astaroth's student

Fought and killed Berserker before going to prison

Somehow learned that Maxi killed the original Astaroth

Knows that the current Astaroths are all mass produced clones of the original


  • Originally planned to be a heroic character
  • She originally had an outfit that was based on a black and white prison uniform, but was scraped for her primary SCV outfit. As of now, this outfit is not being used.
  • She was created as a joke to see what a small character wielding a large weapon would look like
  • Her icons show her in a prison cell.
    Asesina profile

Create-A-Soul Formula

Primary Costume

Style: Astaroth

Weapon: Great Maul (1:42, 7), (9:0, 31)

Weapon Trail: (9:1, 31)

Skin Color: (9:7, 0)

Height: 1/Normal

Upper Arms: 1

Forearms: 1

Pectorals: 20

Hips: 1

Thighs: 1

Calves: 1

Stomach: 1

Chest: 20

Waist: 1

Muscle Mass: 3

Face: 10

Hair: Braided Pigtails (4:8, 8), (4:8, 8), (4:8, 8)

Eyebrows: 20

Voice: Young Lady (Pitch: -7, Tone: -4, Malfestation Level: None)

Ashigaru Headband: (4:0, 31), (4:0, 31)

Battle Mask: (9:0, 31)

Hunter's Suit: (9:0, 31), (9:0, 31), (9:0, 31)

Dancer's Top: (3:22, 13), (7:22, 13)

Cropped Jacket (Large white Spider sticker on the back): (9:0, 31)

Tight Skirt (White Spider sticker in the middle on the front surrounded in two black Motif 53, together, making a circle with a spider in the center): (2:1, 25)

Chains (Hip): (0:37, 11)

Ethnic Jewlery: (1:0, 31)

Chains (Arms): (0:37, 11)

Tiger Pauldrons (9:0, 31), (9:9, 9)

Thigh Highs: (9:29, 29)

Prisoner's Shackles: (1:38, 25), (1:38, 25)

Alternate Costume

Weapon: Heavy Axe (0:0, 16), (3:7, 28), (1:7, 30)

Hair: Long (4:8, 8)

Face Paint: 15 (9:0, 31), (9:63, 22)

Undergarments: Tear Leotard (two small white Spider stickers appear over her breasts): (9:0, 31), (9:0, 31)

Hip: Pareo (two large spiders are on the front and back, while two small white fires appear on the left of both spiders, close to the bottom edge): (2:1, 25)

Neck: Gothic Jewlery (9:0, 0), (0:0, 31)

Arms: Longpao Hualin: (9:0, 31), (6:0, 0)

Ankles: Thigh Highs (2:1, 25)

Feet: Back Laced Boots (9:0, 31), (2:1, 25), (2:1, 25)

Special: Feathers of Strength: (Location: Chest, Vertical: -35, Back: 16, Width: 50) (6:37, 3), (9:0, 31)

Asesina alternate weapon stance
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