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Ta'ahine is a bonus character in Soulcalibur V. She is the daughter of Aeon Calcos. She fights with her father's move set. Her weapon, the Soul Edge, is two hand axes possessed by Inferno.

What lies in her soul is Anger.


Ta'ahine is a young girl who wears a pink and black Tear Leotard, and dress with a large black spider on the front. She wears a purple and white Archery Breast Plate, and purple Adept's Sleeves and a purple scarf as well. She wears a light blue version the Ashigaru Headband and a chain around her hips. She wears the Viking Shoulders, plad Short Boots, the Helmet Ornament: Iris, and black Thigh Highs. She is blonde and has her long hair tied back into Pigtails. She has a black heart tattoo on her right cheek.

She has an alternate outfit being made.


Soulcalibur V

Ta'ahine, the daughter of the Lizardman, Aeon Calcos, leader of the Lizardmen, had not seen her father in many years. Her mother was killed by a group of Assassins and one day, her father had disapeared, leaving her to fend for herself. Ta'ahine Calcos grew into bitter person, and one day, she had eventually got the the breaking point and searched for her father. She wanted to make him pay for leaving her alone for so long. She started killing everyone that stood in her way. She eventually ran into a creature that was lizard-like, yet having human qualities.

She felt a mysterious feeling about this creature, and convinced it to travel with her to find her father, not knowing what that creature could be.

Ta'ahine weapon stance


Ta'ahine is a very cold person. She is rude, manipulative, pushy, and cocky. She is very intelligent and her quick decisions are always correct. She is also very vain, as revealed in her victory quotes.


  • She replaced another character named Tatchorita, who has the same weapon style, same weapon, same hairstyle, but she had pink hair.


"There's something about you... Talk!" - when engaging Aeon Calcos in battle

"Father?" - when defeating Aeon in battle

"Take that!"

"So long!"

"I've got this!"

"Goodbye!" - when performing Sandland Predator

"Die, damn you!" - when performing Sandland Battalion


"Brace yourself!" - when activating her Critical Edge

"This'll hurt!" - during her Critical Edge

"Okay, let's get this started!"

"What, was I too gorgeous for you?" - victory quote

"NO!" - when losing a round to Z.W.E.I.

"You're not as pathetic as I thought!" - when defeating Z.W.E.I

"I know where Amy is..." - when defeating Raphael

"Did you really think you stood a chance?" - victory quote

"It's not easy being beautiful" - victory quote

"Soul Edge belongs to me" - when engaging in battle with Pyrrha, Pyrrah Ω, Algol, and Nightmare

"Good riddence" - when getting a ring out on Aeon

"Devour this." - victory quote against Nightmare

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