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"I am Millicent, daughter to the queen of Astral Chaos."
— Millicent

Millicent Cassaventes (ミリセントカサヴェテス, Mirisentokasavu~etesu) is a character in the fan Astral series of fighting games. She is yet to appear in an main Soul series game. She is the daughter to the true evil of Astral Chaos, Kilina. She is also the niece to Kisandra and cousin to Klymene. She was the Adopted Daughter to Queen Astra before she was killed. She made her debut in the fan game Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A New Light. She also appears in another fan game called The Soulcalibur Chronicles as a Boss.

In A New Light's promotional material she is referred to as The Daughter of Evil.

About Millicent


Physical Appearance

Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A New Light

Millicent has short purple hair with bangs that cover one eye. Her eyes are pink, and she has pale white skin. She wears heavy, black eye makeup, and bright red lipstick.


Not much is known about Millicent's personality at the moment. Although, she seems to not like living with her Mother, Astra as she treats her like a slave, and not a daughter.


Millicent wields a Ring Blade called Steel on Steel. It is coloured Silver with a Dark Purple inside. Millicent was given this Weapon by her Mother. Millicent's 2P weapon is named Bifrost. She forged this weapon herself, with special steel from Astral Chaos. It is coloured Silver with multi-coloured glass insides. Due to the sharpness of Millicent's weapon she tends to injure herself during battle, she gets cuts on her hands, arms, and wrist. Sometime during battle, Millicent will injure herself on purpose in order to trigger her Dark side.



  • Millicent's 2P costume in A New Light was being kept secret, it was an unlockable costume.
    • It was being kept secret as this costume shows her true human form. Having blonde hair, bearing a striking resemblance to Kilina, her Mother.
    • Not all 2P costumes are unlockable, some are unlocked from the start of the game.
  • Millicent appears in The Soulcalibur Chronicles. A game created by SoulGauger
  • Millicent is currently the only person in the Cassaventes family who's name does not start with an "K"
    • This can be explained however as it was Astra who named her and not Kilina, her real Mother.
    • She is also the only member of the family who does not fight using a sword and shield. Once again this can be explained as it was Astra who raised and trained her.
  • Millicent's Mother Kilina, is shown to be alive in Soulcalibur: The Spirit Lineage, residing in Astral Chaos. Unbeknownst to Millicent and the rest of her family however. Kilina is still malfested, as Kilina Ω.
  • Millicent has a cameo in a cutscene in Soulcalibur: The Spirit Lineage.
    • She appears in her 2P outfit from Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A New Light.

Series Appearances

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