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"Be quiet and die already!"
— Hatsumi

Hatsumi (はつみ) - is the character in the Soul series. She made her first appearance in Soul Calibur V.

What lies in her soul is Relentlessness.

In Soulcalibur V, she is reffered to as She who hunts the hunter.


Hatsumi is a young, Asian woman, with brown eyes and black hair, usually tied in a ponytail. Her usual outfit, the hunter's armor, consists of a black, sleeveless gi with red belt, red chestpiece, decorated with gold and with grayish emblem on it, as well as red shoulder pads. She wears gauntlets made from black fabric with gold ornaments, which also contain the red gemstones. She also wears black leggins, complete with black tabi and armored, red boots. When on a mission, she takes on a hood with a cape, black on one side and red on the other. She uses a red face-paint, similar to, but less visible, to the Japanese war-paint. She also wears a silver pendant with the blood of her current target, which was enchanted to lead to them. She has a slender figure, although she's relatively muscular.


Hatsumi was orphaned as a child, when the rogue ninja from the Fu-Ma clan killed her parents in order to cover all the traces of his presence in her home town. She would surely share their fate if it wasn't for the clan's intervention. Fu-Ma ninjas took the traitor down and decided to take Hatsumi with them, hoping that one day she would prove her usefulness. At first chosen to be the clan's alchemist's apprentice, Hatsumi quickly was promoted to become the rogue ninjas' hunter, fueled by her hatred for traitors. She proved to have no match, as all of the deserters she was sent after were either killed or captured. There was no man who could escape her, which came to clan's attention after Ayazuki's departure. They already had sent two of their warriors after him and he defeated them with ease. Therefore she was ordered to bring him back and retrieve clan's sacred treasure: the Holy Fangs, blades that Ayazuki took with him. Hatsumi was sent to Europe, with only one goal in mind: to capture the traitor, dead or alive.


Normally a quiet girl, Hatsumi turns into a ruthless killer when the situation demands it. She's very calm and rarely shows any emotions; despite this, she shows great hatred and even rage when confronting her targets or when something slows down the progress of her mission. She has no problem with breaking law and killing the innocent in order to avoid detection, although she doesn't enjoy it. Clan's best interest serves as her only moral code and she will do anything to protect it. Given her cold nature, she's the master of interrogation and intimidation.

Fighting Style

Hatsumi uses Musō-Battō-ryū as her fighting style, which is the most popular among Fu-Ma clan. She uses quick slashes combined with strong kicks to knock her opponent down and end the fight as quickly as possible. She weas a light armor, which gives her a great freedom of movement, which she uses to chain her rapid attacks in devastating combos.

Critical Edge

Dead or Alive: Hatsumi throws one of her blades at the opponent, stunning them and saying "Stay still.". She then uses a series of quick, vertical kicks and stabs them with the second blade, then pulls both of her weapons out. She finishes with saying "Don't get up !"


  • Sent after Ayazuki, to retrieve the Holy Fangs and bring him down.
  • Holds an undying loyalty to the Fu-Ma clan.
  • Trained by both Taki and Chie.
  • Friend of Natsu.
  • Ayazuki's childhood crush, although she barely remembers him.


  • Don't get in my way.
  • Get lost.
  • You had a chance to leave.
  • Enough already?
  • Son of a... - spoken when timed out.
  • Just bleed.
  • Just make this quickly.
  • Pitiful.
  • Pathetic.
  • Is that all?
  • Not very impressive.
  • Damn it! - spoken when ringed out.
  • Minor setback! - spoken when ringed out for the second time.
  • Be quiet.
  • Your grave... is ready!
  • Don't blame me, blame fate.
  • I've wasted enough time on you.
  • You're quite annoying.
  • Fine, let's fight if you insist.
  • Resisting won't help.
  • Surrender!
  • Not a challenge.
  • Traitor! - spoken when fighting Ayazuki.
  • Don't expect any mercy. - spoken after defeating Ayazuki.
  • You bastard! - spoken when timed out by Ayazuki.
  • Stop wasting my time! - taunt.
  • Let's finish this! - taunt against Ayazuki.
  • Headache... - spoken during Yoshimitsu's Critical Edge.
  • Doesn't matter! - spoken when hit by a tremor.
  • Die already.
  • You bore me.
  • Right in the eyes.
  • Stay still. Don't get up! - spoken during her Critical Edge.
  • You only realise you had something once it's gone.
  • Don't you dare! - spoken when KO'd by Ivy's "Embrace of Guilt".
  • You have some potential, but nothing beside that. - spoken after defeating Pyrrha.
  • Was that worth it?
  • You got yourself nothing more than bruises and shame.
  • Weak technique and no discipline.
  • Your moves make me laugh.


  • Her name means "the beginning of beauty" in Japanese.
  • Hatsumi's favourite hobbies include painting, training and swimming.
  • Her weapons' names, Roiyaruti & Meiyo, mean "Loyalty" and "Honor", respectively.
  • She is the youngest rogue ninjas' hunter in her clan.
  • Hatsumi has a soft spot for children, mostly because of her past, and doesn't kill them or their relatives in order to avoid detection, which is the only exception she makes in following clan's rules.


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