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Raven is a character that appears in Soulcalibur III and Soulcalibur IV who wishes to obtain Soul Edge to kill her twin sister and finally feel her parents love, unknown to her it is only Soul Edge that is making her feel this anger and it trying to lure her to her own demise.

What lies in her soul is Manipulation


Raven is a tall girl with short spiky black hair who wears a short black outfit and long black boots. She has a very soft face, that of an angel, but her dressed up black lips and blood red eyes give her a demon appearance.


Raven's family consisted of her mother and her father but also her twin sister Luna (NOT the one in Soulcalibur III, I plan to make a page soon for her) who she had a bitter rivalry with since childhood and even tried to kill quite a few times. She lost most of her memories when the evil seed rained down and an assassin from the group "Bird of Passage" was in the town that they lived in. Raven's mind became twisted from that point on while Luna's mind was still intact, given a charm from her mother. The assassin killed Raven's mother and father in rage while Luna was trying to get a sword from her parent's room. Raven saw this as her chance to see Luna die. Luna tried to fight the assassin but found herself defeated and only able to disarm the assassin. They fled as they began to set the place on fire, leaving Raven all alone in the ruble and Luna and their parents sword vanished. Raven took the ring blade that laid on the ground and promised that she would learn how to use it in order to kill her sister. A wicked smile crossed her face that day.

Soul Calibur III

Raven began to track down her sister as Luna began to try to avenge her parent's death. Only to find the group "Bird of Passage" was long gone, only leaving a single member. Luna began to look for clues about the only member, only being led to a sword and an Azure Knight who wielded it, it was considered the ultimate weapon as he was unstoppable in his killing rampages. Raven continued to stalk Luna until a whisper in her ear began to speak "How do you know that Luna hasn't mastered that sword?" “Your parents probably love her more.” “Do you notice how she manages to remain?” "Have you even killed someone with yours?" "Do you know of an ultimate weapon?" Scattered across her mind this voice would talk to her and make her tempted to kill others. Which she did, her murders spread just to make herself more familiar with the ring blade. When she soon found another girl carrying a ring blade committing murders, it was very exciting for her. When she soon found the Azure Knight in front of her, being merely an empty shell she made a plan. To help the sword regain power then to take it for herself.

Soul Calibur IV

When Nightmare and Siegfried clashed with the spirit sword it nearly ripped her mind to pieces. But due to her connection to Luna she was able to keep a little bit of her sanity. "What-what was that?" she asked herself as she began to feel the power of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. "This is their power. I can't believe it." She began to feel the energy moving west and decided to follow. The fact the Luna saved her life only fueled her rage and she felt somewhere in her heart gratitude.


Soul Calibur III

Raven grabs the evil sword in her hands as it turns into a ring blade. The sword begins to possess her soul when Luna walks into the room, holding two swords Soul Calibur and their parent's sword. Raven lunges at Luna as the screen shoots to black and the input is seen...

Input Ending

The screen turns back on as you see Luna on the ground and her swords are gone. An evil laughter is heard as Soul Edge begins to speak through Raven with a mixed voice. "Now the world will be plagued by darkness." and her own voice says "And now I can feel love."

No Input Ending

The screen turns back on as you see Luna and Raven in a hug. Soul Edge and Soul Calibur began to fade away. "I'm sorry." Raven says to Luna "For everything." Luna smiles as she says "I am just happy that you are o.k." she then gives Raven a charm, "Mom, meant to give this to you, before the fire." Raven puts it on as she smiles back in a gentle way and she blinks, her eyes changing from the blood red to the soft blue of her sisters.

Soul Calibur IV

Raven sees Soul Edge fall to the ground and ignores Soul Calibur. Soul Edge begins to speak to her "Now go destroy that other sword. The one that threatens to take away the only love you can feel." She smiles as she grasps the spirit sword in her hand. "I shall give this to Luna so that when we do fight. It will be fair and then you can destroy the spirit sword. We will both get what we want." The text-only epilogue says: "She never did get her wish, Soul Edge had other plans."

Weapon Style

She uses a similar style to Tira and uses the same type of weapons. Since she was not trained by the "Bird of Passage" she didn't know most of the moves that they have used. She uses moves that depend on the situation.


Soulcalibur III

  • I hope you enjoy...the taste of my blade.
  • I hope you enjoy... death.
  • I wonder what death is like... can you tell me?
  • You don't deserve love.
  • I will fight you... I need the practice.
  • You will not try to fight me, I will win.
  • Love is a luxury I wish to have.
  • Luna... you're next!
  • Interesting....
  • Hahahahaha... this is fun!
  • Bye-bye now!
  • Enjoy....You're last breath.

Soulcalibur IV

(All of the quotes from Soulcalibur III make an appearance)

  • Please....answer me!
  • Silence... that is what I need.
  • My wish... will it be granted.
  • Evil shall spread... and my wish will be granted.
  • Luna! Watch out!
  • Please... hear my cries.
  • You who try to ruin my dreams... die!
  • Die!


Works with Nightmare and Soul Edge with plans to betray them both

Taught by Tira how to use a ring blade

Twin sister to Luna who she wishes to kill

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