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Luna makes an appearance in Soul Calibur III and IV. The twin sister of Raven and a pure soul. She searches the world for her parents' killer. And the source of the evil energy that corrupts her sister. Following her heart and the voice of the pure sword. What lies in her soul is Lost Hope


Luna is the opposite of her sister with a white dress that flows when she attacks and dainty white shoes. She has the similar face of Raven but her eyes are untainted and remain blue. She wears a charm around her neck that is the symbol of her family and keeps her mind pure.


She lived in peace with her family, her mother and father loved her very much and cared for her like she was an angel. She continued to worry about her sister though even when she tried to kill her. She could see the sadness in her eyes and told her parent about her concern. When the "Birds of Passage" attacked her home she rushed for the sword that her father had kept in his room and faced off with the assassin. She remembered her mother's last words to her before she left, "I grow concerned about your sister, please take care of her. And give her this..." Holding a charm in her hand she lets a tear fall down her cheek and runs off. When the battle became a draw the assassin fled leaving her house in flames, Raven got up and attempted to kill her. When she realized that Raven was not herself she took defensive and only knocked Raven out. She left to chase down the assassin, leaving the body of Raven behind.

Soul Calibur III

"I failed to save her." Those were Luna's thoughts. Both at resolve to be able to kill her parent's murderer and to find inner peace, but her heart was still weak from her grief. She wept for her sister everyday until a voice came to her. "Luna, there was nothing you could do. She was being possessed." "Possessed?" She asked the voice. "Yes by Soul Edge." "Soul Edge? What is that?" The voice did not answer her. "Soul Edge... O.k. I'll find Soul Edge and destroy it. I have to... for Raven." Now with her parents' sword and new hope, she rushes to find Soul Edge.

Soul Calibur IV

When the clash of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur nearly ripped Raven's mind, Luna was traveling, but soon began to flicker between where she was and where Raven was. She saw Raven with Soul Edge losing her mind. "Raven!" She yelled out to her. Soon she felt a thread from Raven to her. "You're alive! You're alive! I have to save you." And she mentally pulled on the string saving Raven's mind, but leaving Luna weak. "I-I-did it." She whispered and fainted. Unknown to her she fueled the rage within Raven. When she woke up she began to feel the energy of the room that Raven was in. "That is where she is... where Soul Edge is... I must go!"


Soul Calibur III

Soul Edge and Soul Calibur both fall before her and she reaches for the pure sword. She smiles as a voice is heard from behind her. The camera moves to show Raven with her ring blade walking towards her. "You finally made it Luna... I've been waiting for you." She says as she attacks. Luna dodges her and stops. "What should I do?" She says and the screen goes blank and the input is shown.

Input Ending

A slash is heard and you see Soul Edge split in half by Luna. "Soul Edge, you did this to my sister." She says and soon looks at Raven who is conflicted with what just happened. Luna hands her the charm that her mother assigned her with giving as Raven falls to the ground in pain from Soul Edge. "Raven, please, don't give up." She says and the screen goes dark again. "Don't give up... I won't..." Her voice says.

No Input Ending

A slash is heard and you see Raven on the ground. "Why Luna, why did you do this?" She mutters and dies. "I had to Raven" She whispers "But Soul Edge is next." She takes Soul Calibur and stabs Soul Edge and is flown back by its energy. She gets up to see Soul Edge vanish. "I-I" She begins to talk but soon begins to sob over Raven's body.

Soul Calibur IV

When both blades fall to the ground she picks up Soul Calibur to hear her voice. "You came Luna, I knew you would." Soul Edge then glows as Raven picks it up. "Now we can have our fair battle." Raven's voice is mixed with Soul Edge's. "Raven, please don't. I don't want to hurt you... not again." She yells to her trying to see the good in her. Raven just attacks as Luna begins to block with Soul Calibur. Slowly the fight continues as Luna continues to dodge and block. "Please..." She whispers and soon the sword begins to crystallize and cover the entire field. Raven gasps as Luna plunges the sword down, sacrificing herself. Raven then blinks to see her eyes turn blue and Luna in a crystal statue. The screen become blank and Raven is heard saying "Luna, why..." While the text says "Luna is smiling in death.... For she finally feels at peace."

Weapon Style

She uses a similar sword to Xianghua but doesn't use the same technique. She often flows in her moves and manages to get up from being knocked down quickly. Her attacks are not very powerful but swift and confusing.


Soulcalibur III

  • Who are you?
  • Why are you here?
  • Please, I don't want to fight?
  • Is there no other way to end this?
  • Must we use violence?
  • I beg you, don't let it end this way.
  • Do we have to fight?
  • No... Don't raise your sword...
  • No... Don't get up...
  • Farewell... I cannot finish the fight...
  • Goodbye... You can keep your life.
  • O.k. I can do this... I have to believe...
  • Your weapon its familiar... Why? (To Tira)

Soulcalibur IV

(All of the quotes from Soulcalibur III make an appearance)

  • Don't get in my way... I have to hurry.
  • I have to hurry... That darkness...
  • Please... Get out of my way...
  • Move or be moved... I have no time...
  • I need to go... Please...
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