Aira is a character of the Soul series, debuting in SoulCalibur IV.


Aira Fumoto was born the elder child of two, in Akita, Japan. From her youth, Aira was trained by her mother to be a perfect wife to an Emperor of a far-off land. The young girl, however, soon found that her home was deeply unsafe. On the very edge of the coastlines, many attempting invaders would come and attack their home. Eventually, Aira took matters into her own hands. Taking a wooden rod from her home, she went out into battle with invaders, eventually driving them back. Soon, she became a strong warrior against invaders, even coming to be known as the "日本の女戦士" (Nihon no on'na senshi, translating as "Japanese female warrior). After a while, Aira continued to fight invaders all along the Japanese coastlines. Upon hearing of the Soul Edge and Soul Calibur swords, Aira was troubled, knowing that the swords would soon attract invaders.

SoulCalibur IV

Aira fought threw man after man, woman after woman, in order to find the Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, with plans of destroying them, for the good of the world. She defeated many, more men than women, surprising many, and shocking others. Eventually, however, she was defeated by a rogue named Ashe, before the final battle. With regret, she planned to return to Akita, when she learned that a new threat was threatening the world, she failed to return, and planned to stay and fight her opponent again.

From here onwards, she was joined by her younger brother, Hiroshi, who fought the same style as she did, after she taught him her abilities, so that he too could defend Japan. As soon as he arrived before her, he fought together with his sister. However, the vicious Soukatsu was her second opponent. The strong samurai was able to defeat her, and also slew her where she stood. In blind rage, Hiroshi attacked the man, and was able to defeat him (though only just). However, he chose not to kill him, putting it to his sister's memory; he solemnly said that she would never kill her opponent, no matter what he did to her.

Fighting Style

Aira's linear attacks are very strong, and the long distance nature is a plus for her. While she is capable of being side-stepped, she is fast and can be very difficult to block and dodge.

Physical Appearance

Aira shows clear Japanese heritage, with dark brown eyes and light brown hair, cut short and rough. Her 1P costume is a more knightress style outfit, even wearing a metal galea. The entire outfit is white, to symbolize her purity of soul. Her 2P outfit is wholly green however; a green kimono with matching leggings and boots.

Critical Finish

Aira kicks and jabs her opponent to the ground, before jumping into the air. With the cry of a bird ringing out, she brings her rod down on her opponent's head. She concludes by saying "This ends now."


Aira's main goal is to dispose of both of the swords, in order to preserve the safety of her homeland. She designates her main rival as being those who serve the evil sword. While her desire to destroy both may make her a neutrally, her overall purity would align her with other "good" characters.


  • Killed by Soukatsu
  • Sister of Hiroshi Fumoto
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