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LibraOfSoul is an edge master. Expert on most of the martial arts styles that appear in the Soul Calibur world. Her talents make her life successful. That is until The Evil Seed is launched and she is one of the many people hit by it.

She learns of a place offering miracle cures for malfestation. Vulnerable she joins the Azwel Organization to prevent herself from going mad. It is her martial arts prowess that has Azwel select her for an experiment that can allow malfested humans to fight with non-deadly magic and teach her his martial arts style. The experiment proves a great success and LibraOfSoul becomes a close protege to Azwel

But the more she works with Azwel the more she realizes that Azwel has a messiah complex. She wisely makes a break for it, escaping the Azwel Organization with her new magical abilities while she is still a trusted member.

She escapes as far as India. It is there she meets Zasalamel who witnesses her having a nightmare. Thanks to him LibraOfSoul learns that astral fissures are her only hope for surviving outside of Azwel's care. Zasalamel spots an astral fissure for her. She destroys a berserker with a sword and shield and is able to prolong her sanity for awhile.

It is also thanks to Zasalamel that LibraOfSoul meets Drona who offers her a home in exchange for allowing Drona to test her magic against his martial arts abilities.

Chapter One

Eastern Coastal Plains of India

Drono's Dojo is in a remote area so she is safe from Azwel and his followers. But after awhile she bids Drona farewell to hunt for more astral fissures.

It is in the plains that Maxi witnesses her having a nightmare. He makes the mistake of trying to wake her up. Startling her she picks a fight with him. Fortunately for Maxi the only weapon she can use is her magic. They fight and Maxi is impressed with her ability to fight so well at a moment's notice. That reason convinces him to tell her about how he was hired recently to fight mysterious outsiders.


At Maxi's campsite, LibraOfSoul learns that the western world is starting to fall into chaos. Maxi is concerned for his new friend as he witnesses her having another nightmare.


In Bhubaneswar LibraOfSoul finds her first encounter with the Azwel Organization since running away. She meets Daniel and Valtro from The Qualifiers division guarding a valuable astral fissure. Luckily for her, her magic and fighting skills send the two Qualifiers running.

On the upside she is easily able to absorb the astral fissure's benefits and close it. On the downside a man in black witnessed the fight from earlier and considers slaying LibraOfSoul. Another fight breaks out, but as they continue to fight the man in black realizes how much she is trying to peacefully resolve the situation. He realizes this woman is not insane and leaves in defeat.

Chapter Two


LibraOfSoul's journey continues on Maxi's ship to Ayutthaya where it has to dock after being damaged by bad weather. A group of bandits harasses an old man. LibraOfSoul fights them off with deadly force. The The old man is Kongwong. And he helps fix Maxi's ship in thanks for being saved. Kongwong tells LibraOfSoul that the city of Yangguang has become increasingly dangerous and suspect a possible astral fissure.


When LibraOfSoul arrives at the village, she is halted by a man fleeing for his life from a possessed monster. The monster she recognizes as Maxi's friend Haoran, who then murders the fleeing man right in front of her. He flees into the forest, and she encounters Haoyu, Haoran's brother. Haoyu explains how his brother started acting strange when he went to investigate the astral fissure, and now he is an unstoppable monster. He begs LibraOfSoul to kill Haoran to end his suffering.

LibraOfSoul is able to track Haoran into the forest, and finds him where he and his brother used to train with one another. LibraOfSoul fights Haoran with her magic despite how dangerous it is for her to fight a malfested with a deadly weapon with just her peaceful magic. The fight is long, but Haoran burns himself out and suddenly falls asleep!

After winning LibraOfSoul is faced with a difficult decision. Does she end his life knowing how little anybody can help him or does she show mercy? Out of bias she decides to let him live as his situation is too similar to her's.

Yangguang is now in ruins and is able to stay at a ruined inn for free. The man in black finds LibraOfSoul there and tells her that an astral fissure can be found in Kroraina and to meet him there in a ruined castle.

Yumen Pass

LibraOfSoul approaches Kroraina exactly as instructed. She finally learns that the man in black is Grøh and two more people in black are Natalie and Dion. They tell the adventurer it is all of their goal to get her to the astral fissure before Azwel does.


LibraOfSoul manages to gain a surplus of life force after absorbing the astral fissure. But Azwel appears and she has her first encounter with him since running away. Strangely he does not even mention their relationship and directs the conversation towards Grøh by taunting him about his position within the Aval Organization and by bringing up memories of Grøh's friend Curtis.

When Azwel leaves, Grøh makes his alliance with LibraOfSoul final, knowing she is not an outsider.

The Eastern Taklamakan Desert

On the adventurers' way back to town, Daniel and a malfested Valtro stand in their way. Azwel had used Valtro as one of his experiments. This time Valtro proves himself no push over and is much more difficult to fight.

Daniel and Valtro informs LibraOfSoul that Grøh was also one of Azwel's experiments, and he was the first malfested to retain his sense of self. Valtro launches at Grøh, but his attack is effortlessly blocked by an unnatural force emitting from Grøh. With his eye glowing red and face holding murderous intent, Grøh strikes down Valtro, saying to take that to Azwel as a "message".

Daniel departs, and Grøh tells LibraOfSoul he was attacked then treated by Azwel when he was a member of the Aval Organization, and he is to blame for Grøh's current state. Azwel betrayed the Aval Organization and formed The Qualifiers-a group of fanatics whom Azwel uses for his experiments. When she asks about Curtis, Grøh says that he was a friend he killed, and he says nothing more on it.

Chapter Three


Natatie and Dion have information on where the next astral fissure may be located. While they are making preparations to leave, LibraOfSoul explores the lake and the market. At the lake she overhears a conversation between two men at the lake. The rumor is that The Qualifiers have a generous leader who can heal people.

Natalie and Dion eventually figure out the next astral fissure is in Bukhara.


On the path to the next astral fissure, Grøh senses they are being followed. Several malfested attack the group. With the help of a mysterious ninja Taki who suddenly appears the group is able to persevere.

At the fissure just before LibraOfSoul is able to absorb it, two huge malfested walk out of the fissure. After dispatching them with deadly force it is already time to look for more. Grøh tells LibraOfSoul to head to the village to look for more information on the fissures.


In the town of Tehran, Dion discovers the next astral fissure is in the Fygul Cestemus temple. LibraOfSoul and the Aval members decide to invade the temple despite the danger.


The plan to invade the temple is interrupted by Valtro and Daniel. LibraOfSoul battles Valtro. Daniel tries to reason with Valtro to leave. However, Valtro is so malfested and bloodthirsty, Daniel is forced to abandon him. Grøh battles Valtro and tells LibraOfSoul to go up ahead.

She runs into Azwel, and he has already absorbed the astral fissure. Zasalamel suddenly arrives! Azwel finally reveals his plan to launch The Ultimate Seed which will malfest the whole world at once. The whole world will have to submit to the Azwel Organization experiments then.

After revealing his plan Azwel transfers more power to Valtro. In LibraOfSoul's most harrowing fight yet she fights a strong and fast opponent and is barely able to survive. She gets by since Valtro's life force has been depleting since the fight. Valtro eventually burns himself out like Haoran.


In Batumi LibraOfSoul meets a samurai named Mitsurugi. And with Mitsurugi by her side she runs towards a forming astral fissure. Expecting a berserker to pop out, instead a witcher named Geralt Of Rivia comes out of the portal. Mitsurugi makes the mistake of assuming him to be a bad guy. Mitsurugi swings at Geralt just as Geralt is about to land from his descend. Geralt takes his sword from scabbard ever so slightly and blocks Mitsurugi's sword swing! "He blocked it!" Mitsurugi clash swords, but only for a few strokes.

Mitsurugi is able to tell that Geralt wants to duel with LibraOfSoul the most. In actuality he is only sensing her malfestation and mistakes her for a bad guy. LibraOfSoul and Geralt have a very long duel. But like some of LibraOfSoul's previous opponents he finally realizes that opponent that fights with non-deadly weapons means him no harm. When LibraOfSoul seals the astral fissure it seals the deal with him that she is a force for good.


Throughout LibraOfSoul's journey she encounters other fighters with Azwel's magic and fighting style. Perhaps escape was not necessary as Azwel must be sending out other martial artists he trained and empowered out to the world.

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