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"On my honor... Be gone!"
— Demian

Character profile on Demon Sanya Universe.


Demian (デミアン, Demian) is a original character.

He was created by Demon Sanya (also known as SOLDIER Cloud Strife) at 2015.

Demian made his first appearance in Soulcalibur V.



Games and Media

Demian appears in such games as:

Soulcalibur Universe


Long before Soul Blade

Read "The Legend Of Demon Sanya".

Soulcalibur IV

Demian was born and raised in the Nether World. From an early age, he listened with delight the legends about his father. And he could not understand why father left the Fraternity Of Hell. Young demon wanted to know where his father is now, and why he left their family and home world.

When Demian grown up he went to the human world followed his sister. And just as she studied the art of combat in one of the Draenei sisters.

With age, he did not leave the hope of finding his father.

Ending of Soul series

Read "The Fall Of Soul Edge And Soul Calibur".

Arcade Ending

After so many years Demian finally found his father. In unequal fight young demon lose to his father, but did not fall in his eyes.

Demon Sanya: - You have a great strength and skills. I believe that you will manage to apply of them as it should.

Inspired by his father's admonition, Demian is back to the Nether World, where he assembled and led the new Fraternity of Hell.

Fighting Style

Demian uses Xiba's (SCV) and Kilik's (SCVI) fighting styles.


Hell's Trident

Hell's Trident is the same form as Xiba's and Kilik's God's Lost Article.

Critical Edge

Demian's Wrath (SCV)

Demian knocks his opponent into the air with his Trident, and then delivers a midair kick combo (three kicks), and strikes them down with his trident.

Demian's Wrath (SCVI)

Normal: Demian hits his opponent with his Trident and lifts them while hitting them a bit more. Steps forward and delivers a finishing blow.

Possessed: Demian grabs his opponent and lifts then throws them down. Charges his Trident, falls down and impales them which causes a massive explosion.

Soul Charge

Demian accesses his possessed state when in Soul Charge, which rapidly depletes his health but greatly increases his damage, gives him devastating new moves, and a new Critical Edge that can be used with no meter costs.


Soulcalibur V


  • Skin: 9:39, 25
  • Hair: 0:0, 0
  • Eyes: 9:9, 15 / 0:43, 31
  • Horns: 0:0, 10
  • Wings: 9:39, 15 / 9:39, 25 / 9:39, 31
  • 1 outfit: 0:43, 31
  • 2 outfit: 0:0, 31
  • 3 outfit: 9:8, 25
  • 4 outfit: 0:0, 0

Ease of Use, Power, Attack Rate, Speed, Reach.


Soulcalibur V

Ancient Citadel: Peacetime (Z.W.E.I.'s battleground).

"Winds gather at the Citadel as the Phoenix rises."
— Narrator

Music Theme

"Sleepless: An Untamed Beast" (Soulcalibur V).


Soulcalibur V / VI

  • I won't hold back!
  • You're finished!
  • I admit you almost had me.
  • I should double my training.
  • Is that all?
  • I was so close.
  • I almost had it!
  • On my honor... Be gone!
  • We're done already?
  • Until our next battle!
  • You'll... pay!
  • To victory!
  • Ready to give up?
  • How's that?
  • Alright!
  • This'll hurt!
  • Shall we?
  • Not yet!
  • Good....
  • This will hurt!
  • Ready?
  • This is it!
  • Grant me victory!
  • Farewell!
  • Too simple!
  • Too easy!
  • Repent!
  • Give up!
  • I won't retreat!
  • Rest!
  • That's enough!
  • Is that all?
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