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"You think you're strong enough?"
— Draenei Aletta

Character profile on Demon Sanya Universe.


Draenei Aletta (ダラエネイ アレッタ, Daraenei Aretta) is a original character.

She was created by Demon Sanya (also known as SOLDIER Cloud Strife) at 2010.

Aletta made her first appearance in Soulcalibur V and then recreated in Soulcalibur IV.

Draenei race was adopting form World Of Warcraft series.


  • Aletta is powerful and little rude.
  • During the battle she relies first of all on a physical strength.
  • I'm not played in "World Of Warcraft", but I like Draenei race.
  • Aletta was the first of draenei sisters, and from the beginning she don't have even name. She called "Draenei".


  • Draenei Carmella her sister twin.
  • Demon Sanya become her comrade after the Demon saved Draenei sisters from Lexa.
  • Lexa become Aletta's rivals, when she obtain Soul Edge and lost herself.
  • Demian is apprentice of Aletta.

Games and Media

Draenei Aletta appears in such games as:

Inspiration and resemblance

List of characters influenced the image of Draenei Aletta:

  • Draenei race (World Of Warcraft)

Soulcalibur Universe


Soulcalibur IV

Draenei twin sisters - Aletta and Carmella get in Earth world through the magic portal. Since then they try to return to their world - Argus. One day Carmella hears a legend of two swords possessing magic ability. "Maybe it helps to open the portal for us?". Sisters have started their search.

Later she become a mentor of young demon Demian.

Soulcalibur V

Read "Soul Edge Versus Soul Calibur".

Ending of Soul series


  1. "The Fall Of Soul Edge And Soul Calibur"
  2. "Welcome Home"

Arcade Ending

Unfortunately, Draenei sisters have not been able to find a way to return to their home world. They remained in the human world. Aletta began to visit the Colisseum, where she becomes the undefeated champion of underground fights. None of the people could not be compared with her ability to handle a sword. And Carmella accepted to the academy, where for many years she taught philosophy and fencing. But despite the humility of their fate, the sisters never lost hope of ever returning to home.

Fighting Style

Aletta uses Siegfried's fighting style.


Rune Blade

In Soulcalibur IV and VI Rune Blade is the same form as Siegfried's Gram.

And in Soulcalibur V Rune Blade is the same form as Siegfried's The Master.

Critical Finish

Ice Wave

Aletta uses her sword to knock the opponent in the air and brings them down. She then powers up the sword by raising it into the sky. As the foe stands up, she slashes her blade through them vertically, sending crystals everywhere as the opponent drops dead, consumed by blue flames.

Critical Edge

Ice Wave

Aletta raises hers sword above hers head and stabs it into the ground. This causes a trail of crystal spikes to appear in the direction of hers opponent.

Rune Fire

Aletta slashes her opponent into the air, grinds the sword to the ground, launches the target to the air once more, charges his zweihander with his fire power and hits her opponent.

Soul Charge

Aletta has a special state called Dark Legacy, being reached either by a Guard Impact move, or when her's under low health, which grant him additional options such as new Lethal Hit combos, and grant her access to Soul Wave.


Soulcalibur IV

Soulcalibur V


  • Skin: 6:39, 30
  • Hair: 0:0, 0
  • Eyes: 0:0, 0 / 0:0, 0
  • Horns: 9:39, 15 / 9:39, 5
  • Tail: 6:39, 20
  • Tattoo: 0:0, 0
  • 1 outfit: 0:0, 0
  • 2 outfit: 7:3, 21
  • 3 outfit: 9:3, 30
  • 4 outfit: 9:9, 15

Ease of Use, Power, Attack Rate, Speed, Reach.


Soulcalibur IV

Phantom Pavilion (Voldo's battleground).

Soulcalibur V

Conqueror's Colisseum (Xiba's battleground).

"The duelers carve their souls into their swords to fend for their lives."
— Narrator

Music Theme

"Horangi Arirang" (Soul Blade).


Soulcalibur IV / Broken Destiny

  • Efforts and talents, they are meaningless.
  • Determination does not equal strength.

Soulcalibur V / VI

  • I shall have my revenge!
  • Let's do this!
  • So you wanna fight?
  • Death to the weak!
  • I'm hungry...
  • You say something?
  • Just for you...
  • What!?
  • It won't go easy!
  • You're mine!
  • The battlefield is where I belong.
  • Farewell.
  • Here you go!
  • You seem strong...
  • Go away!
  • You think you're strong enough?
  • Ready. Let's go!
  • Idiot.
  • I lost! (during ring out)
  • Too strong! (during ring out)
  • Now... Taste this!
  • Die!
  • Disgraceful...
  • Are you... stupid?
  • It's over!
  • Your... A pain!
  • This will hurt!
  • My mistake.
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