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"I'll give you a lesson in humility."
— Lexa

Character profile on Demon Sanya Universe.

Lexa also have a human form.


Lexa (レクサ, Rekusa) is a original character.

She was created by Demon Sanya (also known as SOLDIER Cloud Strife) at 2009.

Lexa made her first appearance in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny and Soulcalibur IV and then Soulcalibur V.

Originally Lexa was an incidental character, but then she was included in "The Legend Of Demon Sanya", as main character.


  • From the beginning her name was Alexa (like Alexander), Flexa, and only then she become Lexa.
  • Originally Lexa had white eyes, but later they becomes green, as in hers human version.
  • In human form Lexa has dark skin, green eyes and red hair.
  • At Soul Calibur IV she don't have a tail.
  • At Soul Calibur IV she don't have a horns, because of that she wearing a hat.
  • At Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny Lexa had lizard's tail, and don't have a pants.
  • Lexa uses "Flying Heel Kick" throw (Ivy's "Diving Raven"), as in WWE games, so in Soulcalibur games.


  • Demon Sanya - her mentor and beloved, but the only way to impress him - to win victory over him. Complicates their relationships when the Demon leaves the Demons Fraternity. Lexa remains a Hound of Hell, and Sanya resigned and went to the human world.
  • Angelina and Demian - the children of Lexa and Demon Sanya. Lexa gave birth to and raised them in the world of demons in secret from their father. Сhildren have never seen their father, but have heard the legend of his adventures.
  • Vortex - childhood friend
  • Killer is Lexa's creature. By order of Lexa Killer became a Demon's bodyguard.
  • Draenei sisters Aletta and Carmella become Lexa's rivals, when she obtain Soul Edge and lost herself.
  • Abaddon - employer
  • Abigor - employer
  • Bloodian - employer
  • Lily - her queen
  • Nemesis - enemy

Games and Media

Lexa appears in such games as:

Inspiration and resemblance

List of characters influenced the image of Lexa:

  • Asmodeus "ShinraBansho"
  • Astaroth "ShinraBansho"

List of characters in which I see the resemblance with image of Lexa:

  • Mystique "X-Men"
  • Towa "Dragon Ball"

Soulcalibur Universe


Long before Soul Blade


  1. "Fraternity Challenge - Part 1"
  2. "Fraternity Challenge - Part 2"
  3. "The Legend Of Demon Sanya"

Soulcalibur IV

Over the time many souls of the legendary warriors fall into hellish darkness. But what if all this stored knowledge to use for create one powerful warrior? Using ancients magic Lexa created vessel for souls and called him "Killer". By order of Lexa Killer become a guard servant for her and for Alexander.

Also Lexa start her own quest. She searching for Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, to become much powerful and overcome Alexander.

Lexa: "I think that's a way to impress my beloved Demon..."

Soulcalibur V

Read "Soul Edge Versus Soul Calibur".

Ending of Soul series


  1. "The Fall Of Soul Edge And Soul Calibur"
  2. "Dark Blade"
  3. "The Dark Avenger"
  4. "Welcome Home"

Arcade Ending

Alexander decided to sacrifice his demonic power to destroy Soul Edge. Once Soul Edge absorbs the essence of his fallen brothers and destroy it is not so simple. Lexa appears in time to help. Demoness managed to find Soul Calibur, which can destroy the cursed sword. Together, Demon Sanya and Lexa destroyed Soul Edge once and for all.

Fighting Style

Lexa uses Ivy's (as demon) and Tira's (as human) fighting styles.



Snake Sword "Justice" is the same form as Ivy's Dream Blade.


Ring Blade "Sunset" is a weapon of Lexa when she was in human form. Its the same form as Tira's Azi Dahaka.

Critical Finish


Whips the opponent and starts an alchemist spell to trap the opponent in a ball, splits the blade up into small pieces, and shoots them into the opponent.

Kiss of Death

Lexa vertically slashes her opponent, leaps on top of them, and kisses them passionately while they squirm. As she drains their soul, the screen will fade to a dark gray and a foggy, skull shaped cloud will appear — presumably representing the victim's death.

Critical Edge

Sentence (SCV)

Lexa grabs her opponent and, as her sword shatters, parts of it stick to the opponent's body, making them levitate and fly. While in air, the sword pieces slash her opponent several times until the shards slam her opponent to the ground. At the beginning of the animation, she says "Prepare to die!" and the animation closes with her saying, "Perish!"

Sentence (SCVI)

Lexa expands her sword which launches her opponent into the air. She impales them mid air then slams them down to the ground while stomping on their head.

Heavens 6 & Hades 7 (SCV)

Heavens 6 (Jolly): Lexa will say "Prepare to die!" and will proceed in dancing around with her Ring Blade - violently hitting the opponent while doing so. Each strike will make her weapon glow a golden orange and will produce small sparkles as the enemy endures more damage. When the maneuver is finished, Lexa will likely become Evil.

Hades 7 (Gloomy): Lexa will glide her thumb across her throat - symbolizing death upon her foe. She then rapidly swings her Ring Blade onto the enemy and shares with them the means of a painful death. Her weapon will glow with a dark purple as the attack moves forward and a dark aura will surround her and her victim throughout the entire maneuver.

Heavens 6 & Hades 7 (SCVI)

Heavens 6 (Jolly): Lexa hits the opponent with a whirling combo.

Hades 7 (Gloomy): Lexa hits the opponent with a whirling combo. And then finishing strike.

Soul Charge


Lexa regains her Serpent's Embrace stance, and gains new long-range command throw. Summon Suffering is now an unblockable command throw.


Lexa has two different playing styles depending on whether she's in her Jolly or Gloomy states. Upon switching states multiple times, she will enter a 'burning' Gloomy state that allows her to access Soul Charge-exclusive moves until she switches back to Jolly.


Soulcalibur IV

Soulcalibur V

Colors (Demon):

  • Skin: 9:39, 20
  • Hair: 0:0, 0
  • Eyes: 9:25, 20 / 0:0, 0
  • Horns: 0:0, 15
  • Tail: 9:39, 20
  • 1 outfit: 0:43, 31
  • 2 outfit: 0:0, 0
  • 3 outfit: 9:8, 31

Colors (Human):

  • Skin: 4:5, 12
  • Hair: 9:25, 20
  • Eyes: 9:4, 15 / 0:0, 0
  • 1 outfit: 7:50, 25
  • 2 outfit: 0:43, 31
  • 3 outfit: 9:8, 25

Ease of Use, Power, Attack Rate, Speed, Reach.


Soulcalibur IV

Thesmophoros' Imperial Garden (Sophitia and Cassandra's battleground).

Soulcalibur V

Unknown Forest (Viola's battleground).

"The clash of metal breaks the silence of the forest."
— Narrator

Music Theme

"Guided By Wind" (Soulcalibur II).


Soulcalibur IV / Broken Destiny

  • You look like a feisty one.
  • That didn't satisfy me at all.
  • It's time to play.
  • Here I come.
  •'re done already.
  • I'll teach you a thing or two.
  • Your moves didn't satisfy me.
  • Okay, let's get started.
  • Where did all your energy go?
  • What an odd person.
  • Come back anytime.
  • Pathetic!
  • Aww... you're so cute.
  • You're a bad child!
  • Not on my watch, you brat!
  • Where do you like it?
  • Doesn't that feel good?
  • Disappointing...
  • I'll kill you.
  • Good!
  • Okay that's enough!
  • Pass out!
  • You lack training.
  • Don't you assume you'll have your way with me.
  • Just come at me... I'm ready for anything.
  • You're greedy.
  • Not bad.
  • I'll tease you all I want!
  • You're silly!
  • Do you want... this?!
  • Leave it to me!
  • Take your punishment.
  • Excuse me?
  • Come on let's have fun!
  • I'm not impressed!
  • Oops... sorry.
  • I love it when you talk dirty.
  • So, you wanna do it here?
  • This is ridiculous!
  • Not yet!
  • So childish.
  • Naughty Naughty.
  • Poor thing.
  • Can you take this?!
  • So much spirit!
  • How's this?
  • Submit to me.
  • Come on, let's have some more fun!
  • Can you move now?!
  • How cute.
  • I love to watch you cry.
  • Not good enough!
  • I hate softies.
  • Did you enjoy it?
  • You like being humiliated right?
  • Let's play rough!
  • You wanna be killed?!
  • Be good now
  • You're so... Rough!!!

Soulcalibur V / VI

  • You're nothing.
  • This is gonna hurt!
  • You look nice and tough!
  • Prepare to die!
  • Perish!
  • Nobody said life was easy.
  • You were just too weak.
  • You want to serve under me?
  • Come back after some training!
  • Sleep now!.
  • You look nice and tough.
  • I'll give you a lesson in humility.
  • You're not getting away!
  • Why you...!?
  • Go!
  • Now retreat!
  • Not again!
  • This one's gonna hurt!
  • Save your breath!
  • Quit stalling!
  • You got nerve!
  • Just pathetic
  • Eat steel!
  • Ready?
  • It's over!
  • Lights out!
  • Useless!
  • Wide open!
  • Face your death!
  • Give it up!
  • Haha...
  • Watch!
  • Ah... I can't believe this!
  • Handle... This!
  • Leave!
  • It's useless!
  • Die!
  • What's this?!


Lexa appears in some FanGames:

Soulcalibur: Dawn Of Destiny

Episode 5 - Darkspawn

Lexa hides behind a large boulder. She watches the demon. Then, she waited until Ivy left the battlefield, and only after that had she come into the circle of the moonlight.

Lexa: - So... Alexander had not gotten rid of Soul Edge. Very interesting. How and why does Soul Edge still live? Maybe Alexander succumbed to the power of the Soul Edge? Too many questions... In any case, I'll have to find out myself. And by the way... maybe Soul Calibur still lives as well and not lost its power...

Lexa opened the portal, and moving to the Free Imperial City. The city was engulfed in fire. A mysterious girl stood, surrounded by dead bodies.

Lexa: - You're not a demon. What kind of creature are you?

Night Raven: - I am the product of Soul Edge!

Lexa: - Product of Soul Edge? So this sword can create such monsters. Who created you? Answer me!

Night Raven: - It's... a new... Elysium...

Wounded Night Raven lost consciousness.

Lexa: - New Elysium? She was the Spirit of Soul Calibur... What does it mean?

WWE Universe

WWE 2K16 is the first WWE game where Lexa appears. She appears only as demon (without human form) and team up with Demon Sanya.


  • Butterfly DDT / Future Shock
  • Single Knee Facebreaker


  • Lifting Reverse STO / End Of Days
  • Choo Choo Buster

Favorite Techniques

  • Codebreaker
  • Shattered Dreams
  • Wristlock Springboard DDT
  • Emma Lock

Music Theme

  • "Metalingus" (Edge's music theme)

Age of Aquarius Universe

Lexa was not appears in the Russian role-playing game "Age of Aquarius", but she was added as guest character in short story.


  1. "Hen-Party"
  2. "Calm Before The Storm"
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