"'''Fine, I will kill you then you incompetent fool"
— Eloise Sorel



Eloise is a very confident young woman. She always speak her mind and is not afraid of insulting people. Infact Eloise enjoys insulting people and often do it in a cold and feelingless attitude, even though deep inside Eloise has a warm and very loving heart, only hard time expressing her feelings in a gentle way. 
Eloise idolises both of her parents and cares alot for her little brother. She also has a very deep fondness of her foster sister Amy who she tend to always stay close to. Wherever Amy goes Eloise follows, and sometimes she feels jealous of Ramon for taking so much of Amy´s time. She also likes to treat Ramon like a real pet only to fool around with him being suppose to be Amy´s pet. 
Eloise is a a very energetic person but has it over controll, once she after all does lose her temper most people better stay away. She also has grown to like the idea of insulting people, sometimes even more than actually using her sword. A great example is her cousin Patroklos whom she especially likes to insult.


fighting style

Critical Edge

A Burning Edge:

Eloises blue eyes turns red and her sword turns black with glowing red sides. She hits the opponent several time as red glowing fire dust appears around it. She then spins around and sticks her rapier into the opponents back and pulls him/her down the floor as she sits down upon him/her. She then says "This is what I would like to call an excellent demonstration of how to end a pathetic fighter"



  • "At the midnight hour, fire shall dance"
  • "ooh I can't belive you still wanna fight, you always end up making me dissapointed in the fact I am related to you" (spoken when entering battle against Patroklos)
  • okey mother, show me how the Alexandras fight. (spoken when entering battle against Cassandra)
  • I do not know who you are, but you are a fool that is for sure. (spoken after winning)
  • see, I told you I would win. still you INSISTED. (spoken when winning over Patroklos)
  • Fire wins this round (spoken when winning over Achilles)
  • Amy, dear, are you alright?  (spoken when winning over Amy)
  • Now I´ll find Amy! ha ha ha ha *runs away happily* (spoken when winning over Ramon)
  • Father I am afraid you have failed to teach me how to lose. he he. (spoken when winning over Raphael)
  • you little incompotent bastard, you could only win by cheating! youre just a holy little brat thats what you are. (spoken when loosing to Patroklos)
  • you can not catch me sista! (spoken when taunting Amy)
  • Amy likes me more than you! (spoken when taunting Ramon)
  • excusez-moi (spoken when taunting Raphael)
  • "Fine, I will kill you then you incompetent fool"
  • First I belived I could not understand the diffrence between you and a coward, now I realise there is no such thing.


  • Eloises critical edge is inspired by Amys and Cassandras
  • Eloises eyes are red at nighttime but blue at daytime.



  • adores her foster sister Amy.
  • Is jealous of Ramon for stealing so much of Amy´s time. Therefor sometimes treats Ramon like a dog.
  • Has a pet dog named Henrich (sir Henrich)


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