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"Just warning you, dead people stay dead"
— Jock Gordon Scott

Jock Gordon Scott is a fancharacter to the soul series made by user:DeniseOberg and he is a part of Runa´s crew.


After many years of travel Jock was a very experienced sailorman, but he wasnt any happy. You see he hated, and then I mean really hated, being under the command of his current captain. On a buissnestrip to Sweden Jock found a poster of a young lady looking for new crew members. First the idea of a female captain made him laugh a little, then he remembered the horrible captain he was currently under the command of and decided to take the chance. The very next morning Jock left his current ship and signed up as a crew member onboard of the ship Imogen.


Jock Gordon Scott is a tall man with very dark brown hair and blue eyes. His original deisgn has facial hair but in his SCV creation this is missing.


Jock Gordon Scott is man with great self-respect and a relaxed attityde.



  • Long Cutlass (calls it his bloody hell of an edge, but also Edgar)


  • Oh god, youre worse than Greig! (spoken when winning)
  • not bad. not bad.
  • you bloody little rat!
  • This edge is sharp for a reason.
  • Just warning you, dead people stay dead.
  • Never forget who you are, oh thats right, youre no one. Ha ha ha ha. (spoken when taunting opponent)


  • Jock prefers always being adressed by his full name Jock Gordon Scott.
  • Jock Gordon Scott is creatable in SCV.
  • Jock never really cared to name his weapons so when a friend on his last crew asked him what the name of his sword was Jock andswered "name? what you need to name a sword for?. though its a bloody hell of an edge I tell you." Since that day he jokingly calls his sword bloody hell of an edge.
  • Jock has a dream to one day return to his family as a wealthy and influential merchant.
  • Jock has heared stories about the all mighty captain Cervantes but he doesnt belive the dreadful man is real.
  • Unlike most characters Jock Gordon Scott only has one weapon.


Jock is originally a Irish shortform for Jacob but is also common in Scottland and England. Jacob means "He grasps the heel"

Gordon has its origin in scottland and can mean either "From the marshes" or "round hill"

Scott simply means "of scottish origin"


  • part of the crew onboard the ship Imogen
  • as a sailorman under the command of Runa
  • Friend of Hadrian Nordín.


Soul Calibur V

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