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"'Life isn't easy, not for any of us.'"
— Mei-Xing

Mei-Xing is a fan character in the Soul series. She is a member of the Chai family but due to her bad relationship with her mother she now works at the Yan Family´s mansion as a personal body guard to Leixia and Leixin

In Soul Calibur V she is reffered to as The Swallow of Sorrow.


As a young man Chai Longwei, a member of the Chai family, traveled to the west on business trips. On one of his voyages he was effected by the evil seed. The strong evil energy gave him vivid hallucinations and the sailormen had to lock him inside the captain's cab. After that, the hallucinations ceased and he was sent back home and feared to ever see the sea again. He got married and settled down.
It wasn't until the birth of his second child, a daughter he named Mei-Xing that he finally dared to sail the seas again. What he didn't knew was that Mei-Xing had been effected by this one event and a very small amount of the evil energy that had lied within her father's soul had passed over to her. This tied the girl to always act sad and depressed. This sorrow wasn't very strong however and the love of her family kept her happy enough to go on with her life.

It was her elder brother Jiang who trained her with the Jian (chinese sword) from early age. But her mother was the one who taught her how to fight with the crecent shaped blade.

Her father made many voyages to the western world, when her brother turned sixteen and Mei-Xing was twelve, their father took her brother to join him on his voyages. For many years these trips where successes and Mei-Xing became very fascinated by this distant place. But at their fifth journey her father and brothers ship never returned.
Mei-Xing was filled with grief after this. She had never had any good connection to her mother so she was often alone, and as the ones who made her happy now were gone, the sadness within her soul grew. After some time she started to work as a guardian at other noble family manisions and soon began to work at the palace of the Yan Family. By order of Yan Wujin she was spending her time as a personal guard for his daughter and son, Leixia and Leixin.

She often spent her time sparring with Leixia when her mother couldn't, or when Leixia simply needed an easier opponent. She was even taught some moves from Xianghua herself. But most of her time Mei-Xing spent watching over Leixin, as he wasn't any good at fighting and often just sat reading while his sister and mother trained. Mei-Xing was set to watch over him.
She made fast friends with the two of them and soon they became like a family to her. But when Leixia soon fled away, wanting to be a warrior herself. Mei-Xing had deemed Leixia as a younger sister and she was very worried.
After that Xianghua received a letter from her friend Maxi about Leixia being safe traveling with him, Mei-Xing insisted in going to the west and bring her back. Xianghua whould love to do this herself but she was worried about leaving her son behind. So Mei-Xing left the Yan household and went west, but not just to bring back Leixia, also she hoped to find out what may happened to her father and brother's ship along the way.


Mei-Xing is a young woman with light brown, almost golden eyes. Her hair is long but is tied up (short in 2p) and very dark brown, can be seen as black at first sight. She has pale skin and is not very tall.
She dresses in white and blue themed colors, since blue symbolizes sorrow in European culture, and white stands for mourning in Chinese culture. Her dress is traditional Chinese and she has blue flowers on her hands and one in her hair.


Mei-Xing is a sad and mostly disconsolate character (caused by the small amount of evil energy inside of her). She is very honest and open with her feelings. It´s unclear what makes her keep on fighting. Her personalety is very smiliar to Amy

Fighting Style

Mei-Xing fights with a crecent formed blade. Her moveset is fast and powerful but has a short reach.

Critical Edge

Storm of Tears: Mei-Xing grabs her blade by both her hands, closes her eyes, bows and then her blade shones white and she slashes her opponent into the air, beats her three times from below, as white lotus petals appears. She ends by grabbing her blade by two hands, closes her eyes and bows just as she started. She then says "Please go away".

Weapon Gallery

Soul Calibur V

  • Quing
  • Golden Chai
  • darjeeling
  • Xiaoli
  • Yuèliàng
  • White Mist
  • Koto (joke weapon)
  • the master (Mei-Xing)


Misty Meadow (SCV) [[1]]


  •  I'm sorry... I guess. (spoken when winning)
  • This heart of mine carry no mercy.
  •  So... You want to fight?
  •  Don't let my sad face tear you.
  •  Die...
  •  Sadness comes, and sadness goes. (spoken when taunting)
  •  I... fear you.
  •  Leixia, why did you stop focusing? (spoken when winning battle against Leixia)
  •  Why does everyone I meet want me to hurt them?
  •  I, don't understand.
  •  Goodbye.
  •  Your feet can't carry you any longer. (spoken when winning)
  •  I will have to fight you. (spoken when engaging battle against Natsu)
  •  Food...? (spoken when engaging battle against Xiba)
  •  Creature of the night, do you even have a reason to fight me? (spoken when engaging battle against Michael, Viola, Z.W.E.I or Raphael)
  •  May you stand aside?
  •  Those look sharp. (spoken when engaging battle against Tahimik)
  •  Father, I shall honor your name.
  •  Brother, I shall honor your name.
  •  Please go away.
  •  Lets dance among the mist. (spoken when 'engaging battle on her own stage)
  •  You're wise, pain will not solve this. But I'm not here to solve anything... (spoken when winning over Tahimik.)
  •  I really don't want to hurt you. (spoken after winning)
  •  Why is this? (spoken after loosing)
  •  Wishing won't take one anywhere, will it?
  •  Lose.
  •  Try harder.
  •  You can not win.
  •  It's said what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
  •  I've lost, no. (spoken after losing)
  •  At least you won't leave this world empty-handed.
  •  At least you fought fair.
  •  I will hurt you.
  •  Life isn't easy, not for any of us.
  •  Your life is pointless.
  •  I honestly don't care.
  •  If you wanna win against me, you will have to fight fair. (spoken when engaging battle against Ramon)
  •  Creature of the night, you're not as heartless as you seem. (spoken when winning over Michael)
  •  I'm honored to fight someone as talented as you. (spoken when winning over Ramon)
  •  My reasons not to fight are many, but my reasons to are more.
  • no mercy.
  • You have something dark within you, are you not afraid? (spoken when engaging battle againts Natsu)


  •  Mei-Xing's grandfather is brother to Chai Xiangfei who is the grandmother of Leixia, Leixin and Xiba.
  •  She loves tea and is a excellent tea maker.
  •  Mei-Xing is a skilled fighter with the Jian thats why her soul calibur v creation has Leixia's style, but her original weapon is a halfmoon shaped blade.
  •  She is left-handed.
  •  Her mother was teaching the Chai's Moonlight Dance to young members of the Chai Family, and that is how she met Longwei. Mei-Xing later joined her mother's class.
  •  Mei-Xing's critical edge is similar to Leixia's.


Chai means "Firewood" in Chinese and Mei-Xing means "Beautiful Star".


  • Personal guardian of Leixia and Leixin, considers them as her siblings.
  • Her father is Xianghua's cousin.
  • She was hired by Yan Wujin as a guard at the palace.
  • Second cousin and friend of Xianghua.


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