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"I made a promise... I won´t forget!."
— Runa

Runa Andersdotter is a fan character in the Soul series. her first appearence was in Soul Calibur IV and she has returned for Soul Calibur V.

What lies in her soul Is ferocity

In Soulcalibur V she is referred to as "She Who brings the wild of night".


Early life:
Runa’s father, Lucas , was the second son of a wealthy and noble family. He met and fell in love with a lower class woman working as a gardner in his family mansion. Her name was Lousia Andersdotter and she would later become Runa’s mother. 


Due to the class distinction between the two lovers, their relationship had to stay a secret. But the time came when the two of them reached the age of marrige. Knowing one of them would sooner or later be forced into marrige with someone of their own class, they decided to run away together.

And so they did.

It was only Lucas mother who knew about what happened and other than that both Lucas and Louisa gave up all contact with their families and decided to start a new life together. The two got married and lived together for a few years. After two years they had a daughter. They named her Runa.

When Runa was four years old, her mother died of sickness and Lucas buried his wife without her family´s awareness. Ontop of her grave he planted several yellow roses, since that had been her favourite flower. 

Runa grew up without the influence of a mother and she never learned the work of a housewife like most other girls of her time. Instead, her father taught her all that he could, including the swordplay of a longsword. Her childhood was very different from other children; She was always free to run around the surrounding forest and play on her own, of course her father more or less always watched over her. The forest was a great influence to Runa’s wild attitude and this was the main reason she did not have many friends her age. None of the children around considered Runa normal and their parents told them to stay away from her. But Runa herself never minded, she had everything she needed and was happy with her small family. But there was one thing that bothered her. No matter how skilled she proved her father she was with the long sword, he never gave her a sword of her own. He told her that if she were lucky she would never be in need of such. Runa could never understand why he had taught her something if he never intended for it to actually come to her benefit. 

But things would change. 

One day when Runa was in her early teens, she once again ran around the forest unprotected by her father. This was when she came across the light of something shining from under the moss. What she came to dig up was no more coincidentally than an old long sword. Its scabbard was broken and would at any moment fall appart. The blade itself seemed to be in great shape. Runa drew the sword and took a long look at it; it seemed very old and had no decorations or special form of the hilt, it was just a practical and simple sword. To Runa, this simple sword became her treasure and she kept it close to her but also as a sercret from her father. 
What she did not know was that the sword was cast with a shard of Soul Edge within it. This resulted in causing Runa horrific nightmares related to the cursed sword and its host. Runa never thought of these dreams as something serious but they caused her many sleepless nights. 

Soul Calibur IV:

Time passed by and when Runa was fifteen, after that her grandfather died and her grandmother told her uncle Johannes (Lucas borther) about where he could find Lucas Johannes traveled out from town to find and bring back his long lost brother, once he found him he was so overwhelmed of happiness to finally see his brother again he did not care to ask about why Lucas left nor of Runa’s mother. Instead, he directly invited the two of them back to the family mansion that he had inherited after the death of their father. Runa’s father, being very concerned for his daughter’s wellbeing accepted his brother’s invitation hoping Runa would have a better future and her nightmares to go away. 

So Runa and her father moved into the city. This new life was something completely new to Runa and despite it was filled with beauty she had never seen or heard of before, she constantly longed back to her old woods. But this was never the greatest concern of hers. Her nightmares growing more and more clear. At the same time, she felt a constantly growing feeling that something horrible would happen. Something catastrophic, but she decided to push these worries away not to concern her father. 

But the disaster came.

The town where Runa lived was attacked by a mysterious knight in blue armour and a huge dismade sword.

The Azure Knight had come.

Runa recognized the figure from her dreams and immediately regreted that she had kept her fears a secret. Realizing there was nothing she could do to change her mistake of not believing in her own premonitions, Runa grabbed her long sword and jumped into the chaotic battle. Right in this battle, when she met the glaze of her monstrous knight, she realized it was her he was looking for. In the chaos that followed, Runa's father tried his very best to protect his daughter, but he got seriously injured. As it all seemed to be lost and Runa’s hope was replaced by fear, a stranger entered the battle. After him, more arrived. The first man helped Runa and her father to safety where he treated both of their wounds. He then escorted them back to their family mansion. 

Runa wasn’t as severely wounded as her father and the man, who’s name she learned to be Kristian, stayed and helped her father to get better. During that time, Runa asked Kristian if he knew what was happening and what the monstrous knight was. Kristian explained to Runa about Nightmare, whom she had faced, and that he and his men were a group sworn to defeat the monster. To thank him, not because saved her life, but her father's, Runa insisted on joining the group. Kristian accepted her offer. Not for the reason that she had asked, but because he knew that there was something in the girl´s soul that made Nightmare come after her and that leaving her would only bring disaster to her and her loved ones. 

So Runa left her father and joined Kristian and his team on their journey home, which was a large camp in the forests of Germany a few miles away from Ostrheinsburg Castle. On the way, Runa learned that the group she had joined were all survivors of an attack in their village like the one in Runa´s hometown. Many of them had been influenced by a transformation called Malfestation which was caused by the energy of the cursed sword. But this malfestation was a weaker variant and the people had decided to fight against the sword Soul Edge and even their selves if must. In the time that followed, Runa learned more and more from these people and Kristian taught her how to fight with an axe and she started to address him as her master.

Runa fell in love with her master. She felt like she could give everything up just to be with him. Her freedom, her sword, even the axe he´d given her. But she never had a chance to tell him about her feelings. 

Runa and her master, together with others from the group, started a voyage to once again search for Nightmare and the cursed sword. But their ship was attacked by Captain Cervantes and a battle ensued. A battle where many of the members were killed or seriously injured. One of the wounded ones was Kristian. He managed to stay alive until they reached the camp weeks later but the medical care was no use. When he realied he would not surivive this, Kristian called for Runa. 
Runa could not believe that the man who she loved so much, the man who saved her and her father's lives, and the man who trained her would soon be gone.

Gone forever. 

In this moment, Kristian decided to tell Runa what he had noticed about her the day they met. He told her:

- Something. I do not know what yet, but something there is deep in your soul. And for some reason it increases the energy in your soul so much that the Azure Knight can sense it from beoynde borders. And as long as the Cursed Sword exists you will forever be haunted.

- I dont care if some old grotesquely dismade monster hunts me for a hundred years; I just don't want you to leave me. Runa replied.

- Well, there isn't much we can do about it now, is there?. All I really want is for you to be free and safe. Kristian said.

- I don't care about freedom if the prize is losing you! Runa shouted angrily.

But she never had any response to that. Kristian had closed his eyes and they would never open again. 

After he had passed away a friend of his gave Runa a shard said to have come from the spirit sword Soul Calibur. He told her Kristian wanted her to have it in case he wouldn't make it. Runa never knew what she would have this glowing piece of metal for, but she kept is as a reminder that Kristian somehow still was with her and that after all that had happened, she´d never lose him. 

That night Runa looked upon the clear white moon and she decided it was up to her to destroy the evil swords.

- I´ll fulfill your destiny. She wispered into the cold night air.

Soul Calibur V:

Since that day sixteen years ago, Runa had always known about the shard that had been mixed into her blood by her wounds without infecting any of them. She always had feared that she wouldn´t go unaffected by it for the rest of her life, the time came when she realized one of the effects of it; she now ages slowly, the half of the speed an ordinary human does. Leaving her with the chronological age of 33 while looking like the age of 25. Still she feared this wouldn't be the only effect.
One night, she was visited by Tira, who had tracked her down to take the little bag of Soul Edge pieces that Runa had kept guarding since Kristian's death. When Runa refused to give it to her, a fight took place, a fight which she lost. And Tira dissapeared into the dark night with the bag in her hand.

Runa woke up weeks later in her bed. She had been passed out for a some time. And during that time she had several nightmares, just like those she had the nights before the incident eighteen years ago.
And this time she knew Nightmare was coming in her direction. To make sure no one in her family would get hurt, Runa set out on a journey to the southern parts of Europe to set an end to the sword once and for all.

During her journey, she met a young man named Patroklos who was looking for his sister. He also mentioned "the ring blade" and Runa came to the conclusion this must be Tira, so she offered him her help.

Soul Calibur V story mode:

During the events of Soul Calibur V, Runa met Siegfried who offered her to join the Schwarzwind after showing her the truth about her blood not being infected by the stoft of Soul edge but of Soul Calibur. With other words her blood is not cursed but blessed. Runa denies his offer saying that she don't trust him. The reason Runa don't trust Siegfried is because she recognised his eyes from her dreams and since she can't tell if her dreams shows the future or the past she decieded that the best was to not trust him.

In story mode Runa starts arguing with Patroklos about Pyrrha being a malfested. Runa tells him about the group of malfested people who she had lived with for such a long time and how Patroklos not should be running away from, nor fearing Pyrrha. Patroklos on the other hand refuses to litsen at her and accuses her for being a malfested as well. Runa do not deny his accusation whish leads to a battle between the two of them. after losing, Runa, weakened and wounded, walkes away to find her friend Pyrrha.

After Soul Calibur V

After the events of SCV Runa asked Patroklos and Pyrrha to help her find Cervantes in order to finally have her revenge and put some peace to her mind. Patroklos warned Runa since he had learned from his misstakes about how revenge will lead to no good. Runa who still took Patroklos for a fool did not care what he said and set of on a journey to spain. Pyrrha convinced her brother to go with them as she still was worried for Runa’s saftety. 
In the end Runa did find Cervantes and had her battle. 

Runa woke up in a spannish inn days later. The battle had put her in a coma and caused a loss of her memories around the battle with Cervantes. When asking Patroklos and Pyrrha what had happened they told her she had beaten the old captain. Frustrated about the fact she could not remember anything about her final revenge Runa spent days trying to understand what really had happened but never did her memories of her final battle return. On the other hand after much thinking she realised her dreams about soul edge where all gone, infact her coma was nothing but a black spot in her mind. Not like any of the past ones in her life. Soon she came to realise it was cause in her belongings the old longsword that had started this all was no longer there. She Asked Pyrrha and Patroklos what had happened to it and they said it went to the bottom of the sea along with the adrian and its crew. 

But what Runa never knew was that Pyrrha and Patroklos had lied to her. To save her from the fact she had lost the battle and that the longsword was actually stolen by Tira and  prevent her from spending the rest of her life hunting these people Pyrrha and Patroklos had decided to seize the opportunity of Runa’s loss of memories and give her the chance to move on with her life. 

Not knowing about this Runa returned to her homeland and her father. But she wouldnt stay for long. No matter how much she would love to spend time with her small family Runa had never liked the life as a noble lady and nor did she have any plans of living out the rest of her life like this. A young side of Runa was suddenly awoken when the old memories of her youth came back. She longed to see the sea and explore the places she never had a chance to do during her previous life. She realised sattleing down was just not an option for her, adventure was a part of her wild nature. It didnt took long until she decided to buy her own ship and sail the seven seas.

physical appearence:

Runa is a young woman with blue eyes and dark blond hair who most often have her hair tied up in one way or another. Her colour-theme is yellow and blue to match her homelands flad (sweden). Also she is themed with yellow/golden roses whish have given her her nickname "The Golden Rose". Her outfits are inspired by vikings and shield maidens.

Character Poem

As a tradition of my characters Runa was given a poem to describe her. Runas poem goes:

"A story, a rose, a clueless child

A dream, a cage, a soul so wild

A worry, to lose, a love so deep,

A fate, a loss, a promis to keep.

This nightmare took her love away
and lead her friends astray

Midwinter winds whisper to her broken heart

She must bring the dark appart

For this nightmare it must cease

so all these souls could live and rest in peace

This midwinter rose with each petal lost

yet has thorns strong as metal and cold as frost

so she rise and now ready she stand

with three steady edges at hand

to face the beast, the fate of cursed steel

so broken petals once again shall heal

A story, a rose, fearless eyes

A foe, a sword, a soul so wise

A battle, to win, a soul to free

A fate, a story at its end. "


Runa is a curious and wild figure. She doesn't care much for rules nor etiquette. She likes being by herself and is very independent. She is also very nonchalant in battle but is teasy to her friends. Her personalety changes a little through the games, being more mature in Soul Calibur V after a long life in the noble society. After the events of SCV Runa finds her wild spirit once again. Overall you can describe her as a happy and wild girl with a sence of matureness deep within.


Soul calibur IV: Runa takes her axe in a strong grip. wildly and violent she starts to chop soul edge into pieces. Until there where only stoft leftet. she then collects the stoft in a bag, rises and walkes away.
-father, Im comming home now....

"and so Runa returned home to her father, with the bag always by her side. sworn to always guard it every minute of her life"

Fighting Style

Runa is a confident fighter. She is fast in her actions by hands but slower when it comes to moving by feet. many of her attacs are fast actions big range shortly comming after each other.

Critical Edge

Runa drags out her sword with both hands as she says "I made a promise!...". then the area grows dark as her sword starts glowing. She places her sword of the right side then runs straight towards her opponent. She crouch a little and as she´s infront of her opponent she strikes the sword diagonal. Then seven different white glowing runes appears from the blade and hits the opponent that smashes him or her backwards. she puts her sword into the scabbard and finishing her opeing line with: "...I won´t forget!"

Critical Finnish

Runa throws her axe away. drags her sword and the area grows dark. her sword glows and she attacks the opponent multiple times very wild and violent. then she strikes with one final attack derectly against the opponent and shoots him/her backwards in a strong white glowing.



  •  Little Axe and tree shield
  •  Viking Axe and Shield
  •  scandinavian
  •  Northen battle axe
  •  Golden Rose
  •  Garden Tools (joke weapon)
  • Midsommar och Midvinter


  •  Little Axe and tree shield
  •  Viking Axe and shield
  •  Rune Shield and axe
  •  northen glory
  •  Garden Tools (joke weapons)
  •  The Master (Runa)
  •  Mjölner (legendary weapon)



soul calibur IV:

  •  does that really matter? (spoken when opponent asking something)
  •  what differens does it make?
  •  leave me alone!
  •  your hunting of souls has come to an end... (spoken to Nightmare and Cervantes)
  •  what choise do I have?!
  •  night! wield me!
  •  my soul is my secret!
  •  don´t worry, this will not kill you.
  • did I mention you shouldnt trust me.
  •  I made a promis! I wont retreat...
  •  I´ll show no fear!
  •  thats a huge axe.... (spoken when engaging battle agains Astoroth or Rock)
  •  I can't fight no more. (spoken when losing agains Cervantes)
  •  like if it ever mattered.
  •  theres no way I could have considered you as a real opponent
  •  you couldnt do better, huh?
  •  I aint done with this life!
  •  I won't lose.
  •  I chose my own way!
  •  I won't forget my promis.
  •  NO! (spoken after losing against Cervantes)
  •  if, I beat you
  •  what do you want?
  •  fear!
  •  He wanted me to be free!
  • come and get me you big old mess (spoken when engaging battle against Nightmare, Algol, Asaroth or Lizardman)

soul calibur V:

  •  I made a promise!... I wont forget...
  •  may you step out of my way.
  •  are you stil alive? I thought I ended you... (spoken when entering battle against Cervantes)
  •  time!, has shown me my curse.
  •  what difference does it make?
  •  instad of cry for what is lost, smile for what is lefted.
  •  to find the answers you will have to look for them. - (spoken to Viola and Raphael)
  •  what choise do I have?!
  •  litsen to your fear!, its wiser than you
  •  FEAR!!, the edge of my sword.
  •  Pointless!
  •  Pyrrha... youre frightening me.... - (spoken when engaging battle against Pyrrha Omega)
  •  this battle is done! - (spoken after winning)
  •  I shall end you! - (spoken when engaging battle against Cervantes)
  •  some choices, you can only make once.
  •  I can't fight no more. - (spoken when losing agains Cervantes)
  •  those eyes... I've seen them before... - (spoken when engaging battle agains Siegfried)
  •  you really want me to consider you as a real opponen?
  • it's either you or me, and Im not that easy to beat!
  •  You didn't pay attention.
  •  big words huh. - (spoken to Siegfried)
  •  Im sorry, I have lost my faith in destiny.
  •  stay...
  •  ...away!
  •  I must keep my promis.
  •  I´ve lost my faith in destiny!
  •  I guess all these years have teared on my skills.
  •  Cervantes! - (spoken when engaging battle against Cervantes)
  •  I don't hear your name every often, have people forgotten you? (spoke to Cervantes)
  •  I... I guess Im weak.
  •  Dont be to sure on yourself. - (spoken when engaging battle against Patroklos.)
  •  aww, get up! (spoken when winning over Patroklos)
  •  I'll make you pay! - (spoen when engaging battle against Tira)
  •  Pyrrha, if you manage to beat me I shall kiss you brother! - (sarcastic/ spoken when engaging battle against Pyrrha)
  •  I't doesn't matter!
  •  My soul, is my secret.
  •  Im gonna chop that stick of. don't worry, I will fix it afterwards! - (spoken when engaging battle agains Michael)
  •  I can't belive that little stick of yours beat me! - (spoken after losing against Michael)
  •  Our pain is equal, I've also lost somone who I loved. - (spoken to Pyrrha in story mode)
  •  I'll spit in your face! - (spoken when taunting Cervantes or Tira)
  •  Patroklos!, I can not let you coniniue this noncense! draw your sword! (spoken to Patroklos in story mode and when engaging battle against Alpha Patroklos)
  •  with good comes evil.
  •  Patroklos, you ain't this weak! (spoken when fighting Patroklos)
  •  You can't win a battle without good reasons.
  •  Why do you care that much!! (spoken when engaging battle against Kuzuame)
  •  such cold heart! still nothing there. (spoken when winning over Kazume)
  •  whats... the meaning of this! (spoken when deafeted by Kazume)
  • to slow! (spoken when taunting opponent)
  • Learn the great mystery of life. To love, to forget and to forgive. (spoken in her critical edge)


  •  Runa is the only axewielding female character.
  •  In soul calibur IV Runa is nicknamed "The Golden Rose"
  •  Although Runa is an axe wielding character both her critical edge and critical finish is performed with a sword (the holy night blade)
  •  during the events of soul calibur V she met and become friends with Pyrrha.
  •  the reason Runas main axe weapon is named "Little Axe" is not because its little, she named it so to make it ironic.
  •  Kristian gave Runa a piece of Soul Calibur. Later this piece was turned into dust when Runa destroyd Soul Edge.
  •  Runa can't tell if the dreams she have shows the future or the past. but she is actually not dreaming about either past nor future, the truth is that they show her what happens as she dreams then.
  •  the reason Runa collected the shards. stoft and dust from soul edge instad of destroying it all was that she feared her malfested friends from the tribe she had lived with for so long whould be dying with it.
  •  Runas quote "big words, huh" is a reply to siegfrieds- "no need for words, I speak with this"
  •  Runa is named after her mother in her middle name "Louisa"
  •  She is called "barbarian" by Raphael cause of her wild personality and bad table Manners.
  • Sometime during the years between Soul Calibur IV and Soul Calibur V Runa´s father was speaking about her getting married and finally settling down with an own family but Runa answered him with that she had already lost the only man she had ever loved and that she would never let herself stand infront of god and say she loved another man.
  • despite being a strong character Runa has lost all of her canon battles except from her battle against Cervantes in SCIV.
  • Her grandfathers name is likely to be Anders since of her mothers last name being "Andersdotter".
  • When Runa returned home after SCV she was gifted two norweigan forestcat kittens as a welcome home present. One brown and one tortoiseshell. she named them Tuva (brown) and Nova (tortoiseshell). ( a tortoiseshell coloured Norweigan Forest Cat in case someone wonder how they look like )
  • Runa has a strange fondness of hats.
  • Runa´s grandfather (Louisas father) is french, which means Runa has french blood.
  • Runas quote "Learn the great mystery of life. To love, to forget and to forgive" is a translated swedish saying that originally goes: "Lär dig livets stora gåta, att älska glömma och förlåta".


Runa is the female form of the old norse name Rune. the word Runa is the current word for "rune" in swedish and it can mean either "letter" or "wise". Andersdotter simply means "Daughter of Anders", though Runa's fathers name is not Anders but Lucas. The reason for this is cause Runa adopted her mothers lastname since the two of her parents never was legally married. If they where Runa's lastname would have been Fon Elden, Fon being a version of Von meaning: From and Elden is the swedish word for "the fire", making it From The Fire.

Middlenames: Runa has two middlenames, Anna and Louisa. Anna means "grace" and Lousia can mean "fights with honor" (german) or "Famous warrior" (french).


  • considering Cervantes as her "sworn enemy".
  • Friend of Patroklos and Pyrrha.
  • Hates Tira for stealing from her.
  • Does not trust Siegfried.
  • Beaten by Tira twice.
  • Master and former lover Kristian
  • Friend of Michael, Rook, Ramon and Amelie.
  • Captain of the crew inboard Imogen
  • Friend of Hadrian


Soul Calibur IV

Art 75

a sketch of a potrait of Runa

===Soul Calibur V=== ===
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