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Lars Wolfgang Von Krone is a fancharacter created by user:DeniseOberg. He is the youngest prince of wolfkrone and son of Hildegard Von Krone.


Born with a weak left arm, Wolfgang had troubles learning how to fight with the heavy lance from his mother. But he refused to give up. With his patience he learned how to fight with a shorter lance and a shield.

(more of the story will be updated)


Wolfgang is a gentle and nice fellow who easily laughs. He is calm, optimistic, and has a weak spot for Ladies. One could describe him as a little bit of a womanizer.

Fighting Style

Wolfgang's fighting style is not as powerful as his mother's (since of his weak arm) but it has great defence thanks to the shield.


No names yet


  • I hope you´ll fight me no matter how weak I might seem!
  • Aww, but I dont like hurting pretty ladies. (spoken when entering battle against female character)
  • Juliet, your skills suprise me. (spoken when winning over Juliet)
  • Remember, you heal what you break! (spoken when losing against Juliet)
  • Annie, you don't need to be shy when sparring. (spoken when winning over Annie)
  • And that's how you beat a knight! (spoken when losing againts Annie)
  • Just to let you know, I went easy on you. (spoken when losing againts Ester)
  • Jeez Ester, I really had to give my best to beat you! (spoken when winning over Ester)
  • Let's see what you got! (spoken when entering battle against male character)
  • Dante, Dante, Dante. What's the matter with you? (spoken when taunting against Dante)
  • A pen!? A freaking pen! I'm wearing armor and you beat me with a pen! Man, I'm weaker than I thought! (spoken when losing against Dante)
  • Castor! Get up! (spoken when winning over Castor)
  • Let´s take some water and then I´ll beat you once more! (spoken when winning over Connor)
  • What?! do I need more training!? (spoken when losing against Connor)
  • This is not a game you win by looks. (spoken when winning over Matthew)
  • Damn it Matthew you handsome bastard! (spoken when losing to Matthew)
  • You damn little rat! (spoken when losing)
  • I'm sorry my lady, if I hurt you. (spoken when winning over female character)


  • Wolfgang has separate quotes depending if he is battling a female or a male character. This is due to his strong respect and gentleman like attitude towards woman.


Wolfgang is a Germanic name that is put together of the two words "Wulf" wolf and "gang" walk or path, meaning path of the wolf.


  • Considers Siegfried his uncle
  • Son of Hilde
  • Wolfgang feels sorry for Annie being mute, that is why he acts so kindly to her.
  • Has a pet dog called Manfred (this dog has a wolf-like appearence)
  • Has two elder siblings (names, genders and ages unkown)


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