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Current age Ageless
Gender Genderless but appears female
Weight Weightless
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Dark blue
Blood type It has none
Main Weapon(s) Generally Twin Kodachi or Soul Edge as a Sword and Shield

Possession is an incarnation of Soul Edge and makes its first appearence in Soul Calibur V. It has the ability to possess anybody and turn them into hosts for Soul Edge.


Possession was bore through a discarded shard of Soul Edge lost by Cervantes. It was bore as the appearance of a female, but it has kept its ability to shapeshift and has dropped its female identity. Nightmare became its master and taught it fighting skills with the sword of Soul Edge but its soul would not adapt due to it fighting in so many different ways when possessing others.

Possession was first seen by the mercinaries of Schwarzwind. It took this opportunity to stop one of the most successful malfested killers and possessed Siegfried Schtauffen but was stopped by Hildegard Von Krone. Despite him being a close friend Hilde had to fight Siegfried in order for the incarnation of Soul Edge to leave his body, and it lost leaving Siegfried badly beaten and on the verge of death. Hilde arose in anger and lunged her spear into it making it collapse in pain for a second, but then to get up once again as if nothing happened.

"You haven't seen the last of us.." It whispered before disappearing into thin air. 

Soon after his recovery, Siegfried led the mercinaries to search for Possession while it spied over them and cackling in glee.

"Hehe... Good luck to them..." Shortly after this event Possession found a shard of Soul Calibur. In coming into contact with it, she began to develop a human form. She no longer had her malfested eyes with them, her skin was coloured a delicate peach, and she no longer seemed an evil outcast, just a normal individual. It was certainly a strange feeling, but Possession knew she could use this to her advantage. Disguise could be the perfect way to decieve the group of mercinaries she was defeated by before.

She would create a new name, a complete new identity; create a personality of a lone wanderer in search for Soul Calibur.

Everything was coming into place now...


Possession can take the appearence of any character in the series but when in its own form it has the body of a female. It has black long hair, extremely pale skin, dark blue eyes, and all its armor is in black, white and grey.


The stage Possession has depends on its 1P or 2P costume. If it is wearing its 1P costume, its stage is Astral Chaos. If it is wearing its 2P costume, its stage is Tranquil Wasteland. Its theme song is Antares.



Soon after Possession's creation an incarnation of Soul Calibur, Freedom was created to live as an opposite of Possession but did not become malfested for "spying" methods but rather became a mercinary and befriended Hilde and Siegfried extremely quickly. Freedom would go under the common name of Emily Worthington unlike Possession who completely chose to remain anonymous and was to reffered to as "raven". Possession could tell that Freedom was an incarnation of Soul Calibur, who was sent to kill her and stop her from corrupting the Schwarzwind mercinaries along with the other knights of the town of Sachsen, where the current Soul Caliur holder who was known as Patroklos travelled.

Oh, the hate she expressed for Patroklos!

The snot nosed brat who was the supposed son of the "legend" Sophitia Alexandra who in Possession's eyes was just a pathetic woman under the influence of deception. The joy Possession felt when her creator was so manipulative was so pleasureable, like a sadistic lullaby. She just couldn't wait for Patroklos' eradication like a blood soaked dagger at the very edge of a cliff, unable to reach. "Calm yourself Raven.... one day at a time..." she would mutter to herself as she let out a sly smirk.

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