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MaboJessie is an illusion created by Zasalamel in Soulcalibur IV, to encounter Taki and Maxi. MaboJessie has her own story mode, and in the 2nd stage of her Story Mode, after she defeats Raphael, the illusion of Xianglian can travel with her. She is an illusion of Jessie.

She only appears in Soulcalibur IV as an semi-playable character. Her weapons are Kris Naga...she wears glasses, just like the original Jessie.


  • Father, how many sins must you commit? - To Maxi
  • Mother... -To Taki
  • I will destroy Soul Edge!
  • who are you? You look familiar. -To the illusion of Kyam
  • It is a sin, but we must go through with it. - To the illusion of Chai Xianglian
  • I will protect Soul Calibur!


  • MaboJessie wears a blue Chinese dress, and has Cat Tails similar to Talim's 2nd player hairstyle. She also wears Xianghua's Huayin Socks and Cassandra's Atlanta's boots and Taki's Kunoichi Headband, as well as the round glasses.
  • MaboJessie can easily be created in Character Creation Mode.
  • MaboJessie has power similarites to that of Jun Kazama from the Tekken series.
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