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"Light is not always good and Darkness is not always evil"
— Kasuto

Kasuto is a mysterious character, with a past shrouded in mystery, he pursues Soul Calibur and Soul Edge for unknown reasons

What lies in his soul is Balance 


Soulcalibur IV

Awaking him from his mediation, Kasuto sensed two powers, they felt the same but were different at the same time, Concerned for his loved ones' safety, he took up a sword he had acquired on his travels and donned armor to hide his face and departed, determined to find the source, What were these two powers and what awaited him at the end of his journey?, He hoped to find out.... 


Most of Kasuto's physical appearance is unknown, keeping his face hidden behind his armor


Kasuto can be best described as being like a coin, he can be kind and merciful but can turn brutal and merciless in the blink of an eye, he respects strong opponents such as when Mitsurugi fought him to a draw, he also defeated Sophitia and spared her life, after he looked through her memories, even though she was protecting Soul Edge. he also defeated Tira, forcing her to retreat with the parting threat of killing her if they ever crossed paths again


Soulcalibur IV

Kasuto defeats Algol and raises his katana but stops just short of killing him

Algol: "Why do you hesitate?, you've beaten me"

Kasuto: "I know what it's like to lose someone you love, Hero King, when you're as old as I am, you see many loved ones die"

Algol: "You're.... Immortal?"

Kasuto nods and picks up the two swords, he then turns his back to Algol

Kasuto: "So these are the two powers I sensed, these swords have caused too much pain, I will make sure they are never used again" *He turns to Algol* "I hope you will find the peace you are looking for." *Kasuto then turns and walks away with the swords in hand*

The text-only epilogue reveals this: He vanished into the shadows, the two swords went with him and their power never threatened the world again.

Fighting Style

Kasuto uses Mitsurugi's fighting style, however he holds back while fighting to avoid killing his opponents, he mainly uses Oniyukiyasu


It's not revealed until his ending that he is immortal, in fact it's unknown whether or not he's human

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