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Edge is a fan character who appears in Soul Calibur IV through the Create-A-Soul system.

His fighting style is similar to Mitsurugi's, except some of his moves include modern explosives and his signature desert eagle Diamond Melancholy. He also is seen assaulting an opponent with the sheath of his katana.

What lies in his soul is Determination.


Namura has lived most of his life alone, as both his parents died long before he could remember what the looked like or how they acted. Growing up in a boarding school, he was generally looked down upon, but he was always a quick learner and could solve any problem he was presented with. After fifteen long, hard years he was finally free to roam the world as he pleased. He set out to become a teacher in what he was told was his hometown. This was where he gained his charisma and became known as the "Chick Magnet Teacher," though this did not change his method of teaching. He instructed chemistry and knew how to brew almost anything, but the one thing he could not make was a chemical compound for respect and was unlucky enough to have one of the worst students in the school. Meochime was a constant thorn in Namura's side and never paid attention to a thing he said, only interested in the women that attracted the teacher. One day he got into an argument with the kid, and one where Namura, mostly out of pride, lost his temper and punched the kid. Miochime got him fired for it, as he is better with words than Namura. Namura then traveled the world and he learned one thing from each country he visited, for example: when he went to Japan he learned Tenpu-Kosai-Ryu Kai. Years later, Namura decided he was through with his world venturing and went to join the army, but little did he know he became a member of the Chaotic Destiny Special Forces and that is where he became skilled with sidearms and where he earned the codename Edge. In order to finish recruitment, he had to erase his past from the world, but since no one remembered him, it was an easy task. He is now completing missions for the high tech faction in order to perfect his skills in all areas. His current mission is to explore a time rift that brought him back to the time of the Spirit Sword, though he refuses to return until he has obtained Soul Edge and Soul Calibur as his own. This may be due to a side objective of some sort, but there are no official records of the rift ever appearing.


He slams Algol to the ground, holding him there with one foot.

"Please, have mercy!"

"Those swords will be mine, but I'll just have to kill you to get them."

Edges fires off three rounds right into Algol's skull, and then takes both swords when they leave the Hero King's body.

In the text only epilogue, the following is stated.

"And when he returns to his own time, the Modern Era shall know the true meaning of the word Terror!"



Critical Finish

He sheaths his sword and punches the enemy, leaving honey coated firecrackers on them. They explode and Edge shoots the enemy when the fall backwards.

If facing Yoda: Edge runs at him, using the momentum to flipkick Yoda up into the air, and shoots him three times.


Soul Calibur IV- Ostrheinsburg Castle - Twilight


Character Selection

  • "Reporting for duty!"
  • "At you command!"

Before Battle

  • "You want a piece of me, boy?" ("boy" is replaced with "girl" when fighting a female character)
  • "Show me what you got."
  • "What... are YOU doing here?." (Only said to Cherri or Zasalamel)
  • "Beware of my explosive touch."
  • "Sorry Sis, but your kinda in my way." (Only said to Cherri)
  • "Alright, come at me!"
  • "This should be pretty interesting."
  • "Ya think you can win?"
  • "Can't I just buy you a drink instead?" (If facing a female character, except Cherri)
  • "Here I come!"
  • "Anytime you're ready."
  • "You just gonna stand there? Or are we going to fight?"
  • "Haven't I seen you before?" (Only said to the Star Wars characters)
  • "The Spirit Sword, I must have it!" (Only said to Siegfried or Algol)
  • "Soul Edge WILL be mine!" (Only said to Nightmare or Algol)

After Battle

  • "You have GOT to be kidding me!"
  • "That was it? That was your best?"
  • "Want some help up?"
  • "Pitiful."
  • "Guess the Force wasn't with ya this time." (Victory against a Star Wars character)
  • "Game over, dude."
  • "Advantage, Edge!"
  • "THAT, is the power of the Twentieth Century"
  • "You should of let me just buy you that drink." (Victory against a female character)
  • "'I'm just that awesome, get over it."
  • "I'm just curious, why am I so good?"'
  • "Didn't see that coming, did ya?
  • "Not even close."
  • "Come back when you can put up a fight."
  • "Sorry Sis. This is a mission I HAVE to finish" (Victory against Cherri)
  • "Finally..." (Victory against Siegfried, Nightmare, or Algol)
  • "I cant go home like this!" (Losing)


  • Older brother of Cherri
  • Appears to know Zasalamel, though not very well
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