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Adelyn Silic is a Soulcalibur fan character created by Erafael.

Adelyn Silic (a-dell-lynn Sill-Leak) is the second child and only daughter of a long standing French Noble family. After running away when her older brother died in war, she travelled the world and was drawn into the conflict between Soul Swords. She is kind and determined, but feels she has disgraced her family and denies her status decreed by birth. Likewise, she does not look upon others of nobility or royalty and keeps an emotional distance away from most she meets. She is wanted for reward in France by her family, and has vowed to never return. She uses a sword and shield weapon much like Sophitia and Cassandra. Her most familiar an upsidedown tear shaped shield. What lies in her soul is Honor.


Adelyn is an slightly shorter than average 22 year old female. She has a thin build that was honed and hardened through years of travel and manual work, but is not bulging with muscle, rather they are slim and sleek. She has blonde curls that rest on her shoulder and bluish-green eyes. She wears a steel breastplate over a teal coloured short sleeved traveling shirt. She wears wrist bands to cover her arms and a pair of black loose slacks. In her belt is her sheathed short sword, and her shield rests on her back. Tabi socks and tall leather boots cover her feet. Her sword has a black blade, with a silver hand guard and a wrapped and treated teal coloured cloth hilt. Her shield is steel, with a teal circle surrounding a silver circle encrusted with onyx and a gold scripted "A" in the center.

In her 2P outfit, her blonde hair is braided and she is dressed more extravagantly, like a noble. She wears a headband and mantle, with pauldon shoulder covers and leggings. She also wears a nicer, more formal shir and gloves. Her slacks are replaced with tighter trousers and she wears cotton socks and more formal boots. All are coloured in her family colors of Teal and Silver. Her sword is steel gray with a black leather hilt and golden hand guard. Her shield is still shaped in an upside down tear, but has her family colours of teal and silver in reversing quadrants with a golden swallow in the middle of the four quadrants.


Adelyn Silic was born into a wealthy French Noble family that has been an influence for almost 160 years. She was the second of three children, and the only daughter, thus raised away from her brothers Acel and Darcel. Her brother Acel was older than her by five years, and into his military training, while her younger brother Darcel was three years younger. Being the only daughter, Adelyn was raised with other daughters of noble families in an attempt to teach them to be proper wives and hostesses. This left Adelyn with few friends, and very lonely. Seeing this, Acel took her to the barracks, making the excuse that he was introducing her to younger boys of noble families. In truth, he secretly began to train her to ride and use a sword and shield. Adelyn grew to love this time with her brother, feeling that she had a friend after the years of lonilness.

As the years went on, Adelyn became more adept at using her sword, but also the chances to practice grew few and far between. Her mother began to take her to more balls and social events, and her brother Acel was on longer compaigns away from France. Worse, her family's funding of the war was beginning to take its toll, and drain the family's wealth. Darcel, an experienced statesman, arranged for Adelyn to be married when she turned sixteen to another influential Noble family. Adelyn sought help from her brother Acel when he returned from war, hoping for him to annul the marriage. Acel made his family promise to wait until he returned from his next campaign before they married Adelyn away. Grudgingly, Darcel agreed and Adelyn hugged Acel. "Please... come back safe Acel," she said with tears in her eyes. Acel promised her he would, and left for his campaign to the Empire's eastern border where a former French noble was raising an army and attacking border towns. Adelyn waited anxiously for her brother's return, while Darcel waited to see if he could prove himself an experienced statesman. Five months after Acel's leaving, word arrived that he had been killed in battle by the rouge noble.

Adelyn's world collapsed around her. Her friend and psueado-protector was dead, and she was going to be married against her will. Overwhelmed by grief and despair, Adelyn fled her home and country, taking only travelling clothes, a sack of coins, and her sword (Acel had named it Destin) and her shield she had named Acel. Darcel saw his chance to bring forturne and respect to his family name slipping away and placed a bounty on Adelyn's head to have returned. Adelyn decided to flee east, to lands where she would not be known, and to find Acel's killer. After months of dodging bounty hunters and sleeping in barns, she reached a convert for nuns. She pleaded for help, for the nuns to take her in. In exchange, she would help the nuns with any labor, be protection, and give them the remaining coins she had. The nuns, who called themselves The Sisters of the Son (Les Soeurs du Fils) agreed, refusing the payment and saying it was their godly duties. Adelyn thanked the sisters and donated her remaining mony to the covenant, and began her task at helping the sisters. She learned through them that a great evil was rising, and the nobleman that had killed Acel was in leagues with the evil.

For three years, Adelyn stayed with the nuns in peace, starting to feel happy for once in her life since Acel's death. In that time, the nuns taught her about survival in the wild, about the life after death, and about themselves, allowing Adelyn to make each sister that came and left her friends. She also learned from travelling swordsmen and women new techniques, letting her use her sword and shields in more ways then the traditional fighitng Acel had shown her. However, after three years, Darcel's men received word that Adelyn was at the convert. The first attempt, the sisters denied Adelyn's being there and the second the sisters forcibly defended Adelyn. On the third attempt, Darcel sent 50 trained soldiers to the convert. The sisters help Adelyn escape while they fought valiantly. From a distance of the forest across the border, Adelyn watched her friends die and the convert burn. She fled east again in tears, vowing she would never return to the French Empire.

Adelyn spend the next three years travelling the world, on the run from the heart ache of her past and learning more about the rising evil. She learned the name Soul Calibur, and its wielder Seigfried was combatting the evil, and she wished to help. Her travels eventually brought her to the capital of the Wolfkrone Empire, where she met Tenlo Soleran and Kilik, and learned more of the war. She learned the evil was called Soul Edge and its wielder named Nightmare. She also learned the name of the noble who killed Acel, Raphael Sorel. Deciding to accompany Tenlo and his friends because he reminded her of Acel, and to have the opportunity to get revenge on Raphael. As she traveled with Tenlo, she fell in love with him, and he with her. However, the two were split when Tenlo was corrupted by Soul Edge. Adelyn went with Sophitia to look for him, and through her love returned Tenlo to his state. Though seriously injured, Adelyn continued to Raphael's castle with Tenlo, finally ready to fulfill her promise to avenge Acel using a shard of Soul Calibur infused with her sword to fight the Soul Edge in Raphael's.


Adelyn defeats Raphael, shattering his Soul Edge infused sword. As she advances, Amy falls on Raphael, in front of Adelyn's blade. While Raphael tries to push Amy away, Adelyn stands over them with her sword pointed down. "For my brother Acel," she yells and plunges her blade down, then stops and looks at them. Adelyn drops her sword and falls to the floor, with Tenlo comforting her. She smiles at him with tears in her eyes before looking to Raphael and Amy while standing. "Go and live, love each other Lord Sorel. I forgive you." She turns and leavves with Tenlo as the screen fades to black and says, "She left with a weight lifted off her heart and a new love to fill it."


Adelyn is a quick character with short slashing attaks. Her defense is moderate, but weak while she attacks and transitions between are slow. She is also at a disadvantage against ranged weapons. Her grab attack is moderate with decent range. While she is vulnerable if she misses an attack, her speed and attack strength make a good balance.


Destin and Acel 1P

-> A sword and shield given to her by her brother Acel. Her sword has a black blade, with a silver hand guard and a wrapped and treated teal coloured cloth hilt. Her shield is steel, with a teal circle surrounding a silver circle encrusted with onyx and a gold scripted "A" in the center.

Destin and Acel 2P

-> Her sword is steel gray with a black leather hilt and golden hand guard. Her shield is still shaped in an upside down tear, but has her family colours of teal and silver in reversing quadrants with a golden swallow in the middle of the four quadrants.

  • Sword Breaker
  • Katzbolgar
  • Fire Blade
  • Valkyre
  • Soul Calibur
  • Love

Critical Finish

Retour à la Grace- Adelyn slashes twice and places her shield against her foe's chest. She pushes her sword into the opponent's chest and twists it then pulls her sword out. She sheathes her blade while saying in a mournful tone, "Guide them, Acel," before leaving.


Thesmophoros Imperial Garden (SCIV)


Soul Calibur IV

Before Battle:

  • I do not wish to fight you.
  • Please back down.
  • Acel, guide me.
  • This will be fun, I hope. (against Tenlo)
  • You monster, I will have fair trade. (against Raphael)
  • Why do you love the heartless man? (against Amy)
  • Please Tenlo, its me! (against Soul Edge Tenlo)


  • I hope you're not hurt too bad.
  • I'm sorry it came to this.
  • I tried to warn you.
  • I hope you're proud Acel.
  • I only did this because I love you. (against Soul Edge Tenlo)
  • I guess Acel taught me well. (against Tenlo)
  • This is for Acel and my family! (against Raphael)
  • He won't love you, just leave him! (against Amy)


  • I just want to pass
  • I can't go back... I can't!
  • Did Darcel send you?
  • I'm sorry I failed Acel.
  • You really love him... You stupid fool... (against Amy)
  • Just kill me... You took everything else. (against Raphael)
  • Well, I just need to train more. (against Tenlo)
  • I tried Tenlo... Please remember me. (against Soul Edge Tenlo)


  • Adelyn is a daughter of French Nobles Corbyn and Delphine Silic.
  • She is the second child of three and the only girl.
  • She is the younger sister of Acel, and the older sister of Darcel.
  • She fell in love with Tenlo Soleran after meeting him.
  • Adely is the mother of a child with Tenlo named Sedat.
  • Hates Raphael because an army under him killed Acel.


  • Fled France to escape an arranged marriage by her brother Darcel.
  • Considers herself disgraced for tunning, and no longer a noble.
  • Cannot look on people of nobility as equal (i.e. Hilde).
  • Vowed never to go back to France after leaving and is wanted by family.
  • Questions how Amy can love Raphael after killing Acel.
  • Looks to Tenlo almost as she did Acel.
  • Is one of only two people Tenlo remembers after Soul Edge corrupts him.

Series Appearances

Soul Calibur IV

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