Björn Stormvind is a playable character in Soulcalibur V.

He is known as The Storm's Son.


With 18 years,he escaped from city life to pirate life,knowing the danger that is supposed.After an unsuccesful oceanic expedition searching the Source of Immortality,Björn returns with his family,two years later.Something in Malmö changed.The skies where dark and seas becomes red.It started to snow and the young pirate was feeling stranged and a little bit scared.The city was a burning,open graveyard.He ran to home-now is a burning pile of rubble-and tried to remove the obstacles of his way,burning his hands.Then,the boy saw a girl with a ring blade (Tira) an his family,murdered in the floor.

-''Oh,an uninvited guest?!And he's not a malfested?Then I have to kill you!'',she laughs,taking her strange sword and attacks.Björn,confused and angry,took his sword and fought.Unfortunately,the girl's blade cutted his face and chest seriously.At the moment,the girl shows a fragment of Soul Edge and put it in the chest's gash.

After that,the boy survived,becoming a malfested. Bandaged in many places-eyes too-,he woke up but seriously damaged.A woman,who is the person healing him,was a captain of a merchant ship,her name was Eva.He couldn't see anything until 4 weeks because of his bandages.When the pirate could see,Eva trained him,knowing of his malfestation.

Björn,feeling like a monster,he searches the definitive cure of his insanity: Soul Calibur .


  • He can summon E.I.N. because of his malfestation.
  • His surname is unknown,but he likes to be called Stormvind.
  • Although he's a malfested,he keeps his sanity.
  • His 2P suit is based in the time he was recovering of Tira's assault.


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