Eleonore has pale ivory skin and crystal blue eyes. She has a beauty mark under her left eye. Her hair color is strange blonde color that is reddish a bit golden, but is still considered a blonde color. Eleonore is tall and skinny. Her attire consists of all sorts of different clothing, usually frilly clothing. The colors are always bright and pastel colored, she doesn't like dull colors. 


Eleonore lived with her foster parents and never knew her true parents ever since. Her foster parents were always very kind to her and treated her like a princess, but she wanted to know the truth. She has lived life of major depressive disorder, and has never known the reason why.

When her 21st year of depression came, her foster parents decided to reveal the truth. " Your dad has died the year your mother became pregnant. She got major depressive disorder, when you came out, you inherited part of it. She then left you at our house and ran off. Apparently, an evil spirit had tricked her and she then got possesed. Some say that she's still alive." Eleonore couldn't bear the news and asked if she could set off and find them. They agreed to let her go find her true mother. The next day, Eleonore's foster parents brought her to an old ship. Her foster dad handed her a dusty box with claws and a smudged crystal in it. Eleonore stared in confusion. " Look inside and find your true self and magic, don't go around moping all day long." her foster dad said. With that, they started walking away. 

Eleonore then started her journey of a lifetime. Unfortunately, it started with a shipwreck. Lightning struck and thunder clapped and before she knew it, she blacked out. When waking up, the only thing that was still with her was the mysterious box. Taking the crystal out, she stared into it and cried silently. The next day, she woke up to see three mysterious strangers in front of her. " Who do you think you are!" she hissed quietly with hatred and worriedness in her eyes as she pointed her finger at them. Surprisingly, the crystal flew up and hit two of the people. For once in her life, Eleonore smiled, the most small smile.


As a child, Eleonore has always been depressed. As she grew older and began to understand the world and herself, she began to learn the truth of life and began to know how to laugh. She is also very shy with the many people she meets. She is serious and quiet, but can make jokes at times that she wants.

Fighting Style

Critical Edge


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  • Eleonore has had a depressed childhood and is not very good at making friends, the main reason she travels alone during her journeys.
  • Eleonore tends to wear bright colored and frilly clothes leading to the idea that her family was very rich.


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