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Griti has tanned, almond skin along with hazel brown eyes. She has dark brown, silky hair. Her face is found quite beautiful, yet she is a bit "heavy" for girls her age and height. She is one of the shorter people in the series as well as one of the youngest characters. Griti's attire includes all sorts of clothes that she finds "comfortable to fight in". The clothes are usually in the colors of orange, pink, and red due to her being the "warm" and "nature loving" person she is.


Griti had lived in a small village ever since she was born. She is one of the youngest members of her of the entire village she lived in due to the fact that many of the religous people of her village died of sickness. She was trained to fight and hunt for herself at a young age due to the village being very poor. It had always been very poor ever since the rise of a strangley clothed woman wielding an equally strange weapon that seemed rather evil , whom had decided to destroy all their products and curse all their people one certain year.

The girl got a little curious of this problem due to her unbelievably fearless personality. She often liked to wander off to places with her sister, Tietata, during the times when told to hunt for the village. One day, they decided to got off to another village to investigate and interrogate the villagers. They ended up only eavesdropping on the villagers conversations. There were two certain objects though, that kept on being brought that were " Soul Edge " and " Soul Calibur ". Griti got the strange idea of them being people, likely the woman that decided to curse their village. Curiosity overtook her mind as she began to form the unthinkable plan. The next morning, Griti sneaked out of her tent to go and search for the two objects in order to keep her village alive. Before leaving, she whispered a " I'm sorry Tietata, I will be back, I promise... more like I hope!" and she then ran off to an epic adventure...


Griti has a curious and cocky personality and is always looking for trouble. She's brave, bold, confident, and longing for an adventure. She's done a bunch of crazy things as a kid and will always do the unthinkable, but at times, people should still hear her out, who knows if what she's looking for is actually worth it?

Fighting Style

Griti's fighting style is much similar Talim and Z.W.E.I's. It is a traditional Filipino style like Talim's. Griti's fighting style mostly consists of short-ranged combat. Her fighting style is quick and is much like dancing, matching her carefree personality. She fights very swiftly and is able to perform many combos.

She is able to summon her bear " oso ", much like Z.W.E.I and E.I.N. It may help her during a battle but it's moves are quite slow. She may perform some especially powerful combos with her bear at her side.

Griti has a few moves that allow her to perform guard impacts and stuns. Her moves are slightly weak due to her size and age, but performing combos and mixes are enough to take off a decent amount of damage from the opponent. She has an advantage in a battle being the fact that her fighting style is much like dancing, so that when she is doing combos, she may also be evading some attacks from the opponent.

Her style is overall pretty decent though could be risky as a newbie. She is quick, swift, and a bit weak, but if you practice using her character, you may master her fighting style.

Critical Edge

Special Move:

Malaya Wind Dance: This is Griti's special move used in Soulcalibur: Dawn of Destiny. She will do a quick, spinning, carefree dance while the opponent is standing frozen. Then, she will follow with a unique unblockable attack combo.



  • Griti is considered as heavy for a girl her age and height.
  • Griti's weapons' names, Mabangis and Mabagsik, mean wild and fierce in Filipino.
  • Griti is said to have a pet bear named " oso ", literally meaning bear in Filipino. She is said to have found him during her adventures in the mountains on her way to find Soul Edge and Soul Calibur.
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