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Anti-Soul Taki (AntaiSoruTaki in Japan) is a possessed Taki in Soulcalibur IV: Jessie's Story.

She is in the manga version as well.


Early Life as Heaven Angel

Taki was only 14 when she gave birth to her daughter, she became a mother and Maxi became the baby's father. Eight years later, the girl was asleep one night, and Taki had just completed her mission, to combine Soul Edge with Rekki-Maru. But, Soul Edge had destroyed itself, and Soul Calibur appeared. When Maxi returned to Taki and Jessie from a trip on-seas, to India, Jessie saw a strange thing happening to both of her parents. "Two demons..." Thought Jessie. When Taki and Maxi woke up, wondering where Jessie was. They were devastated when Jessie ran away for a few days. They found her unconscious in the market near her home. Taki, then realized how heavenly Jessie was, after how brave she was. She heard her scream in her mind, running away, thinking they were going to attack her. Then Taki realized she became Heaven Angel. She had, for three years, watched over Jessie. Maxi, as well. Taki was devastated to learn that Jessie had run away to defeat Soul Edge. She was only 11. She could not bear to see her dead. Jessie, indeed, was killed by Soul Edge, after two hours prior of her return. After sending her to rebirth, Taki and Maxi were devastated as King and Queen of Shuri. Their sorrow eventually led to become Heaven Angel and Hell Devil once again.

Calibur IV:Jessie27%s_Story Soulcalibur IV: Jessie's Story

Taki had rejoiced, thanks to Jessie's return, and of her memories. During a fight with Astaroth, after Xianghua, Kara, Isabelle, and Morgan's deaths, Taki becomes Heaven Angel and Maxi becomes Hell Devil, after sympathizing Jessie. Unfortunately, Astaroth attacked them both and took their souls. Taki and Maxi had become the Anti-Soul Spouse duo. They attack Destiney and Lillian, killing them both. They even kill Kilik and Cassandra. After killing those four, Jessie uses Shadow Clone Jutsu, and Shadow Scroll Kagekiri, their souls were returned, and they fell unconscious. Though, Jessie had healed them both, she was attacked by Astaroth. The final battle was drawing near. Jessie transforms into her Princess outfit. (Hilde's 2nd player outfit, but without sleeve, straps, neck, boots, just some dress shoes, and she wears a tiara and a crescent moon symbol is on her tiara, her dress is navy blue.) The setting of the arena changes from Tower of Remembrance - Encounter to Tower of Remembrance - Degradation. Taki wakes up in Queen Serenity's Gown and the pearl berettes in her hair, (Queen Serenity is from Sailor Moon.) while Maxi wakes up in Prince Darien's outfit. (Prince Darien is also from Sailor Moon.) Taki uses all of her power from Rekki-Maru, which had turned to Soul Calibur, while Soryuju turns to Soul Edge. Jessie's Kagekiri lets the energy into her swords, and turns them into Embrace of Souls, with Soul Calibur being on top and Soul Edge being on bottom. Jessie weakens Astaroth's soul, with the arena turning back to normal, and Jessie in the condition she was. Maxi is still unconscious, but Taki watches as Jessie stabs Astaroth in the chest, killing him. Astaroth turns to dust while Taki watches the fatally injured Jessie. Jessie breaks free of the gravel tower she was constriced in, and falls to the ground. Taki runs to the fading Jessie. Taki knows why Jessie was dying. Because she had used too much life-force. Maxi woke up, noticing Astaroth was dead, but Taki having the dying Jessie on her knees. Maxi runs to his daughter, convincing himself that she cannot die. Jessie is picked up by Maxi, with her last words, "I'm okay, because... I believe you can do this without me..." She even tells him that his hand is warm, and fades away. A tear is seen on Maxi's hand, Taki is so devastated, that she cries as well. Jessie and the others re-appear, and that was the last of evil, including the Anti-Souls.


  • In the manga, Ant-Soul Taki's skin color is light purple and all of her suit is black, hair silver. In the movie, her skin is regular color but the suit remains black and hair remains silver.
  • Ant-Soul Taki is the possible mother of Devil Jessie.


  • Alter-Ego of Taki.
  • Possessed Heaven Angel.
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