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"The Soul Edge promises you power, but will control you. The Soul Calibur claims to want the Soul Edge destroyed, but will control you if you are not strong enough. The two swords are no different, they are just a curse on humanity"
— Li-Xin to his children and students

Li-Xin Jin is a fan made character that appears in Soul Calibur IV, but is playable Soul Calibur V.

What lies in his soul is Perseverance


Early Life (Soul Calibur III)

Kid Li-Xin

A young Li-Xin working on the farm.

Li-Xin Jin was born in China to Li-Dao Jin, a Japanese soldier, and Mai Jin, a Chinese herbalist. He spent most of his childhood training with his father. One day, Li-Xin's village was attacked by rouge samurai. They burned it to the ground, killing his parents in the process. Li-Xin attempted to defeat the samurai, but was outmatched almost instantly. Li-Xin managed to escape into the bamboo forest, abandoning his fellow villagers.

A few days later he was taken in by a family of farmers. He was paid to help them work and protected the livestock from wild animals like foxes. Li'Xin became smitten with the farmer's niece, Mai. Mai felt some feelings for him but they were not as strong as his. Months passed as Li-Xin earned more money. He heard that a cow had been killed by a mysterious beast. All day, villagers ware talking about it.

Li-Xin the White Tiger

Li-Xin, wearing his new tiger pelt.

That knight, Mai happened to be tending to an ill cattle. The beast lunged out of the crops and attacked her. Li-Xin heard her screams and ran to the fields. He saw a large white tiger clawing at Mai. He kicked it off of her and confronted the beast head on, using a wooded sword given to him by his father. He fought the tiger vigorously until he managed to land a solid blow to the tiger's skull. Li-Xin had killed the beast, and saved Mai.

Honoring the beast's combat abilities, Li-Xin fashioned a warrior's jacket and sash from the tiger's pelt. He was then known throughout the land as the White Tiger.

Soul Calibur IV

Li-Xin vs Xun-Yu

Li-Xin and Xun-Yu engaging in a sparing match.

During the events of Soul Calibur IV, Li-Xin traveled the land searching for the samurai who killed his parents. It was his duty to avenge their deaths. During his travels he encountered an old man named Hiro, who just so happened to be an expert swordsman. Li-Xin began to train under Hiro and hoped to become a master swordsman himself. While taking a tea break, Hrio told Li-Xin about the soul weapons. Li-Xin thought that if he could get such power in his hands he could avenge his parents' deaths amd bring peace to the world. He finished his training in two years and began his search for the Soul Calibur and Soul Edge.

Li-Xin later learned of a monistary that had a great deal of information on the weapons, and traveled there. There he met Xun-Yu, a staff-using martial artist. Xun-Yu and Li-Xin became friends quickly, having many things in common. Xun-Yu then told him that seeking the weapons was a bad idea. Li-Xin disregarded this warning and continued his quest.

Li-Xin War

Li-Xin during the war

He eventually found out that Soul Edge had actually been "destroyed" and was later told that the Soul Calibur was hidden. Li-Xin gave up his search. One year later, he was called apoun by Xun-Yu and his allies to fight a dark knight named Zethias, who claimed  to have the Soul Edge in his possession. He then fought in a war against Zethias and his minnions. During the battle Li-Xin was partially malfested by taking a hit from  Zethias' fake Soul Edge. He shruged off his wound sand fought on until Zethias was taken down with the help of his allies. After the war, he retired from combat and married Mai. The two had children named Chun and Meng-Yao.


Li-Xin young

Li-Xin after finally avenging his parents' deaths.

While he and his family were attending a traditional festival, a band of bandits attacked the crowds. Li-Xin grabbed his sword and fought off the bandits. He eventually came across their leader, the same man who killed his parents. Li-Xin fought him with all of his skill and rage. He managed to take him down and looked the leader in the eye.
"Do you remember me? I am the child you should have killed!"
— Li-Xin to the leader

With a quick stab, Li-Xin killed the leader, feeling relieved that the band of rouges wouldn't be attacking again. He had finally avenged the death of his parents, and planned to move on with his life.

Curse of the Sword

Li-Xin noticed that his young children were acting strange. He could feel an evil presence around them Li-Xin decided to take them to the monastery to ask Xun-Yu what he knew about this. Xun-Yu told him that because of his minor malfestation, his children had inherited the evil aura of Soul Edge. Luckily, the malfestation was not too bad, and could be cured over time. Xun-Yu was able to cure Chun's malfestation using purified shards of the Soul Calibur, but could not guarantee that Meng-Yao would not be manipulated by the Soul Edge. Li-Xin knew that since the malfestation was minor, Meng-Yao would be fine and would not show any physical or mental signs of the malfested. Though he did fear that the Soul Edge would return, the 'Complete Soul Edge.

Soul Calibur V

Mengyao and Chun

Li-Xin and Mai's children, Meng-Yao and Chun.

Seventeen years pass and Li-Xin has gained gray hair. Over the course of the 17 yearrs, Li-Xin trained his two children, them showing much prowess. Chun and Meng-Yao, 15 and 17, are very adept with their swords. Li-Xin travelled the land with his children, experiencing many battles and adventures. He wanted his children to be as well rounded as possible. With his name known far and wide, Li-Xin and his children were treated with high respect. He eneded the quest once his son asked him about the Soul Edge. Li-Xin did not answer the question and took them home.

He later visited the monastery to ask Xun-Yu, now acting as the Grand Master of the monastery, what the meaning of this was. Xun-Yu had explained that the Soul Edge and Soul Calibur had been revived, and Soul, a being who can possess the bodies of others, was reawakening. Li-Xin was troubled by such news. He wanted to avoid getting his children involved in this. Xu-Yu then told him that Captain Rock was already on his way to engage Soul and put an end to this quickly. Li-Xin new that Soul would go after the Soul Edge first, then the Soul Calibur. He decided to find the Soul Calibur and keep it hidden from Soul. Xun-Yu had left to assist Rock's efforts against Soul. Unbeknownst to him, Chun had tagged along with her father, finding out truly what the Soul Calibur was.

Destroying Soul

Chun with Soul Calibur

Li-Xin's daughter, Chun Jin, wielding the Soul Calibur.

Li-Xin managed to find the Soul Calibur, but was unable to wield it due to his malfestation. His daughter was the only person at the time who could wield the sword. He allowed her to wield it and decided to take her training with the sword further. Being drawn to the Soul Edge, Meng-Yao had Xun-Yu and the others to defeat Soul. Soul, seeing Meng-Yao's body was perfect for wielding Soul Edge, possessed him and forced him to wield it against his allies. By the time Li-Xin arrived, Meng-Yao and Soul had become one, being nearly unstoppable. Chun reluctantly fought Meng-Yao and managed to barely defeat him by stabbing the eye of Soul Edge. Soul was released from Meng-Yao's body and attempted to strike her.

Li-Xin and Xun-Yu jumped in and blocked the attack. With a burst of energy, Soul knocked the two down and entered his final form. Meng-Yao managed to stand up and took full control over Soul Edge.Li-Xin watched as his children took Soul down for good. Even though they had the most powerful weapons in the world, Chun and Meng-Yao cast the swords out out of their world by sealing away both.

The Rise of the Malfested

A strange knight known as Orbis attacked Xun-Yu's monastery at night and claimed the Soul Calibur and Soul Edge for himself. Xun-yu, older now, was no match for Orbis and was defeated easily. Li-Xin, being the one who tought the new generation of warriors how to fight, ordered them to find and kill Orbis at all costs. Li-Xin knew that he had to get the Soul weapons back from Orbis. He set out to find Orbis himself. While walking through a bamboo forest, Li-Xin sensed a dark aura that was slightly similar to his own. His wound that he had sustained from Soul Edge years ago began to burn as a dark figure walked out of the shadows. It was Orbis. Li-Xin attempted to subdue him, but the powers of the legendary swords were too much for Li-Xin to handle. He fell to the ground wounded, expecting to die from a final blow. Instead, Orbis stabbed Li-Xin with the Soul Edge and completed his malfestation. Li-Xin rose with his wounds healed and could feel the cursed sword's energy coursing through his veins. Li-Xin was determined not to fall under the influence of the Soul Edge and managed to release himself from Orbis' control. Orbis then created a Malfested Copy of Li-Xin and left the two to fight it out.

Li-Xin and his malfested copy fought it out, being completely matched. The fight dragged on for what seemed like hours. Li-Xin finally landed a fatal blow to the copy's chest and then beheaded him. Tired from battle, Li-Xin returned home to recover from his wounds. Days later, he was completely fine thanks to the influence of the Soul Calibur. He gathered his pupils, all who have survived battles against their Malfested Copies. His old allies arrived too. The massive group then stormed Orbis' castle, fighting through waves of malfestedd soldiers. Orbis then absormed the energy of both soul swords and created one mighty sword, the Calibur's Edge. Chun and Meng-Yao regained their soul weapons and attempted to defeat Orbis, but they were no match for him.

Orbis' planned to use Calibur's Edge to transform the world's population into malfested. Li-Xin knowing the risk was great, lunged at Orbis and took a fatal stab to the chest. He held Orbis in place while Calibur's Edge was still lodged in his chest. This allowed Chun and Meng-Yao to gather their energy from the swords and power of their allies and strike Orbis with all of their might. Li-Xin dislodged the sword just in time to dodge the attack. Orbis was killed, and the Calibur's Edge was destroyed. Li-Xin was left in terrible condition, the sword had pierced straight through him. Luckily, the sword had failed to damage any of his vital organs, so Li-Xin would live through this injury. After a month or so, Xun-Yu decided it was time to do away with the Soul Swords for good and destroyed both. The group was pleased with this, but Li-Xin was afraid that the sword would once again be revived.


Li-Xin is a very serious individual. He takes his battles very seriously. He cares deeply for his friends and family. He also has always completed his goals in life, never giving up unless there is no other option.


  • Husband of Mai
  • Father of Chun and Meng-Yao
  • Enemy of the Malfested
  • Ally of the Knights of Terma
  • Close friend of Xun-Yu
  • Adoptive Uncle and Mentor of Bao-Yu

Fighting Style

Main Style

Li-Xin while using a sword fights using a self-taught art called Wind Style. With this style, Li-Xin can execute fast, flowing attacks that eventually string into combos. He will always start by either a light slash at the opponent or knocking them to the ground. Li-Xin also utilizes his many edge attacks to deal high damage when needed. In terms of range, This fighting style is average, but he can close the gap quickly with his various spin attacks or lunging at the opponent sword first.

Li-Xin is also a good fighter without his sword. This style is known as Way of the Tiger, an improvised version of Tiger Style Kung Fu and Judo. He usually is able to preform fast middle and low kicks. His punches are fairly strong and can handle himself well in a fist fight.

Critical Finish

White Tiger Slayer- Li-Xin kicks his opponent in the gut and the hits them with the butt of his sword in the jaw. As this opponent staggers, he slashes them multiple times before finishing with a heavy blow to the forehead.

Critical Edge

White Tiger's Wrath- Li-Xin's sword glows white and slashes the opponent up in the air. He then slashes the opponent in rapid succession spelling out 白虎 (Báihǔ) with the sword's trail. After this, he slams the opponent back to the ground with his sword.


Soul Calibur IV

  • "You should back down."
  • "Sorry, but you're no match for me
  • "I will destroy you and that cursed sword!!" Engaging in battle against Zethias.
  • "Let's see who is the better of us, old friend" Engaging in Battle against Xun-Yu
  • " Time to see what a pirate can really do." Engaging in battle against Captain Rock
  • "You lack proper training"
  • "Show me your resolve.
  • "Stay down." After finishing a grab
  • "Sooori-yaa!!" Preforming a spin attack.
  • "Forgive me." Preforming special stance
  • "I'll end this quickly!" Preforming Critical Finish.
  • "Quote| Agh!"
  • "You Coward!" Losing from a ring out
  • "Hai-yai!!"
  • "Tiger Slash!" Prforming the finishing blow during his Critical Finish

Soul Calibur V

  • "You'd better give it your all, because I won't be holding back."
  • "Fine then, let's see what you've got."
  • "Alright then, show me what I've taught you son!" Engaging in battle against Meng-Yao.
  • "Don't hold back Chun!" Engaging in battle against Chun.
  • "You again!? I'll see to it that I kill you this time!" Engaging in battle against Zethias.
  • "Heh, looks like age has finally caught up to us old friend. Let's spar for old time's sake." Engaging in battle against any of his old allies.
  • "You fought well, but not well enough."
  • "Get up, I didn't even hit you that hard!"
  • "Slash!"
  • "See you on the other side!!" Preforming Critical Edge.
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