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“GoldBack” Jane is a created character in Soulcalibur V and also the on and off lover of both Myth and Brass.


Goldback Jane is the most unusual of outlaws. She was a bi-product of Hung Lo using an Indian slave for his own personal pleasures. Normally, the Death Merchant would have any children of his personal slaves that he fathered slain. But when it came to her, he had a plan in mind. She was raised with proper feeding and education to eventually be sold as a bride for the highest bidder. But when she found out when nearing adulthood, she decided that that was not going to be her fate. She immediately snuck out of Hung’s manor and fled to the west, renouncing her name as she left the grounds. From now on, she used the alias of Jane Smith.

One thing she realized was that there was no means for her to survive without giving herself to a man and live an honest life. Using her brains, she became a bandit. She got the name “Goldback” because she escaped with a big bag of gold slung over her shoulder on her first heist. She would also use other outlaws in her schemes, only to betray them and run off with all of the loot. Her claim is that it was in the name of survival.

One day, she heard of a noble’s caravan heading through the woods within a few days. For this heist she knew that she would need the help of the most feared outlaw in the area, the highwayman Myth. She knew of his reputation, he was even referred to as the King of the Outlaws. Everyone of a high social status would cringe at the sound of his name when on the highways. With just him, she knew that this heist was in the bag.

Using her feminine charm, she swayed him into helping her. But one thing she could get was how the so-called “King of the Outlaws” could be so young? He only looked a year or two her senior. And despite his unshaven face, she thought he looked handsome. She almost regretted that she would have to betray him. But he was still an outlaw, so she had to do it before he could to her.

The heist went well as planned. The noble’s guards even dropped their weapons so Myth wouldn’t have an excuse to kill them. Gold and Myth left with so much gold that the wagon she had a horse pulling was creaking. As they traveled to the deserts of Spain, she knew that it was time. She feigned needing a rest and set her plan in motion. As soon as he came close enough when he offered her some water, she kissed him. But what the highwayman didn’t know, her lipstick was lined with jellyfish toxin. As he lain there paralyzed, she got back on her wagon and rode off with all the loot after picking his pockets and stealing his necklace.

Six months later, she met him again in the outskirts of Barcelona. The highwayman had been hanging low and working under a clockmaker. But when a gang of thugs threatened the clockmaker, the highwayman had blew his cover and slain their leader. As he left Barcelona, she followed at a distance. But no matter how good she was, he knew she was following. It was then she found out why he was working under a clockmaker, the highwayman had been learning how clocks turned and developed a new kind of pistol that had five shots and revolved multiple chambers to load the next shot. This new weapon she feared, as she allowed him to reclaim his necklace and be on his way.

The next time they met, they both were after the same target and arrived at the same time. As this time there were soldiers protecting the target, they worked together and got away with a lot of loot. They went to the nearest town to hang low under the guise of young lovers to avert the authorities. At first, she didn’t like the idea just as he didn’t. But in the name of survival, they had no choice. She used her usual alias of Jane Smith while the highwayman opted to use the name Nicholas Fazello. When she asked why he used such a name, he told her that it was the only other name he possesses thus hinting that was his true name.

For the next three months, they survived using no more than what was necessary from their ill-gotten gain. During that time, Goldback was confused as she was starting to have legitimate feelings for Myth. For her, this was not good as she never wanted to depend on a man due to why Hung Lo let her live for so long. And it really hurt when he had proposed to her, her heart melted and she accepted. Later that night, she sent an anonymous tip to the local authorities about when and where they could catch the highwayman. The day of the wedding, the authorities set up an ambush and she got away with the loot, his necklace again, and a heavy heart.

Later when she set after another mark, it turned out that it was already hit. When she demanded the identity of the one who beat her, she learned that the highwayman had survived the ambush. She spent the next three days tracking him down to the next town, where she broke into his room like a thief in the night. But he had been expecting her, and had his gun to her head as soon ash she landed after entering through the window. He demanded his necklace back and she complied. But when she asked about his loot from the mark he beat her too, he told her that he gave it to the local orphanage.

The fact that he did such a noble thing stumped her, as he was supposed to be King of the Outlaws. That was when he explained that he was no ordinary highwayman, that he took up the sword under the occupation to fight society and the way things are for those who have too little. That struck her when she realized that he didn’t choose to be a highwayman, that he had little to no choice as she did when she became a bandit. She then wiped off her toxic lipstick and kissed him, which later lead to them having intercourse.

She had woken up earlier than he had, surprised that she had given her virginity that she had treasured willingly. As he slept next to her, she pondered on what this meant. Did she really love him? She didn’t know what to think. So she took a shackle she had with her and shackled his wrist to the bed, stole his necklace again, and left him a letter telling him that she will leave town at noon, giving an anonymous tip to the authorities on her way out. With a heavy heart, she left the room.

Over the next few years, the Lady Bandit and the Highwayman had many more encounters. Each time, she either left him for dead or for the authorities. They did try to get married again, but she hired an assassin to take him out right after the kiss. She had found out his true identity as the grandson of the most powerful mafia don in Syracuse. She knew that she would be taken care of as she would be the grandson’s widow. She had a heavy heart doing it as normal, but she would not admit her true feelings for the highwayman either. But right before they could kiss, the assassin’s hand had got too sweaty when holding the arrow back. It caused the arrow to shoot prematurely and to went between the just wed couple's faces after they had kissed and killed the priest.

This time, he left her at the altar. She could not explain why she was so upset from it. Were her feelings stronger than she thought? She would never find out for a while as she got the news a few months later that he was captured by bounty hunters. But this wouldn't be until another adventure.

A few weeks after she was left at the altar, she went after another mark. She had heard of a forge in Spain that was also a tavern and inn. And in this establishment, there was a huge amount of gold. The temptation was impossible to resist, despite that full groups of bandits and thieves had failed to acquire it. As she couldn't get Myth to join her this time due to the assassination attempt at the wedding, this job was solo. So she had to come up with a plan.

She had mapped out the perfect strategy to rob the forge. She learned that the owner, a female younger than herself of both Spanish and Asian descent, keeps all the money earned in her own bedroom, which had multiple locks on the door and bars on the windows. Since she couldn't use the window and it would take too long to pick all of the locks, she would have to wait for the younger woman who went under the name Brass to head there. After Brass would open the door, Gold would then knock her out. Of the first attempt failed, then there was always the jellyfish toxin on her lips. But to be safe, she would bring a dagger just in case things got too far out of control.

As Gold entered, she spotted Brass sitting at a table with another mixed Asian female and surrounded by males. As she sipped her drink, she witnessed Brass kiss the bi-racial female right on the lips. While most cheered, she remained silent as she never really seen two females kiss before. It started to rattle her curiosity. Can two women be together? But before she could figure it out, she saw Brass get up and take the other female’s glass with her. Gold silently followed her, not being noticed as Brass undid the latches on her bedroom door. As soon as Brass entered and took a swig, Gold put her plan in action.

Knocking her out failed, and a struggle ensued. It ended with Gold being disarmed and her having a hold of Brass’ neck while Brass had hers. With no other choice, Gold feigned weakness just to kiss Brass when she got her face close enough. Due to curiosity from earlier, Goldback tried to enjoy it. But, she didn't count on Brass not swallowing the sip from the other female’s glass. Brass with no other options, spit the drink into Goldback’s mouth during the kiss. And unfortunately for Gold, she swallowed it. All she could recall the next morning would be the overwhelming arousal as she blacked out.

The next morning, she woke up in Brass’ bed with Brass waiting for her. She was in shock that they were both naked and their clothing intermingled on the floor. Just like Brass, she couldn't recall how it happened. All she knew now was that she was at Brass’ mercy.

The Mantis War

Goldback had been staying with Brass when not after a mark for the past few months. The two had become surprisingly close, despite Gold having to work as a waitress for Brass due to their first encounter. Even after her punishment was over, she still wore the outfit that Brass gave her because it was something other than her traveling attire that she was known for.

It was staying with her that Gold found out that her “lover boy” Myth had been captured. When she inquired about it, she found out that it was by bounty hunters hired by the Kingdom of Maletta. Apparently, they had been collecting the worst criminals possible. The plan was to use them in the ongoing Mantis War. She was able to figure out why the needed Myth, his status as the Outlaw King meant that he would be able to command the other criminals. And get them to join if he did.

But she knew Myth better than anyone, he would chose the hangman’s noose over serving them as he became a highwayman to become the enemy of society. All she could do was cry as she loved him even more than she loved Brass. She was so depressed that it was ridiculous. Even though she had betrayed him so many times, her feelings were legit. She eventually got Brass to hang one of Myth’s wanted posters on the wall of the tavern in memoriam. There was no way that Myth would be allowed to live due to his defiance to society. As far as Gold was concerned, the highwayman Myth was as good as dead.




  • Was originally raised to be a bride for the highest bidder by her father, the Merchant of Death and human trafficker Hung Lo.
  • Has feelings for Myth, but has both tried to kill and has left him for dead multiple times.
  • The occasional lover of both Myth and Brass, despite still being married to Myth.
  • Joins Brass when she teases Tempest.
  • Loves Spicy foods.
  • Is well known for paralyzing her prey with a kiss due to her lipstick being laced with jellyfish toxin.

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