Johann Krieg is a fan character that was in both Soulcalibur III and Soulcalibur V. What lies in his soul is wrath.

Johann Krieg was part of the Unit Gladius, the unit referred to by the other’s as the Emperor’s personal boot lickers and ass kissers. Despite the insults by other soldiers, Gladius was the most privileged unit in the Grandall Army. They could get away with murder, arson, etc. Even the great General Girardot admitted that they had no right to even be in the military, as they blackmailed their way into graduation with blackmailing the other instructors into accepting their bribes.

Out of the men in Gladius, only Johann was capable of actual combat with his heavy ax that he wielded with ease. He wore the skull of a young dragon that he had slain for a helmet. His armor had spikes all around it to impale his enemies. He was one of the tallest and biggest soldiers in the whole Grandall Army with his bulging muscles. He was a pure wrecking machine with a dangerously high intelligence.

Despite all this, he was the second in command of Gladius while the “Pretty Boy” Leonardo Angelo was the head of their unit. Despite Leonardo’s incompetence, Krieg was loyal to him and thought of him as a little brother. Even if orders were to not participate in combat and wait until its over to take some of the glory.

The Mantis War

Leonardo’s orders were to stay behind of the other units who did all of the fighting and collect heads of fallen enemies to verify that they were fighting in the war. This was to avoid being tried for cowardice as they really didn’t fight. They kept this up until the final siege of Dalkia, where the war had ended. It was Krieg himself who walked up to the mangled corpse of Aurora and removed the head.

After the siege, he recognized the final addition of the Unit Gungnir as the highwayman Myth. Knowing there was still a price on the highwayman’s head, he attempted to take it for himself. But the highwayman managed to dodge the first blow and despite a broken arm from a fight with Keirkless, readied his rapier for combat. That was when the unexpected happened and the rest of Gungnir immediately joined their comrade and were willing to fight, despite their injuries.

Krieg ended his assault there as their commander Priya walked in front of him. She told him that the highwayman was part of Gungnir and off limits. He begrudgingly went back to his own unit, still angered that his fortune was taken away from him before he could even get it.

Act:I, Sub Chapter: I

The Unit Gladius enjoyed life as false war heroes, making up stories and bragging about events that had never even happened. No one in Parousia really heeded them as Gladius’ reputation was as the unit who didn’t really fight.

During this time of peace, his commander Leonardo had desired a landlord’s black-eyed daughter named Bess. She was young with a plaited red love-knot in her long black hair. She was well known in Parousia for her beauty, but that was not all that Leonardo wanted. He wanted her virginity as well.

Krieg got involved in another of his commander’s schemes. It was to make the highwayman suffer, driving him into a murderous rage. And when he was to attack, Krieg would have a reason to get revenge for the highwayman denying him his fortune. Both Krieg and Leonardo thought this plan was perfect, but perfection is a mere illusion.

Gladius had gagged Bess and bound her to the foot of her narrow bed. It was there, that Leonardo had forcefully taken her virginity. Afterwards they had tied her up to attention, with many a sniggering jest. Then they had bound a musket beside her, with the barrel beneath her breast.

Outside, they waited for the highwayman to come. But what they did not expect was Bess wriggling against the tight knots they tied. The color on the parts that held her wrists became died with her blood as the tip of one finger touched it; she strove no more for the rest. Up, she stood up to attention, with the barrel beneath her breast. She would not risk their hearing, she would not strive again.

As the highwayman came into view, she pulled the trigger, taking her own life just to warn him of the ambush. When Gladius checked the corpse, the highwayman charged in their direction with his rapier brandished high. As he ran, he yelled a curse to the sky. But before the highwayman could get to them, Gallagher from the unit Relic grabbed and restrained him. Gallagher was only an inch or two shorter than Krieg, and almost just as strong. But that didn’t mean it was not difficult to restrain the highwayman.

As Krieg, Leonardo, and the rest of Gladius went closer with a claim that they were allowed to execute the highwayman on the grounds that he tried to attack him, the units of both Relic and Gungnir intervened. Both commanders stated that they would not allow the highwayman’s execution and that they had enough witnesses to charge Gladius with “going too far”.

The next day, Emperor Strife punished all of Gladius by temporary disbanding the unit and assigning them with the grounds keeping duties of the castle. With that, the so-called elite unit had finally fallen from grace.

The Rebellion

When Girardot had his Rebellion, the emperor allowed Gladius to reform. But Krieg had other intentions in mind when he requested to be transferred to the Grandall Navy. Despite the need of new members of the Navy due to lack of ocean warfare, Strife allowed it and even allowed Krieg to captain the Dreadnaught Blitz, the grandest ship of the whole Grandall fleet.

While his former “comrades” were forced to go back out onto the battlefield, Krieg got to stay behind and devise new tactics for battle. He also made certain designs for new armor during his new found time. Removing his dragon’s skull from his head, he smirked as a new Johann Krieg would be born.

Act: III

Krieg and his ship had fled during the Arthias Revolution in fear of what would happen if Priya and Surina defeated their Emperor. But he also had a plan. He would raid other ships, even commandeering them and start his own fleet. His intentions were to “reclaim his stolen homeland” from “that fake bitch Empress” when was Priya.

Him, Head Honcho of El Estrago, and the death merchant Hung Lo, were brought together by a forth party in a plot to over through Priya and take over what was formerly Grandall, The Halteese Republic, and the Kingdoms of Dalkia and Maletta. But what the forth party didn’t know was that both Krieg and Head Honcho were both going to betray them. And both Krieg and Head Honcho didn’t know that the other was going to do it. Both had their own plans.

Krieg wanted it all to himself so he could be emperor of a new Grandall Empire. Head Honcho wanted it all to form his own militarized nation to begin his global conquest. And Hung Lo… he was going to side with who ever won as it would mean more business for himself. There was only one sure thing, that all three of them were underestimating the forth party.

Fighting Style

Krieg is the closest thing to a Berserker from 17 years prior when it comes to fighting. He depends on his strength and his heavy ax to slay his enemies. But he also has a very dangerously high intelligence as well. This makes him at least five times as dangerous as any Berserker.

With his higher intelligence, he also has multiple aces up his sleeve as he fights dirty. After him and his men fled Grandall, he designed a new set of armor forged from Wootz Steal with hidden weapons everywhere. This includes many hidden guns, a multi-shot spring loaded dart shooter armed with poisonous darts, and bombs.

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