Sheamus "Jack" McNoil is a created character that's made it to Soulcalibur III, IV, Broken Destiny, and Soulcalibur V. He is a pirate like no other.

What lies in his soul is Mystery.


Sheamus McNoil didn't even get to spend the much of his life in his homeland. While he was still a babe, his mother was abducted by Barbary corsairs. However, she was lucky enough to escape while still alive when the ship she was on was attacked by the pirate Giovanni Fazello. Well... she ended up on a piece of driftwood because he always shot first and asked questions later when it came to the Barbary corsairs as he knew they would never get close enough for him to board their ships. It was the night of his attack that little Sheamus' wailing caught his attention, that he and his crew were able to spot them. Not long after he had them brought aboard his ship, Sheamus' mother asked him to see to her babe's safety as she was now beyond saving. Giovanni then buried her at sea and set a course back to his hometown of Syracuse. But when he got home, he learned a horrid truth.

Giovanni's wife was the daughter of the most powerful Mafia don in Syracuse. But as a way to broker peace, Giovanni's father-in-law had taken one of his twin sons and gave him to another as a hostage to promote a peace agreement. At sea, Giovanni was one of the most feared men out there. But back in his hometown, he was powerless. Instead of taking little Sheamus to an orphanage as he originally planned, he decided to raise the boy as a surrogate brother to his remaining son, Nicholas. From all that Sheamus' mother told Giovanni, Sheamus was barely over a week older than the twins. Even though he never got to see his son Adam ever again, he didn't regret taking Sheamus into his home.

Over the years, Sheamus and Nicholas grew into fine young men. Sheamus could never see his foster family as a foster family, this included Giovanni's bastard son Ryunosuke whom was half-Japanese. But both Sheamus and Giovanni knew that Sheamus couldn't be his heir. It had to be a child by blood, either Nicholas or Ryunosuke. However, Giovanni wouldn't let his adopted son be left out. Especially since when the two elder boys were sixteen years of age, Sheamus actually wanted to join the crew of the Medusa while Nicholas didn't.

A few years later, Giovanni's crew spotted a familiar ship. It was the Grand Dragon, the flag ship of the wannabe Merchant of Death, Hung Lo. Lo wasn't just into trafficking weapons, he was also well known for trafficking drugs and people. This was one of the reasons that Giovanni could never forgive such a man. But when he spotted the Grand Dragon, he had an idea. After pillaging the ship, throwing the drugs overboard, and setting the people free, he refused Sheamus when asked to set the powder charges. To hurt Hung Lo's pride, Giovanni gave the newly captured ship to his foster son so that he wouldn't have nothing.

Not long after becoming captain and renaming the ship "The Irish Dragon", Sheamus became well-known as the pirate called "Ambush Jack", or just "Jack" for short. His weapon of choice was a Dao sword that was among the cargo of the ship when he took it over, his fighting style a mix between the fencing taught by his foster father and what he learned from his crew which mostly consisted of the people that were liberated from Hung Lo. Only a few of them served with him on the Medusa. He was known for his tactics of making his ship seem abandoned and then attacking as soon as another crew would board it. It even earned him a rivalry with a woman named Nikita, someone whom he would always humiliate by removing her clothing with a single slash and not leaving a scratch on her body when they would meet at sea.

But as it's well known, not even the luck of the Irish lasts forever...

To be continued


  • His nickname "Jack" isn't really a reference to Captain Jack Sparrow from the movie franchise "Pirate's of the Caribbean", it's one of the alternate names for "James", which "Sheamus" is a translation of.
  • He's the ancestor of another character created by his author from a short story said author wrote back in High School.
  • His appearance and demeanor is somewhat modeled somewhat after Captain Harlock, a Space Pirate created by manga artist Leiji Matsumoto in the late 1970's.

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