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"You've done too much harm to my family!"
— Code M

Code M is a character who appears in the Soul series. His first appearance was in Soul Calibur III and returns in Soul Calibur IV, Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, and Soul Calibur V.

In Soul Calibur IV, what lies in his soul is Deception. In Soul Calibur V, he is referred to as A Rebirth of a Legend.


The mysterious assassin is traveling 150 years into the past. He's ordered by another dark figure to seek revenge on those who put his ancestors into deadly predicaments. His two main targets: Pyrrha and Patroklos Alexandra.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, the boy who would become "Code M" originally planned to fight evil as a ninja. During a training session as a ninja master, another man was observing from a distance. It seemed to the other person that "Code M" possessed great strength, agility, and wisdom, qualities that the other figure deemed to remind him of somebody from a long time ago. The other person entered the training area and convinced "Code M" to meet with him in private. Little did "Code M" know that he was about to embark on a mission that would change his life forever.

In the secret meeting, the other man, who never provided his name, discussed a tragedy involving one of "Code M's" ancestors, a young woman who fought alongside the world's greatest video game heroes. He discussed moments when the ancestor nearly died due to the neglect of those who used to be her best friends. The names of these "friends:" Pyrrha and Patroklos Alexandra.

"That can't be true," said "Code M." "I don't recall my parents telling me about such tragic moments."

The other man responded, "They were too afraid to tell the truth. I've read stories about your ancestor being left behind to be possessed by a deadly force. Pyrrha and Patroklos didn't stand up for her, and they almost left her to DIE! I ask you to seek these siblings and put an end to their lives. I assure you I'll grant you a much happier life when you achieve this goal."

The other man continued his story and provided more reasons to act quickly. "Code M" couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Pyrrha and Patroklos.....whoever they really are, they have to pay!" said "Code M."

It wasn't long until the other man brought the ninja master to his headquarters. There, he was exposed to the brutal fighting techniques he would have to use during his mission. The other man served as his trainer from then until the moment came to commence the journey. Part of his training involved entereing the video games, Soul Calibur III, Soul Calibur IV, Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, and Soul Calibur V, to observe the fighting styles of their characters. The two knew that Pyrrha and Patrokolos were very powerful themselves, so the training lasted about six years.

Then, it was time.

"You've done well, my student. You're prepared to battle some of the greatest warriors in history. However, they can't know your identity. So, I shall call you "Code M."" said the other man.

"Code M" now had his mission. The other man guided him to the armory of his headquarters to gear up. Donning a casual light gray sweater over light, yet very durable armor, and wielding a great sword to accompany his ninja weaponry and other swift blades, the assassin then proceeded to a time machine. He entered the year "2013," pushed some buttons, and disappeared in an instant. History was about to change for three different fighters.

Turning Against a Former Student

Early on, Code M and his master was the only people who were involved in this "special mission." However, somebody else didn't think this was a good idea.

Leonel, a ninja clad in blue, could tell that his sensei wouldn't return to the dojo where he once taught. Who was that person who was watching him from far away? He became worried for "Code M," so he set out on a journey to track down his teacher a few months after his sudden disappearance. Using his keen senses, he eventually located the base of the mysterious man who visited the dojo. Upon entering, Leonel was surprised to see an array of deadly weaponry and heavily armored soldiers. Something wasn't right.

"This doesn't look like any dojo I've ever seen," though Leonel.

The blue ninja soon heard clashing sounds from far away. He crawled through numerous air vents and could sense the presence of a familiar figure nearby. When he reached the source of the sound, he found a large monitor displaying a video game simulation. On the screen were two warriors, a blonde-haired woman wielding a short sword and a circular shield and an unfamiliar-looking ninja with two wave swords. Leonel couldn't identify the ninja, but he easily recognized the woman.

"It's......Sophitia Alexandra. Is this the video game my ancestor played a lot and fought with Sophitia?" Leonel wondered. "This is confusing, but at the same time, there's something fishy about the use of this game."

Leonel used this time to figure out a way to enter the video game and confront the ninja. He noticed that nobody else was in the room where the simulation was taking place. So, he broke into the room and searched for an entry into the game. Meanwhile, Sophitia and the ninja continued to fight in a fiery cathedral setting. Neither knew that another person was about to join them.

Finally, Leonel found a device to scan himself into the video game. The device didn't make much noise, and no alert was sounded. Suddenly, in the game itself, Sophitia disappared from the cathedral and was replaced by Leonel. The blue ninja observed the setting until he noticed the mysterious ninja standing in front of him.

IMG 0048

Code M confronted by his former student, Leonel.

"Wha....Leonel! How'd you get in here?!" said the other ninja.

"That voice. You're.....SENSEI! I can't believe it's you," shouted Leonel to his teacher, now named Code M.

"You're not supposed to interrupt my training," the other ninja responded

"Training? Well, I knew about that, but what's this training for, and why are you fighting with two wave swords?"

"Nobody was supposed to learn about this. Well, I suppose you should. My master informed me about a conspiracy involving two siblings and my ancestor. The three used to be best friends until one summer evening. My relative was left alone to suffer in the hands of evil. The sibilngs were nowhere in sight, and nobody else could help out. Soon, my ancestor was possessed by the darkest forces and nearly died. You now stand where one of my mortal enemies was made famous."

"Sophitia? She can't be your enemy. She's got a warm heart and kind soul, and family was her priority. By entering this game, you're being trained to kill one of the bravest warriors of all time."

"Short-lived bravery. Wait, how do you know her?"

"My mother shared stories of a generation of powerful fighters, including Sophitia. My own ancestor was also of friend of hers, but never did I hear about the Alexandras betraying their allies. This must be some kind of trick you've gotten yourself in."

"Your mother was too afraid to admit the truth. Sophitia's two kids were really the ones who betrayed my bloodline, but she's also my enemy because she gave birth to those traitors. I must find them and end their lives in order for my family's history to be revived. My life can't go on like this."

"That's impossible. Master, you have to follow me. I'll bring you to my mother so she can sort things out."

"No! If my mission isn't fulfilled, then I'll suffer even more. My family...." Code M says while tightly grasping his wave swords.

"I can help relieve your stress."

"Stay out of this, Leonel. Do you want me to kick you out of the dojo?"

"Master, please."

"Silence! Don't interfere with your master's own training."

"Do you even know what you're getting yourself into?"

"That's enough! I'm afraid I'll have to settle this through battle. Prepare yourself."

"I...but, Sophitia..."

Before Leonel could continue, Code M charged energy into his two swords and slashed his student and kicked him out of the fighting ring. The blue ninja grabbed onto the ledge with his left hand, but his sensei slowly walked closer. He then continuously stomped on his pupil's hand to make him fall, but somehow the blue ninja disappared before landing onto some surface. Apparently, Code M managed to send Leonel out of the simulation. Looking down from the edge of the fighting ring, he thought...

"Forgive me, Leonel, but I must handle this myself. Don't come after me again, wherever you come from."

Did the sensei just turn against one of his own friends?


When Code M goes back 150 years into the past, he wears a crimson red ninja hood with a shiny gray visor, which can also be used as an enemy analyzer. The rest of his costume consists of a casual light gray sweater or long-sleeved shirt and a brown-colored vest that cover light, yet very durable, armor. There's a holster over the sweater that holds his shuriken and other small ninja throwing weapons (Soul Calibur Broken Destiny and V appearances). He wears brown leather gloves attached to two blue, metallic gauntlets. Lower body appearance shows gray slacks and black boots, with the boots being able to deliver brutal kicks to his opponents despite the material they're made of.


Code M in Soul Calibur V

During the early days of Code M's training (Soul Calibur III and IV), he chose to wear armor over his shirt for unknown reasons. Instead of his upper body equipment being light gray and brown, the sweater was a slightly lighter and the vest was blue.

People can hardly see this, but Code M has a scar around the lower right corner of his right eye. This occurred during his training.


Before the life-changing training sessions, Code M was a very unique man who possessed skills and talents such as acrobatics, very quick thinking in academics, incredible strength, endurance, and courage. When he was in high school and college, he participated in various fighting game tournaments because fighting games were some of his favorites. To others, whenever he won, he remained calm as if he was playing plain single-player modes, which increased his gaming skills. Whenever he lost, he'd crouch into a ball, and that was it.

After the training, Code M went from a unique young man into a cold-hearted assassin/ninja. It was probably the manner in which he was trained that caused this dramatic personality transformation.

Weapons and Fighting Style

Code M wields many weapons, especially ninja blades and throwing weapons. However, his most powerful attacks come from his Great Sword, which is currently his primary weapon.

In Soul Calibur III, Code M practices with more than one fighting style. In Soul Calibur IV, Broken Destiny, and V, he uses only two: Siegfried's or Nightmare's fighting styles.


Soul Calibur III

Soul Calibur IV

Soul Calibur V

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