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"The battlefield is where I belong."
— Alexandra

Alexandra Mitsurugi Scott (アレクサンドラ・御剣・スコット, Arekusandora Mitsurugi Sukotto) is a fan character in the Soul series of fighting games that was originally created by SoulGauger but now owned by Hyper Zergling. She made her appearances in Soul Calibur: Circle of Legends and Soul Calibur: Blades of War. She can also be created in Soul Calibur V's Character Creation.

What lies in her soul is Diligence.



Throughout her entire life, Alexandra has been seen as a very determined individual. While forced into Henri’s arena, she continued to fight, despite any odds thrown against her. When she regained some memories of her past and wanted to find her real parents, she never despaired, despite having little information to start with. It can also be assumed that Alexandra was able to complete most of her mentors’ training over a fairly short period of time as a result of her diligence.

Fighting Style

Soul Calibur V

Soul Calibur: Circle of Legends

As Shindra

As Alexandra

Theme Music

  • "After the Fall"
    Two Steps From Hell - After The Fall (Invincible)

    Two Steps From Hell - After The Fall (Invincible)


  • So you wanna fight?
  • I'm hungry...
  • You say something?
  • Just for you...
  • What!? (spoken when struck by a tremor)
  • It won't go easy! (before Critical Edge)
  • You're mine! (during Critical Edge)
  • The battlefield is where I belong.
  • Farewell.
  • Here you go!
  • You seem strong...
  • Go away!
  • You think you're strong enough?
  • Ready. Let's go!
  • Idiot.
  • I lost! (During Ring Out)
  • Too strong! (During Ring Out)
  • Now... Taste this!
  • Die!
  • Disgraceful...
  • Are you... stupid? (Taunt)
  • It's over!
  • Your... A pain! (Brave Edge)
  • This will hurt!
  • My mistake (Time out)
  • Not my type!
  • Pitiful
  • Just die!
  • Ready...and go!
  • I won't lose!
  • Hurtsome?
  • What a waste....
  • Now....die!
  • Wretched...
  • Say goodbye!
  • Ready?
  • Gotcha
  • Phew.....
  • No escape!
  • Want...more?!
  • Quick guarding....
  • Futile.....
  • Humph,......
  • You're prescient!



Soul Calibur V

Soul Calibur: Circle of Legends



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