Alexandra is the daughter of Leandra and Mitsurugi. While Alexandra was very young, an “accident” occurred, resulting in Leandra’s loss of memory of her daughter’s existence as well as the scarring of Alexandra’s left eye. It was during this accident that Alexandra was taken away from her mother and enslaved by the corrupt duke Henri, who gave her the name “Shindra.” When Shindra reached the age of fourteen, her captors gave her a sword and shield and then threw her in an underground arena to fight against others who were also enslaved for Henri’s entertainment. Shindra’s will to survive allowed her to make it out of every encounter, receiving only minor wounds at the very worst. Noticing the girl’s strength, Henri began putting her against stronger warriors, many of which were not human, such as lizardmen.

It was during her time as a fighter of the arena when she met a boy named Konrad, who was another slave who would help mend her wounds between each fight. As Konrad was a very kind individual, he and Shindra became friends quickly. While Shindra had plans of escaping Henri, Konrad was simply too mild to consider the idea. Grateful for Konrad's support all this time, she promised that she would also help him escape.

Soul Calibur: Circle of Legends

By the time Shindra reached the age of twenty, she was known as the champion of Henri’s arena. Seeing that he could make use of another strong warrior, Henri pulled Shindra out of the arena and gave her a new sword and shield, both of which were infused with fragments of Soul Edge. Henri then sent Shindra on her first mission to collect Soul Edge shards. She was to lead small force of henchmen to attack a town near the outpost of the Lions' Pride in order to lure out the mercenary clan's leader, Helen, who had many Soul Edge shards lodged inside her body. The mission then proceeded as planned, and soon enough, mercenaries of the Lions' Pride arrived, and were led by none other than Helen herself. Upon seeing the Lions' Pride leader, Henri's soldiers immediately went after her. The soldiers proved to be no match for the mercenary leader, and were effortlessly swatted away until only Shindra remained. Before they fought, Helen warned the girl not to needlessly throw her life away. Confident that she could defeat the mercenary leader, Shindra attacked, but it was not long before she too, was defeated. Helen decided to spare the life of the girl, knocking her out instead of ending her life.

When Shindra woke, she began regaining some of her past memories, including her real name, Alexandra. Now, she was determined to find out who her parents were. After wandering through villages and towns, Alexandra heard rumors that a man named Xie Tian could help her find her parents. Alexandra was able to find Xie Tian, who told her that she resembled someone he knew. Alexandra told the older man that she had no memory of her parents and then asked if he could help her find them. Xie Tian told Alexandra that her mother had forgotten about her as well, but he would help reunite the two.

As Xie Tian and Alexandra searched for Leandra, Helen stood in their path. The mercenary leader first challenged Alexandra to a duel. Although Alexandra was able to hold her own for a few minutes, her opponent overpowered her. Xie Tian then stepped in to face Helen, seeing that Alexandra could no longer fight. Age taking a toll on him, Xie Tian began tiring. Noticing that her husband could no longer keep up, Helen offered a stalemate. Xie Tian then and asked Helen to confirm her identity, as he had figured her out. She removed her helmet so they could have their proper reunion. Xie Tian then explained that the girl was Alexandra, Leandra's daughter, both of who have forgotten about each other; Xie Tian was trying to help Alexandra find Leandra. Helen agreed to help the girl find her mother and located Leandra through scrying. Although reunited with her husband after seventeen years of absence, Helen decided to keep the existence of their daughter a secret from him.

Before meeting up with Leandra, Helen told Xie Tian that she founded and had been leading a mercenary clan called the Lions' Pride. Thanks to Helen's scrying, the three of them would find Leandra not too long later. Unfortunately, Leandra was in a malfested state. Helen, Xie Tian, and Alexandra all held off the raging Leandra until she eventually came to her senses. The moment she snapped awake, brief memories of having Alexandra flashed through Leandra's head. Both mother and daughter reunited at last. The reunion, however, was somewhat cut short with the arrival of the Liana, one of Henri's lead henchmen, and several of her subordinates. Alexandra knew that Liana was Konrad's older sister, but knew that as an enemy, she still had to fight her. The heroes were able to kill most of the weaker soldiers and eventually forced Liana to retreat. Before Liana left, Alexandra told her that she will help her free her brother. Liana only nodded briefly, acknowledging Alexandra's promise before withdrawing.

Alexandra then told her mother that the enemies they had just fought were working for Henri, who was the one who enslaved Alexandra throughout much of her life. Helen did not believe the girl at first, having supposedly killed Henri almost two decades earlier; once Helen scried the corrupt duke, however, she was convinced. Alexandra then asked Leandra to allow her to train under Xie Tian and Helen, so she could become stronger to help fight Henri. Helen told the mother and daughter that she and Xie Tian accept Alexandra as their student and Leandra agreed. Leandra then left for her endless quest, and the training began the next morning.

In a few weeks, Alexandra's training was complete. She asked her mentors where she could find her father, but they reluctantly told her that her father, Mitsurugi, only had one goal in mind - to best Algol - and would most likely be uninterested in meeting any lost child he could possibly have. Nevertheless, Alexandra was determined to find her father. Helen told her that Mitsurugi was on his way to the Tower of Glory and gave her a general location of where her father could be.

Alexandra eventually encountered Mitsurugi, having searched and asked many times for his whereabouts. Mitsurugi, of course, did not believe Alexandra and attacked her for perceived blasphemy and for getting in his way. Alexandra was able to hold her own, but was nonetheless defeated. As Mitsurugi asked for her final words, he recognized Alexandra's scar on her left eye and noticed that she resembles Leandra. Accepting Alexandra as his daughter, Mitsurugi sheathed his blade. Alexandra then asked her father if he could help her become stronger. Mitsurugi agreed to train his daughter, admitting that she had fought well; he also decided that he may even be able learn a few things himself in training Alexandra.

Mitsurugi's training was even more intense than Xie Tian's and Helen's, but the foundations Alexandra had learned from her mentors allowed her to keep up. As soon as Mitsurugi taught the last techniques he could, he left to continue his hunt for Algol.

Remembering she still had a promise to an old friend she had to fulfill, Alexandra returned to Helen and Xie Tian, asking for their help rescue her friend who was under the enslavement of Henri. Alexandra's mentors agreed to help and the three came up with a plan to rescue Konrad.

Alexandra led Helen, Xie Tian, and Helen's mercenaries to Henri's arena. Alexandra disguised herself as a challenger while her allies his in the shadows, waiting for her command. In the arena, Alexandra confronted Henri, wearing a mask to hide her identity. Both fighters held back throughout the duration of the match, not wanting to harm the other. As they fought, Konrad threw a swing very close to Alexandra's face. She dodged the attack a little too late, and her opponent's hammer took off her mask, revealing her face. Konrad and all of the spectators were shocked. Alexandra immediately called for Konrad to follow her to the escape route, but before they could leave the arena, she began feeling immense pain throughout her entire body, causing her to collapse. Henri taunted Alexandra, telling her that he had cursed her with a monstrous form ever since he enslaved her, and he was now activating it after all these years. Just as Henri finished explaining, Alexandra had transformed completely, now a humanoid werewolf-like creature. Having lost control of her body, the transformed Alexandra attacked Konrad. Helen immediately jumped into the arena to hold off Alexandra while Xie Tian led Konrad through the escape route. Unfortunately, Henri had already blocked off any possible escape, having sent his other guards to kill a good number of mercenaries that aided the rescue.

Just when all seemed lost, Owen, the son of Xie Tian and Helen, and Yuner, an angel who could cure people of malfestation, arrived. With the Jingu Staff in hand, Owen swept through all of the enemies in his path until he confronted Alexandra, telling his mother to leave the entire building and that he and Yuner would take care of the situation. Trusting her son, Helen left with Xie Tian, Konrad, and the surviving mercenaries. Owen restrained the rampaging Alexandra with his strength in order to allow Yuner to restore Alexandra back to her normal self. When Alexandra was human again, Owen carried her out of the arena as he freed additional prisoners, with Yuner following just behind. When they finally escaped, Owen used the Jingu Staff to demolish the entire arena and Alexandra reunited with Konrad. With her goals finally complete, Alexandra joined the Lions' Pride mercenary clan.

A few days after Konrad and Alexandra joined the Lions' Pride, Liana arrived at the Lions' Pride outpost, asking to join. She explained that she only worked for Henri lest he ordered for Konrad's execution. Now that Konrad was free from Henri's enslavement, she no longer needed to work for the man who ruined their lives. Helen subsequently agreed to have Liana join the Lions' Pride.

Soul Calibur: Blades of War

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