Shindra/Alexandra's birth and life

Shindra became a strong and fierce warrior when she was raised by Nightmare after he stole her from her rightful mother when she had an accident.

Shindra discovered that she was born as Alexandra when she saw images from her past; she was taken away at young age. She grew up and when she was old enough, she started to search for her real parents but with little success.

After that, she was raised by Nightmare, who was in his human form. When she became old enough, Nightmare decided to make her his own evil apprentice by turning her sword and shield into cursed weapons by placing a Soul Edge shard into the blade. This event forced the young girl to do his bidding.

She eventually forgot everything about her past, even her search for her real parents. Instead, she was sent to seek souls for Nightmare, her master.

By seeking souls she heard rumors about the sirit sword Soul Calibur that was wielded by a young boy named Luke. She was given the mission to destroy it but she had other plans; she wanted to know how strong it was so she challenged Luke. He refused every challenge as he was on a mission with his companions to save another friend of him who had become evil.

Shindra didn't take a no for an answer and searched for him until she found him again. She had already beaten him once, but she betrayed Nightmare because she had enough of his pointless missions.

She said, You worthless creation of nothing. Do you really think that I would be one of your minions? Well, forget it *MASTER*; I have my own plans of taking your soul first and then the souls of those two I've just defeated. Now say good bye *MASTER*

After she drained his energy, she followed Luke into the castle, but before they even could fight Shindra was blasted away by The Dark Omega and stayed quiet for some time.

When she faced Luke again the first clash of Soul Calibur and Soul Edge caused her to see strange images from her past; she discovered her real name and goals: finding her real parents and finding out more of her childhood.

She stood on a hill, looking over to the sun going down...

The Xie Brothers

Shindra saw images from the past of when she was a baby. This caused her malfestation to begin to fade, albeit very slowly. Although she still was evil because her cursed sword and shield, she was already less evil than she was before, and once again began to search for her parents.

To know more about her past she had to find people who knew her parents, so they could tell more about Alexandra's childhood before she was taken away. She heard rumors about four men who could tell her what she wants to know. They were called the Xie brothers, and may have had information about her childhood. Their names were Xie Tian, Xie Di, Xie Yu, and Xie Ren. Shindra hoped to find one of the Xie brothers and find the truth about herself and her parents.

On her way, she faced some worthy fighters. She fought Leixia, Xiba, Kilik, and then Tira. Against Tira, she had a rough battle. Tira tried to convince Shindra to stay evil and forget her search plans. Shindra, of course, didn't want to be evil again and she defeated Tira with her sword and shield.

Then, the most powerful opponent awaited Shindra. This creature was in the possession of two weapons at the same time. He was wielding two axes and was a very strong enemy. However, Shindra was faster than her opponent because he was bulky and lacked agility. This dragon-like creature was one of Shindra's toughest opponents since another strong opponent who wielded Soul Calibur. Unlike with the one who wielded Soul Calibur, she felt something strange inside this creature. She didn't know what it was, so she walked on to her next destination in her search for the Xie Brothers.

After traveling for a while, she arrived at some kind of temple. It was a large building and perhaps there was one of the Xie Brothers to talk to. Instead, she was ambushed by a group of villagers, as they recognized her has Nightmare's servant. Before the crowd could attack her, however, they where stopped by a voice.

Stand down!

The villagers immediately dropped their weapons. A man then walked to Shindra and introduced himself as Xie Tian. At last, she had found one of the Xie Brothers.

Hi, I am Shindra; I need your help, Shindra said.

Xie Tian told her that he had been expecting her arrival. Shindra was surprised...


Chapter 1

Xie Tian told Shindra that he didn't not know where her mother was currently, but that her mother had forgotten of her existence. He advised Shindra to stop her search, but he would help her find her mother, once he found someone he himself was looking for. Both parted ways, but would meet each other again days later.

Shindra took a walk near the ocean coast and looked over the sea to the sun that was going under and was talking in thoughts:

Are those images real.....? What happend with my in my Childhood....? and the main question: Who are my real Parents and are they alive..?

Those questions had to be answered but Xie Tian told her to return in a serval days, Shindra walked on and came to the end of the beach and stepped from the sand when she was almost hitted by a Blast while dodgeing the attack she looked up and there it was again the opponent that blasted her away when she was about to fight Luke

YOU...... AGAIN......... Shindra Shouted

in front of her it stoot again The Dark Omega

You have also what i need to feed my Soul Edge *Necro*, Give my youre Soul Edge and i will let you live The Dark Omega spoke to Shindra

But Shindra wasn't planned to give up her Soul Edge to The Dark Omega

Prepare for battle Shindra spoke to The Dark Omega


Chapter 2

Shindra was about to fight against The Dark Omega it defeated her already, Not in a battle but it blasted her away from Luke when they where about to fight for the first time

You blasted me away from Luke sow i missed my fight Shindra shouted

I don't care about you or youre life i want youre Soul Edge and you better give it fast The Dark Omega spoke to Shindra

The battle has begun The Dark Omega attacked Shindra first with a powerful impact and flewed away and landed on the beach again. Shindra stoot up and attacked The Dark Omega with an attack of her own but The Dark Omega defended herself against it and smashed Shindra back again into the sand

You have power i can feel it, my Soul Edge *Necro* will absorb youre Soul after i got Soul Edge from you The Dark Omega spoke

Shindra wasn't about to let her Soul getting drained she had to stay alive and fight against this Malfrsted Person sow shindra gave it all she got and attacked The Dark Omega one last time in the hope it would go away, But her attack failed and was grabbed by The Dark Omega

Hehe your last attampt was a failure, Now feel my wrath as my Soul Edge *Necro* will absorb youre Soul The Dark Omega spoke

But as The Dark Omega was helding her Soul Edge *Necro* in the position to absorb Shindra's Soul it didn't work it wasn't responding to Shindra's Soul, The Dark Omega was surprised why it didn't work

It isn't working cause i am a Malfested myself and a wielder of Soul Edge aswell, sow it didn't took my Soul Shindra spoke to The Dark Omega

As The Dark Omega stepped back she started to shake and moving and was hittied again by a Blue Light and surrounded The Dark Omega again (while Shindra was watching what was happening)

When the light was fading Shindra saw that The Dark Omega was changing into a normal human again, After the light was vanished Shindra saw who The Dark Omega really was

You.......... i know you......... youre Luke's mother Leandra but how Shindra asked Leandra

Its a long story that is none of your busness im sorry i must go........ as Leandra was gone and leaving Shindra behind again

She was asking herself what was that all about, But she didn't had time she was moving on and walked further to te next step in her search of her real Parents.


Chapter 3

After the battle Against The Dark Omega she had found out that The Dark Omega was Leandra Scott mother of Luke Scott she was surprised that she could this Evil she had never seen an Evil wielding person like her but how did she become like that??

Helen kicks Shindra

Shindra is overpowered by the black knight.

But shindra shortly landed in a fight again against almost the same strong type as The Dark Omega and again she had to face another strong opponent but this Female had a helmet on that obscured her face and while The Dark Omega hadn't but after a time when Shindra was about to loose to her Xie Tian saved her from being killed the woman stopped attacking and after a time the woman took of her Helmet.

This woman was introduced as Xie Tian's wife Helen after a long talk they decided to help Shindra on her task to find her Parents but not as a group but the would be parted and go searching else where.

Shindra continued her path alone and travelled some days across some villages to ask around but No-One ever knewed a child named Alexandra but nshe didn't knew her backname cause she didn't hear it in the images she saw a few months ago, Then an old lady came to Shindra and she said

Alexandra.......... i once knewed an Alexandra, But it was a long time ago The old lady told Shindra

She asked the old lady or there where Two Adults with that child but she answered No she hadn't seen them only the child, Sow Shindra had been here with her Parents it had to be.

But she didn't hear anything new after she heard about the Child named: Alexandra

Shindra took off to another village to ask around there and was hoping that Helen and Xie Tian had more luck to help Shindra


Chapter 4

Now that Shindra had heard about her past that she was in that village Shindra visited last time she had morew hope to find her Parents soon, and now that Xie Tian and his wife Helen where helping her it may go fast when she would find her mother or her father first

Then Shindra came to a ruin of a house that was burned to the ground years ago but this burned house had a strange feeling given to Shindra

This house what is with it if feels so........ Shindra spoke in thoughts

Then she founded a nametag on the ground but it was half burned and the most of it was gone the only part what she could read was *(Heish...)* but the rest was unreadable but what had this place to do with Shindra's past and childhood??

Then Shindra got to another temple and founded another person inside it was Yoshimitsu a warrior that lived here alongside the people here maby he could tell her more as she wanted to talk with him

Thou must not get here lady. Dangerous place here and evil awaits Yoshimitsu spoke to shindra

But she could not understand a bit of what he was meaning but she asked him over her past and that he was knowing anyone with the name Heish...?

But she came here for nothing and moved on to a large lake and saw two humans fighting each other it where two knights they where introduced as Siegfried and Hilde they where sparring

Hello i am Shindra do not be affraid of my cause im wielding Soul Edge Shindra spoke

But then she was attacked by Siegfried and her Soul Edge Sword flewed out of her hands

Whats this all about, i said i am not evil Shindra screamed

Then Hilde stepped forward and asked what she wanted, Shindra explained everything and Siegfried said sorry to Shindra for attacking her thought she was evil

''Heish.... a name that you found on a nametag that must be the name of you're father?? Hilde asked Shindra

Hilde and Siegfried told Shindra she had to go to a village at the foot of a mountain there lived a man named Heishiro Mitsurugi is was the only name they knewed that was beginning with Heish..... .

After saying good bye to them Shindra moved on to that village and this Heishiro Mitsurugi could he be her Father maby??


Chapter 5

While Shindra was on her way to meet Heishiro Mitsurugi what could possible be her Father, another person heard some unexpected news that would change her life again, Leandra Scott heard from Xie Tian and his wife Helen that she had a Daughter that was looking for her parents and was surprised when she heard the unexpected message.

Leandra Scott had a son named her only Child Luke and she didn't have a Daughter sow she didn't believe the message she got from Xie Tian and his wife Helen and sow she leftted them behind and was away to go home.

That night when Leandra was about to go to bed her Mother Evelyn Scott appeared in front of her she had come from the Utopia of the Blessed to talk with her Daughter and share some secrets she saw during her years of growing up from above Leandra was surprised to see her Mother in front of her

Mother what are you doing here, i do not have to be saved from The Omega side Leandra spoke to her Mother

Im not here to save you Leandra, i am here to talk with you about some things from the past and revealing some things you didn't know off Evelyn said to Leandra

What are you talking about Mom, i have no secrets in my life and none i can remember off Leandra spoke

But she had to share some secrets from her past when she was 21 years old and she started to talk and Leandra was listening to her Mother

What i am about to say had been happened to you but you forgotten it when you got an accident and gained heavy memoryloss Evelyn spoke to Leandra

What has happen to my Mother, tell my, what is it what you need to speak off Leandra asked her Mother

When you where 21 years old you had a relationship with a Samurai he ws on travel but was wounded and you took care of him, After a while when he was back on his feet you fell in Love with him and where also about to Marry him but it never that came that far Evelyn spoke to Leandra

But she didn't remembered a relationship with a samurai named Mitsurugi and didn't never married with anyone as her Mother continues

You became Pregnant of Mitsurugi but he didn't wanted to have kids in the first place he kept saying that he would never accept a child but when you got youre Daughter and he was holding it in his hands he changed to a good Father and accepted it to be a Father, You named youre Daughter: Alexandra and she was fully named Alexandra *Mitsurugi* Scott cause both of you connected youre last names to her. Evleyn spoke to Leandra

But Mom you died when i was young how do you know this? Leandra asked her Mother

Like i said i have seen youre growing up from above and saw everything, even when you got escaped from Cervantes and got youre accident with Nightmare that caused that you had to carry that Face Mask on your face Evelyn explained to Leandra as she continues her story

You and Mitsurugi where an happy couple with youre Daughter and she was a healhty young girl and she was already growing, But on one night Mitsurugi was gone to fight and old enemy he had seen near youre village and he was affraid that he was out for his Daughter to be stolen sow he traced down the enemy and defeated him and was on his way back, While he was gone you got a visitor of youre own Nightmare came by and wanted to steal Alexandra away from you as you where fighting him, But he was stronger and you took Alexandra with you and flewed off in the forrest and he followed you inside the forrest Evelyn spoke to Leandra

Leandra try'd to remember it and was searching deep in her past memory's to see what she could remember as Evelyn Continued

You where running and running over Dark and Narrow Paths and all the sudden you fell and hitted youre head hard to a stone that was in the way, This was the moment you got youre Memoryloss and forgot the past things of youre life and even Alexandra's birth and youre relationship with Mitsurugi, After he came back into the village you was gone and sow as his Daughter, Mitsurugi searched for you and for Alexandra but he came back with nothhing he only found a shoe that belonged to Alexandra, He thought that his Daughter was death and blamed you for it as he never saw you again till...... (well you know what happend then and the other secret you need to tell youre son aswell) Evelyn told Leandra

Who took Alexandra away from my Mother?, Answer my Leandra spoke with angryness inside her

It was the same Creature that wanted to take over youre son's body Evelyn spoke to Leandra

NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!.......... HE........ TOOK.......... HER..........AWAY? Leandra yelled to Evelyn

Yes he did he was already after you when you got Alexandra and now he was after youre son, But he didn't expected what would happen to You when he was trying to posessing youre Son Evelyn spoke to Leandra

But something else happend afterwards Alexandra got in de hands of a man named Henri

He made her Malfested and gave her Soul Edge and brainwashed her to become his Own Mercanarie but when she was in battle with youre Son and their weapons clashed it was Soul Calibur that had to see her the images from her Childhood agfter that she started a search again find you Leandra her Mother and Mitsurugi her Father and she is now going to him and he doesn't know that she is alive Evelyn said to Leandra

I have to find her, I have to find Alexandra and tell her that i am her Mother and Mitsurugi her Father, but she might already found him Leandra spoke while picking up her Holster with her Dual Swords in it

You must tell Luke that he has a sister and that he fought her before and it may be a big shock for him aswell but you must Evelyn spoke to Leandra while she was vanishing cause of her time on Earth was short

MOTHER............. don't go............ Leandra yelled but she was gone

Now that she knewed what happened with her she was going to find her Daughter and bring her back home but it would be a task to tell Luke that he had a sister.

Meanwhile Shindra came to a city where she should find Heishiro Mitsurugi and get answers on the questions she was searching for,

And Leandra has gone to search for her Daughter that she never knewed till today


Chapter 6

Shindra had arrived in the city where Heishiro Mitsurugi had to be she came to a big building what appeared to be a temple and Shindra opened the door and saw Heishiro Mitsurugi sitting on the floor as Shindra walked slowly to him she spoke to him

Are you my father, Heishiro Mitsurugi ?? Shindra asked him

I once had a Daughter, Named Alexandra but she is dead for years Mitsurugi said to Shindra

But i am Alexandra, i am youre Daughter Shindra spoke to him

Then Mitsurugi jumped up and attacked Shindra with his Sword

How dare you to use the name of my Daughter, she is dead for years and its all the fault of her Mother Mitsurugi spoke to Shindra

Mitsurugi told her what happened to his Daughter and it was going exactly as Shindra saw in the images

My Daughter has a Scarr under her Left Eye she got it when she was young Mitsurugi spoke

When Shindra showed the Scarr to Mitsurugi he dropped his Sword and stepped back and was shaking

A.....Alex.........Alexandra.......... you....... live but you where dead........... at least i thought you where Mitsurugi spoke with a struggling voice

No.... i wasn't i lived but i got Brainwashed by a man named Henri who got me after Nightmare stole me from my mother and from you aswell, when Henri gave me Soul Edge and i forgot everything about my past life till i fought Luke Shindra spoke to Mitsurugi

Luke .......?? Luke Scott you fought him?? Mitsurugi asked Shindra

Yeah he was a great fighter he iwelded Soul Calibur and was very powerfull but we didn't fifnished the fight Shindra spoke to Mitsurugi

Then Mitsurugi walked away from Shindra and stopped in a corner and Shindra walked towards him to ask what was bothering him

What's wrong Dad Shindra spoke to Mitsurugi

He got tears in his eyes cause nobody called him that in years and he told Shindra something else that would make a change in Shindra/Alexandra's life

This Luke Scott you fought.......... he...... is youre Brother Mitsurugi spoke to Shindra

Shindra was looking up surprised cause she had fought him and called him Sugar while he was her own little Brother

My......... Brother....... how do you know that......?? Shindra asked Mitsurugi

Because........... i am also his Father Mitsurugi answered to Shindra

She was looking shocked when she heard that Luke was her Brother and then had Leandra to be her Mother cause she was Luke's Mother also.

Sow this was her answer on her Task: Leandra was her Mother and Mitsurugi was her Father

but she did have questions to ask them and would Luke accept her as his Sister.....??


Chapter 7

Luke is my Brother, You are my Father and Leandra is my Mother sow then i have found my Family again Shindra spoke to Mitsurugi

Yeah and i found my Daughter again, or she found my Mitsurugi said to Shindra while he smiled a little

Then Leandra appeared also on the stage both Mitsurugi and Shindra looked to her and said Nothing and Leandra walked to them as she said

My Daughter Alexandra, i...... Leandra spoke with tears in her eyes as Shindra stepped on to Leandra

Say Nothing Mom, i want to enjoy this moment of being re-united with my Parents Shindra spoke to Leandra

But Mitsurugi wasn't saying anything to Leandra cause he blamed her for his Daughter's missing as Leandra spoke to Mitsurugi

Heishiro......... you have found your Daughter and she is alive sow please stop hateing me cause she is also Luke's sister and you are his Father but he doesn't know it Leandra spoke to Mitsurugi

Say what isn't Luke knowing that im his Father, why not Leandra?, why you didn't tell him in the first place Mitsurugi asked Leandra

Cause it was better not to know for him i wanted to tell him sometime but....... Leandra spoke when she was interrupted by Mitsurugi

But what Leandra, My son doesn't even know that i am his Father and even that he has a sister, you are hopeless Leandra Mitsurugi spoke to Leandra

But Alexandra came in and told not to fight cause she had found her Parents but her little Brother doesn't know he has a sister

Where is Luke anyway i want to meet him, and now as his Sister Shindra spoke to Leandra

He is on a journey with his friends and is not coming back soon Leandra said to Shindra/Alexandra

But Mitsurugi had enough of Leandra and was heading off but Shindra stopped him and was telling him to forgive Leandra for her mistakes (wich she even not knew by herself) but Mitsurugi had his own idea's about Leandra and headed off.

Let him go Alexandra, he might be going looking for Luke to tell him that he is his Father Leandra spoke to Shindra/Alexandra

What now Mom?, i am still a bit of Malfested and having Soul Edge What must we do to make me normal again Shindra/Alexandra asked Leandra

Leandra said she had to destroy her Soul Edge but the only way to do that is to battle Nightmare and stab Soul Edge in his chest then it would be destroyed Leandra explained to Shindra/Alexandra

Leandra and Shindra/Alexandra had to find Nightmare but he hadn't been seen for months where could he be?


Chapter 8

Now that Shindra/Alexandra was re-united with her real Parents again she wanted to get rid of her Malfestation by destroying her Soul Edge in a battle with Nightmare but then she needed to find him first cause he hadn't been seen for months since he was defeated by herself (when she was fully malfested).

Leandra was going with her to find Nightmare but she was thinking back what her Mother said about her Children, That he was already after Leandra when she got Alexandra and he got her and now Leandra wants to have revenge that he had stolen her Daughter and was also after her Son Luke but she saved him and sacrificed herself to save her other Two Friends she was with and was sended back to earth again and now she had found her Daughter and together they where searching for Nightmare.

Where is he since (my evil side) defeated him he hasn't been seen anymore Alexandra asked Leandra

Leandra and Alexandra moved on, While Mitsurugi was looking for Luke to tell him that he was his Father but he hadn't any lukc to g\find him cause he was nowhere to be seen or found

Hmm Leandra should have told him, But she didn't Mitsurugi spoke in thoughts

Meanwhile Leandra and Alexandra had reached the last place where Nightmare had been seen the old Abandoned Castle where Shindra had betrayed Nightmare and where Leandra fought him as The Dark Omega

It seems that nobody is here and that no-one will come here soon Leandra spoke to Alexandra

Then Alexandra got grabbed by a Claw it was Nightmarehehadhidedhimselfasheknewedtheywouldcomeforhim Let'her go Nightmare or i will destroy you Leandra yelled to Nightmare

Its been to long since i lost you my Apprentice Nightmare spoke to Alexandra

I am not youre Pawn anymore i have found my Parents and i will never be evil again Alexandra shouted to Nightmare

You have nothing to say girl, as long as you have Soul Edge you will be my Pawn as long as i want you to be hehe Nightmare spoke to Alexandra

Leandra was looking how her Daughter was grabbed by the Azure Knight and was getting Angry she grabbed her Dual Swords from her back and the Dual Swords began to shine Red as Leandra stabbed them into the ground and saying:

LET THE OMEGA HANDLE YOU Nightmare as Leandra was surrounded by a Red/Grey Light

Her Dual Swords where transformed into Soul Edge *Necro* and Leandra became Leandra Ω Neutral form (This is her In Sync Side of the Omega Soul)

Nightmare let my Daughter go, or perrish you have one more chance Leandra Ω spoke to Nightmare


Chapter 9

As Leandra Ω saw that Xie Tian saved her Daughter she attacked Nightmare and smashed him away after the attack Leandra Ω and made a high jump and stabbed her Soul Edge *Necro* in Nightmare's chest while saying:

Time to take carse of some unfinished busness Nightmare Leandra Ω yelled to Nightmare with a slight laugh on her face

The Azure Knight sputtered to say something as Leandra Ω turned her Soul Edge *Necro* a turn to cause more pain to Nightmare

Easy Nightmare it will be over soon Leandra Ω said

Then Nightmare started to disappear and he was saying:

You will never destroy my hehe Nightmare spoke to Leandra Ω

Then The Azure Knight vanished again in thin air and Leandra Ω fell on the ground as she stands up he was gone, When Leandra Ω saw her Daughter safe and sound with Xie Tian she slowly changed back into her normal self and walked towards Xie Tian and Alexandra and thanked him for saving her Daughter.

Leandra and Alexandra moved on as sow did Xie Tian and Helen they where also gone off to another place but maby they would find Mitsurugi who was on a search for Luke to tell him that he was his Father

Good luck and becarefull Leandra spoke to Xie Tian and Helen

Alexandra and Leandra moved also on they mission had failed to destroy Alexandra's Soul Edge but they would find Nightmare again and would succeed

Mom i am scared, that i will never be normal again Alexandra spoke to Leandra

But Leandra told her Daughter not to be affraid she woul be soon normal again and they could live as a normal family maby as they walked on to find Nightmare and make Alexandra normal again.

Then suddelny Alexandra stopped cause her Malfested Arm started to lightning up and causing pain to her...... and she was yelling:

What is happening to my arm Alexandra yelled as Leandra saw how her Daughter was yelling out of pain caused by her Malfested Arm.


Chapter 10

Leandra was looking at her Daughter while she was in pain of her Malfsted Arm that was lightning up and caused allot of pain to Alexandra

What is happening Alexandra?? whats with youre Arm Leandra yelled to Alexandra

But she couldn't say something cause the pain was intense and her Soul Edge was reacting on it when she heard Nightmare's voice speaking from out her Soul Edge Blade

Do you really think, i let you go tha easyly youre mine Shindra and you will keep mine Nightmare's voice spoke from within Soul Edge

My name is ALEXANDRA, do not forget this name Nightmare, and i am not youre pawn anymore Alexandra spoke while Leandra was looking and searched for an answer to help her Daughter

But then Nightmare's voice vanished and the pain was gone and Alexandra was normal again and Leandra grabbed her Daughter and took her io her arms

I will never let anyone get between us and our family Leandra spoke to her Daughter

Family?? who is our family Mom? Alexandra asked Leandra

Well first we have you're Father:Heishiro Mitsurugi, you're brother: Luke, and you're uncle and my brother: Steven and you're Grandparents but they died when i was young but we have also allot of friends to caunt on in any case of help i have been helped by allot of people who are in my heart and Soul and i see them also as Family Leandra spoke to Alexandra


Leandra's flashback of when she tested her new fighting style against Helen.

But she also fought to test her skills but she also learned a new style with the help of a Mysterious Wolf-Creature she cought on one of her journey's and she wanted to test this new style in a sparring match and Xie Tian's wife Helen helped Leandra to master this new style butr something happened in that fight that wasn't supposed to happen

What happend in that Sparring Fight Mom?? Alexandra asked her mother Leandra

It was going well Helen and i where helding a sparring match to test my new style, or well it was the first time that i used it against someone and Helen wanted to help my but when she wanted to attack my her Sword hitted my Face Mask and it was slashed off by accident and Helen saw whats under it, however she was curious she didn't asked about it and gave back my Mask and i putted the Mask back on my face Leandra spoke to her Daughter Alexandra

After the story they stoot up and headed to the next place where Nightmare could be and they came into a city that was totally empty and no-one was there all houses and buildings where empty, Leandra and Alexandra where taking a break after walking for awhile and took place in the front of an old house.

Mom who do we call Family as you said that you called youre friends a big family who are they besides my own family Alexandra asked Leandra

Allot of people: like my old travelling partner: Lord Alondite, and then we have the family of: Sakura, Hanako and Hitoschi and the Ninja: Kinata and the cat called Zane and Xie Tian and Helen, We are a big Family and we can always count on each other Leandra explaned her Daughter

Then they heard voices coming out of the house and the doors slammed open and an army of Malfested Soldiers where standing in the openingas one of them said

There she is we need to take her to Master Nightmare grab her and also that other Woman The Master wants to have them both one of the Malfested Soldiers spoke

As Leandra and Alexandra where running one of the Malfested Soldiers was stabbed by a blade and he fell down and was dead

No-one toughes my family as voice spoke while removing its Blade from the soldiers body

it was Mitsurugi and he slashed down some other Soldiers as they runned off Mitsurugi stepped to his Daughter and Leandra was talkiing to him

Heishiro you came back to save us Leandra spoke to Mitsurugi

I am not here for you Leandra, if you where died here that had to be happening then but i am here to take my Daughter with my Mitsurugi spoke to Leandra

and was looking surprised


Chapter 11

Taking her with you Heishiro why....?? Leandra asked Mitsurugi

Cause i will be a better Father then you will ever be a Mother to her. and i will not have secrets for her Mitsurugi said to Leandra

Why Dad......... why you wanna take my away from Mom?? i am on a mission to be normal again and seeking for Nightmare and Mom knows where he could be Alexandra spoke to her Father Mitsurugi

Listen i also can find him and i can take over youre Mothers tasks, But please come with my and we will find Nightmare Mitsurugi explained to Alexandra

No Dad i am staying with Mom and why do you still hate her after i came back in youre lives, I don't get it Dad Alexandra spoke to Mitsurugi

I have my reasons that i will explain you later, But of you want to stay with Youre Mother thats fine but i won't come along with you then sow youre are on youre own now Mitsurugi spoke to Alexandra as he putted his Blade in its scabbard

Heishiro we can use all the help we can get, please let we forget our mistakes for now and please join us to find Nightmare Leandra spoke to Mitsurugi

But he refuses and was already on his way again leaving Leandra and Alexandra behind again after he defeated the Malfested Soldiers and they headed on while Alexandra was thinking of some things she would talk about later with her Mother Leandra and her Father Mitsurugi and she wanted to meet her Brother also. After a long travel they came into a large Castle that had to be Nightmare's hideout but it was deserted as Leandra and Alexandra stopped by a Gate bridge wich was closed.

Thats odd why is there No-One here and is the bridge closed, Nightmare is here i can feel him and he is close Very Close Alexandra spoke to Leandra

As the clouds began to come closer and started to rain and also a lightning storm was coming \, Then Nightmare appeared in front of Alexandra and Leandra

Sow youre here to defeat my hehe you won't be able to aslong as i control youre Arm Shindra, That is my Connection to you Nightmare spoke to Alexandra as Leandra stepped forward

You leave my Daughter alone Nightmare or you know what will Happen to my right Leandra spoke to Nightmare as she looked to Alexandra who stepped behind Nightmare's back and he wasn't suspecting anything

I haven't forgot it no but you will not be doing anything aslong as i have control over youre Daughters Arm, Sow now how will i destroy you and.... youre Dau........... Nightmare spoke when he was stabbed by Alexandra's Soul Edge in his Giant Claw as she fell down

You where to much busy with my Mother that you dropped youre guard Nightmare now its over and i will be normal Again and no-more Shindra, Just Alexandra *Mitsurugi* Scott Alexandra yelled to Nightmare as her Soul Edge was about to be destroyed while it was stabbed in his Giant Claw

No......... NOOOOOOOOOO....... This can't be true it was just a trick to fool my..........., NOOOOOOOO and now i even loose my grip on you're Malfested Side Nightmare yelled as the Soul Edge from Alexandra started to break into pieces and was later Destroyed and Nightmare disappeared again and it was over, But her Malfested Arm was still intact and wasn't being normal again

MOM HELP MY.............. My Arm what's happeing why isn't it back to Normal Alexandra yelled and asked Leandra

I don't know......... why it didn't retuened to normal Alex but how does it feel?? is Nightmare's connection really gon Leandra asked her Daughter

I...........I think sow........ cause i don't feel him anymore but My Arm.. what can we do........?? to restore it back to a normal Human-Arm Alexandra spoke to Leandra

Leandra didn't knew what to do now but Nightmare's connection was gone and sow as for her Soul Edge they had won and the mission was a succes: Alexandra was back to her Normal self again as she was before Nightmare's Malfestation took place on her that made her Shindra wielder of Soul Edge

After the happenings they left the Castle and walked on to go away from it and to go to another place and a city and to find Luke and Mitsurugi, Later Alexandra spoke to Leandra

Mom i want to become stronger and learn more skills and Fighting techniques, but you have already to much things on you're Mind to help my Mom, Sow i made a decision Alexandra spoke to Leandra who was looking up to her as Alexandra continued

I will go to Xie Tian and Helen, sow that they can Learn my more skills and become stronger when i return to You and Dad Alexandra spoke to Leandra as she kissed her on her cheek

Leandra understood her Decision and had fully trust in her Daughter as she and Leandra moved on to find Xie Tian and Helen to let Alexandra become a more stronger Fighter and Survivor and learning her to handle her Malfested-Arm in a good way.

As they moved on and walked to 'The Sun' that was going down again.


Chapter 12

When the sun fully set, Helen appeared in front Alexandra and Leandra

My husband and I understand that Alexandra wishes to train with us. Follow me, and I will show you the training location, said Helen.

After an hour of walking, Helen led Leandra and Alexandra into a forest.

Tonight, you will rest. Your training will begin tomorrow, Helen said to Alexandra. She then turned to the mother, Leandra, we promise to make your daughter stronger. Good luck to wherever you are headed.

Thank you two very much, said Leandra.

Before Leandra left, Alexandra said her farewell to her mother. Goodbye, mom.

Good bye, Alexandra.

The next morning, the training began. Helen would be Alexandra’s instructor for the day.

First, you must learn to fight without a weapon, Helen said.

Alexandra was confused. Why?

That is where the basics of combat begin.

Helen's instruction

Helen begins to train Alexandra in unarmed combat.

Understanding, Alexandra tossed her sword and shield aside. She waited for Helen to give her more instructions, and knew that becoming stronger would not be easy.

The Devil Wolf

Curse of The Devil Wolf (I)

Alexandra *Mitsurugi* Scott Daughter of the Legandary Leandra Scott and Mitsurugi had many battles in her life and many enemy's but she learnd from the best Teachers besides her own parents.

These Teachers named: Helen and Xie Tian leaned her new skills and abilty's touse in combat but one former Teacher was also her Master Nightmare he brainwashed Alexandra to his apprentice and named her Shindra, Shindra did everything Nightmare asked her and as the new wielder of Soul Edge he had made his plans.

But what he didn't knew is that his own apprentice would turn against him cause when Nightmare introduced Shindra to Luke and she defeated the boy she turned herself against her Master and defeated him also, and followed Luke into the castle after a clash between Shindra and Luke their weapons clashed and Shindra began to memorize her past again.

But Nightmare followed the young girl to get her back at his side as Shindra again but she was already re-united with her Parents again and was again defeated when Alexandra stabbed her Soul Edge in Nightmare's giant claw and vanished again, The last thing he said was: SOON YOU WILL BE MINE AGAIN........

Some time passed since Alexandra crossed paths with Nightmare again he stayed away from Alexandra cause she was under the protection of Helen and Xie Tian her new Teachers that would learn her some new skills.

When Alexandra was on her own to practtice without her teachers Nightmare saw his chance and appeared again in front of Alexandra

Im here to reclaim you again, my apprentice Nightmare spoke

Never again.......... Alexandra yelled while attacking the Azure Knight

Nightmare had a suprise in store that would Change her forever, the two started their fight but Alexandra didn't have the protection of her Mother or her teachers sow she was on her own and showed her skills that she learned, But the azure knight was way stronger then the last time and defeated her as he was holding Alexandra in his claw he said:

Now the time has come to make you mine again, after this you will be mine again Nightmare yelled

I....... will never............. be youre puppet again, NEVER!!!!!!!!! Alexandra yelled

Whaha you have no choice Nightmare spoke

Alexandra becomes Wolf

His claw began to glow and filled Alexandra's body with energy that was coming from his claw, Then suddenly Alexandra's arm began to glow aswell and clashed with Nightmare's claw energy and transformed Alexandra and at last an energy clash ended the holding of Alexandra in Nightmare's claw and both where smashed away

When Nightmare woke up he saw that Alexandra had been changed into a Wolf and was suprised about the result...

YESS IT WORKED........ she is mine again whahaa Nightmare yelled

But the Wolf attacked Nightmare and gave him a few hits with its claws then it started to talk with a dark voice that even Nightmare didn't expected

You didn't created this form, youre energy and the energy of my arm made me into this and now i have become this Wolf, and now i will destroy you Wolf spoke

But it was losing control over itself and then it wasn't talking anymore but it made a howling noise and it attacked Nightmare again and then it runned away leaving Nightmare behind.

Later Wolf came into an open field while the moon was shining and it runned till it stopped and looked to the moon and started to howl very loud, after a few times it collapsed and later Alexandra woke up again cause she was back to normal

Wolf fighting Nightmare

What happend with me, and why do i feel this strange Alexandra was thinking while she looked on her arm and saw a Wolf-Tatto

NOOOOOO, what is this...........THING... Alexandra yelled

Then Nightmare appeared and he told that he placed this tattoo on her arm sow that he could control Wolf, But Nightmare could not control it and the Tattoo was lightning up again and changed Alexandra into Wolf, and it attacked Nightmare and damaged his armor with some very strong attacks after awhile it gotten Black Wings on its back and finished the fight, but it didn't destroyed Nightmare Wolf runned away and later it reverted again to Alexandra


Curse of The Devil Wolf (II)

As soon Wolf was away and running as far as it could it lefted Nightmare behind and he wasn't moving at all, But another person was also in close range Leandra who was doing a training at the same time but she didn't heard the battle of Wolf and Nightmare.

On her way home she encountered the heavy injured Nightmare and attacked him and Nightmare fell down as he was totally out of energy

Come on Nightmare, you aren't giving anything i've just trained with my Wolf-Creature sow i can use a battle against you........ as a revenge for what you did to me and my family Leandra said angry

But the Azure Knight fell down again and vanished in thin air with a suprising Leandra leaving behind

What was that all about? Leandra asked herself

While Leandra moved on, Wolf was again reverted back to Alexandra and she fell down and tired and out of energy

I.......Im sow tired.......... still don't know............wha....... Alexandra try'd to say as she try'd to stand up

Leandra then saw her Daughter laying there and runned towards her screaming ALEXANDRA

Alexandra looked up and saw her mother coming to her as she try'd to scream back


But she was to tired to give any noise, Leandra reached her Daughter and was looking to her as she was shocked how her Daughter was looking those wounds and that Tattoo

What happend to you Alex, and are you okay Leandra try'd to ask

Alexandra didn't saw a word she was only laying down and didn't move yet, soon she opened her eyes and try'd to stand up, Leandra helped her Daughter and soon she was on her feet again

I......... have become..........A..........A MONSTER Alexandra said

Leandra meeting Alexandra

Monster?, what are you meaning........... Alex Leandra asked

I.........I........AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH Alexandra screamed while she fell down and transformed again into Wolf

NO.......NO............NOOOOOOOOO, not you to.......... please no........ Leandra screamed

Wolf raised up and looked to Leandra with its Red Eyes and then it attacked her but she jumped away and dodged Wolf's attack, Leandra didn't had her Dual Swords with her sow she couldn't become Omega sow she had to fight with her Wolf-Creature

I don't want to fight you Alex..........., please stop........... Leandra yelled

But Leandra could not reach her Daughter and Wolf attacked again with a hit and Leandra fell down, with tears in her eyes Leandra try'd to attack her own Daughter who had become an Evil Creature just like herself

I have no choice.............. Leandra yelled with tears in her eys

thumb|left|198px|link=Wolf attacked Leandra again and again it hitted her as she was smashed into the ground and struggled to get up again, after it made a high jump and hitted Leandra's leg as she was in pain it had to attack back, Sow Leandra unleashed her Wolf-Creature and gave a few hits but Wolf defended itself against the hits

Wolf suddenly stopped attacking Leandra and looked to her as Wolf wanted to talk and said

MOM..................HELP ME as soon Wolf said it it runned away from Leandra as fast as it could with leaving Leandra behind screaming ALEX.......!!!!!!!!

Sometime later Wolf was still running into the open field that was laying in front of Wolf, then it stopped and reverted back to Alexandra and she fell asleep while saying

Mom................ im sorry.....

Later Leandra was sitting down on a cliff looking to the Moon and she was saying in Thoughts

How did you become like this............, and what will it do to you in the future


Curse of The Devil Wolf (III)

In the open field where the Moon was shining over in its full form, Alexandra who was reverted back from her Wolf-Side was still sleeping on the ground all from the fight she had against Leandra her own mother and she had to leave behind cause her mind was in Control again (for a minute that was).and could escape

Alexandra woke up and looked to herself in a waterpool where she saw her mirror image and was thinking

What happend to me..........., how did i become a uncontrolled freak: a Wolf'' ''Alexandra was thinking in thoughts


Alexandra (reverted back from her wolf form) defending herself againt the Creature

Then she heard something a strange noise that was coming her way very fast when Alex wanted to look what it was a Huge Creature jumped from behind a bunch of rocks and attacked Alexandra, She had to defend herself against the hits of the Creature, This Creature was strong and it attacked without a reason this THING" Alexandra yelled while she was still defending herself

The Creature then broke Alexandra's defence and smashed her away into the ground, as it was still raging the place Alexandra's Tattoo was lightning up and she became Wolf and Wolf attacked the Creature back with a smash and kicked the Creature back into the ground.

When Wolf landed on his feets it was grabbed by the Creature from under the ground while the Creature was jumping up from under the ground it took Wolf up and it smashed wolf back to the ground, But Wolf raised up fast and attacked the Creature again but it defended itself against Wolf's kicks and it smashed Wolf back again straight into a big bunch of rocks and boulders.

Wolf throwing the Creature back on the ground

As Wolf was under the rocks burried by the attack the Creature raged up on the rocks but Wolf jumped up from underneath the rocks and grabbed the Creature with its claws, Wolf with its Black Wings on its back flew high and throwed the Creature back to the earth and smashed into the ground that made a small crater and Wolf landed back on the earth aswell and its Wings vanished and was looking to the small creater where snoke was coming from.

But the Creature crawled out from crater and runned towards wolf and it has braced itself for an attack as the claws of the Creature hitted Wolf and slided back while it was still

the Creature attacking Wolf

defending itself from the Creature, Soon as they stopped sliding the Creature grabbed wolf and it throwed Wolf into the air the Creature did some spins and wolf landed in one of those spins and slided on the ground away from the Creature, as Wolf wanted to raise up it was stopped by the Creature who was holding Wolf in its grip while Wolf was laying on the ground and was struggling to break free.

But the claws of the Creature where holding Wolf in a grip it could not break free from it, as Wolf still was struggling the Creature was acting strange like it wants to kill Wolf in one hit but Wolf wasn't about to be killed by this Creature and try'd again to break free it suddenly got disctracted by something else........


Wolf landing in front of the Creature

Then Wolf saw the chance to break free and jumped away from the Creature and was looking to it...... and then all the sudden Alexandra's mind came in control of Wolf (for a minute again) and it spoke:

Who.......... are............. Wolf spoke but it lost control again and Wolf became the uncontrolled Wolf again

Then the Creature attacked Wolf again but Wolf jumped up and showed his Black Wings again and the Creature missed Wolf by an inch

The Creature lunged at Wolf, but she reverted back into Alexandra. Alexandra rolled to the side, barely avoiding the charge. Using this time, she ran, but the Creature followed her.

As Alexandra was running followed by the Creature she had to think a plan to get rid of it, but the Creature wasn't about to leave and was still going faster, Then suddenly the Creature was smashed away to the side and Alex runned further away, as she stopped she saw the another Wolf-Creature was holding 6the Creature in its claws it was the Wolf-Creature that belonged to Leandra as she was holding of the Creature allowing her Daughter to escape to safety

Now Leandra had to face the Creature cause it had found a new opponent.......


Curse of The Devil Wolf (IV)

Leandra stoot face to face wit the Creature that attacked her Daughter but since she reverted back from her Wolf-Form she had to run but her Mother saved her to unleash her own Wolf-Creature upon the Creature.

The Creature was able to break free from the grip from Leandra's Wolf-Creature and attacked Leandra and could dodge its attack by jumping aside and she had to defend herself with her Sword as the Creature raged on to break her defences
Leandra V287

Leandra defending herself against the Creature

Danm this Creature is berserking like its mindless, and only wants to kill everything whats stands in its way Leandra spoke in thoughts

As Leandra was defending itself it couldn't summon her Wolf-Creature to assist her in the fight, But from a distance Alexandra was looking how her Mother was holding off the Creature and she needed to do something..... but what?

Alexandra who hated her new form wished she was that Form right now but it didn't happen sow she had to think of a plan to help her Mother out of this situation

I have to think of something to get my Mom out of there sow we can run for that THING, cause its way to strong to defeat Alexandra said to herself

Then she saw something shiny it was Giant Sword the perfect weapon to help her Mother out (however she got herself equipped with Two Daggers on her back), Alexandra grabbed the Sword from the ground and runned towards the Creature and slammed it away from her Mother

And stay away you ugly thing............... Alexandra yelled while Leandra had fallen on the gound

Mom are you okay..............? Alexandra spoke to Leandra as she stoot up again

Yeah............ im fine...... thnx for helping me out Alex Leandra said to her Daughter

Alexandra 19

Alexandra smashing away the Creature

The two had to run before the Creature could raise again and would attack them both again, as Leandra and Alexandra still where running far away from the Creature who was out for a little time, Soon after they runned for a long time they stopped and sat down on the ground and the Moon was still shining bright

Mom why didn't you became Omega??, then you would have defeated that Creature for Sure Alex spoke to Leandra

Thats because my Dual Swords where at home and i need those Swords to become Omega Leandra explained her Daughter

Leandra asked Alexandra also how it was to train with Helen and Xie Tian and how far she came with her skills that she had learn from them, After shown some techniques to her Mother Alex asked Leandra then or Luke already knew that she was his Sister and that they had to meet but since Luke had to go on a journey again Leandra didn't told it yet

And Dad?............ how is he doing now after i sparred with him awhile ago he had to go again Alexandra asked her Mother
Alexandra 20

Alexandra becomes Wolf again

Youre Father................ i haven't seen him yet since he helped us out against those Malfested Soldiers in that old house Leandra spoke

Later when Leandra and Alexandra where moving again they had spoken about allot of things and also about Owen how he was doing but alex told Leandra that she didn't saw Owen for awhile sow she didn't knew how he was doing now.

Suddenly they saw smoke coming from behind a mountain and the where looking who or what was doing that, As Leandra and Alexandra looked over to the fire that was burning they also saw a Human there but it was to far away to see who it was,

Then all the sudden Alexandra began to shake and her Wolf-Tattoo was lighting up as her eyes became red (while Alex was yelling NOOOO NOT NOW.........!!!) and Leandra knew it Wolf was about to raise again and Leandra stepped back while Alexandra became Wolf again as soon the Transformation was done Wolf Raised up and saw Leandra and it attacked her with a kick and Leandra flew a long way back and hitted a rock wall

Wolf attacking Leandra from out of its jump

................... why did you became Wolf again............ Leandra was struggling to say

As she stoot up and saw Wolf looking to Leandra she became angry not because of her Daughter itself but why had to happen that her Daughter who she met not a long time ago had to become a Creature that was an uncontrolled Creature

This time............ i will fight you.............. and.............if i have to........... Kill you................ sow it happens then........... Leandra yelled with tears in her Eyes as she summoned her Wolf-Creature

Then Wolf made a howling sound as it was running towards Leandra and jumped up and was about to attack Leandra from out its high jump as Leandra was thinking:

SOMEONE HELP ME.................


Curse of The Devil Wolf (V)

As Wolf is attacking Leandra with a high jump Leandra jumps away and dodges the attack but Wolf is quicker then Leandra and attacks her with its claws while defending herself she is unable to call her Wolf-Creature to assist her in the fight she was only hoping that someone would h

Wolf fighting Leandra's wolf-Creature

elp her cause she could not beat Wolf on her own.

ALEX STOP............!!!! STOP THIS ATTACK AND BEHAVE Leandra was yelling to Wolf

But Wolf didn't respond as it keeps attacking and Leandra had to defend herself at all cost, Then Leandra saw a chance to attack back as Wolf stopped attacking Leandra called her Wolf-Creature and damaged Wolf with some attacks but the attacks of Leandra's Wolf-Creature weren't that strong cause Leandra knew she was fighting her own Daughter, as Leandra was able to attack Wolf it looked Wolf's Rage was about come out as it will attack Leandra

I have to stop her.............., but the only way to do that is.............. Leandra was thinking


Leandra trying a new attack on Wolf

As Leandra was looking while her Wolf-Creature got almost beaten by Wolf's incredible strength she had to think fast to do a couter attack with her Sword as her Wolf-Creature got beaten, as Leandra prepared herself to deliver the final blow and might killing her own Daughter she got tears in her eys as she was thinking about the past as saw all images of their battles together

I.............. im sorry...............Alex........... Leandra yelled as she saw the chance to attack, But all the sudden a voice called to stop her attack and Leandra looked behind her.........

It was Xie Tian, who was running towards Leandra . Behind him was Owen and three others she did not recognize; one was clad in black armor and the other two were young women, each with a halo over her head, very much like the archangel Seres.

Leandra, Alexandra can be saved, Xie Tian said, I have brought someone who can cure her of malfestation. We just need to work together to hold her in place so the purification process can be safely executed.

Okay, Xie Tian. I will command my Wolf-Creature to distract Alex so the two of us can grab her, Leandra said.

Got it, Xie Tian replied.
Leandra V319

Xie Tian stops Leandra from attacking

Starting the plan, Leandra ordered her Wolf-Creature to continue to fight Alexandra as a distraction. Once the possessed Alexandra's full attention was on the Wolf-Creature, Leandra and Xie Tian sneak around and crept behind her. With a simultaneous nod beforehand, the two of them jumped onto Alexandra's back, and pinned her to the ground.

Now, Yuner! Xie Tian yelled.

The younger of the two angels walked forward and said I will make this quick.

She gently shut her eyes, raised her arms outwards, and hovered half a meter off the ground. Her entire body glowed with white light so intense that it forced everyone else around her, besides the other angel, to shield their eyes. Several seconds later, a beam of light projected from her entire body completely covered Alexandra, with both Leandra and Xie Tian still holding onto her. When the light dimmed down, Yuner slowly descended back down to her feet. Alexandra restored to her human form.

Slowly loosening her grip, Leandra asked, Alex, can you hear me?

Mom? Alexandra said, clearly back to normal, I'm okay!

Hearing this, both Leandra and Xie Tian immediately stood up. Yuner, who was in front of Alexandra, approached and held out her hand, helping Alexandra back to her feet. Alexandra immediately turned around and hugged her mother.

With tears in her eyes, Leandra spoke first. I'm so sorry, Alex, I...

It's not your fault, mom.

Xie Tian turned to Yuner. Thank you. Thank you for everything.

An mild expression of sadness spread over Yuner's face. I am sorry I could not fix everything. I may have purified you, but I could not do the same for the girl. When I discovered that Soul Edge's influence was too strong in her body, I did the next best thing I could think of; I sealed the evil energies back into her arm, so they will be much more difficult to awaken.
Alexandra 21

Yuner restoring Alexandra back to normal

Hearing this, Leandra and Alexandra released each other.

You already did everything you could, Leandra said to Yuner, I can't thank you enough.

You are most welcome, Yuner said, with some reluctance.

Milady, the other angel said, We must depart at once to the next location. Time is short.

Goodbye, everyone, I must leave now, Yuner said to the mortals around her, I can only wish you luck in what lies ahead.

With that, both angels took the skies and disappeared into the distance.

Owen, Xie Tian said, You must go after the angels, and ensure Yuner's safety.

What about mother? Owen asked.

If my memory is correct, your mother should still be alive, at the location we had left her, said Xie Tian, Your uncle and I will tend to her.

Brother, you almost killed Helen as well? the black-armored warrior asked.

Leandra immediately put the facts together. So does that mean you were the creature we fought before?

Indeed. It was thanks to Yuner that I am no longer malfested, said Xie Tian, who then turned back to his son, Owen, you must first borrow the Jingu Staff from the Shrine of Leucothea. There, you will be tested by the guardian of the staff.

The weapon actually exists? Owen asked.

When I told you that your uncle, Xie Yu, once wielded it, it was no children's story, said Xie Tian.

Very well, father, I will make sure no harm comes to Yuner, said Owen, Hopefully, I will see you and mother soon.

I'm going with Owen, Alexandra suddenly said.

Alex, you went through a lot. You need to rest, said Leandra.

She helped us a lot, Mom, said Alexandra, We need to help her too.

Leandra saw how determined her daughter was, so she sighed and said, Okay, be careful.

Don't worry, mom. I'll be fine, Alexandra said.

It's settled then, said Xie Tian, What will you do, Leandra?

I will search for my brother, said Leandra.

The heroes gave their last farewells to each other before departing for their respective tasks.

As the rest walks to different directions with leaving Leandra behind as she sees her Daughter gone off with Owen she thinks

Should Yuner be able to cure me aswell from my Sickness Leandra was thinking while looking up to the moon...

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