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Helen's family


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Giovanni SCVI portraitGiovanni Soul Calibur VI Born in 1538, Giovanni is an innkeeper who resides in Italy. In addition to listening to rumors, he possesses a network of "connections" and provides information in regards to Soul Edge's whereabouts to Helen. When Helen returned from her first journey to find Cervantes, she decided to remain in the town and live with Giovanni, who continued to provide Helen with information on malfested activity. The innkeeper asked Helen for her hand in marriage, and although she did not fully reciprocate his feelings, she agreed, having valued him as a close and trusted friend. Giovanni is not a particularly experienced fighter nor a war veteran, but he possesses some fencing skills and is capable of defending himself against common raiders.


Born in 1585, Valentina is the firstborn child of Helen and Giovanni.


Born in 1586, Melania is the second child of Helen and Giovanni.


Born in 1589, Natalia is the third child of Helen and Giovanni.


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Banu Soul Calibur VI Xuannü adopted Helen when the latter fled into the woods after losing her parents to bandits. Xuannü, an incredibly skilled swordswoman, decided to pass down her sword skills to Helen.

Acquaintances of the Xie family


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Kira SCVI portraitKira Soul Calibur VI Kira is the twin sister of Lina and the personal advisor of Xie Tian's father, a wealthy politician of the Ming Empire. She has studied the history of Soul Edge and correctly theorized the cursed sword's involvement in the appearance of the Astral Fissures.


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Yuxin SCVI portraitYuxin Soul Calibur VI Xue Yuxin is the fiancée of Xie Di and awaits his return from his journey to the West. While not exactly a fighter, she was taught how to defend herself by the Xie brothers.

Eileen's crew


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Eileen SCVI portraitEileen Soul Calibur VI Eileen is a pirate captain whom Leandra joins. She later ferries Helen, who is searching for Cervantes.


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Roach SCVI portraitRoach Soul Calibur VI.png Roach is Eileen's second-in-command; his nickname came to be as a result of having a history of enduring harsh conditions.


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Griggs SCVI portraitGriggs Soul Calibur VI Griggs is a dwarfish member of Eileen's crew. He was originally a part of another group of pirates that attacked Eileen's ship and surrendered when he was the only survivor. He has been loyal to Eileen since she spared him.


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Kakuve SCVI portraitKandake Soul Calibur VI Yibanathi is a crew member, originally hailing from Africa.


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Sean SCVI portraitSean Soul Calibur VI Sean is a young member of Eileen's crew. He was discovered alone by Yibanathi, with no memory of his past.


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Kaori SCVI portraitKaori Soul Calibur VI Kaori is a crew member, originally hailing from Japan.


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Methoataske SCVI portraitMethoataske Soul Calibur VI Methoataske is a crew member, originally hailing from the New World.

Aval Organization


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CIara SCVI portraitCiara Soul Calibur VI Ciara is a member of the Aval Organization and Adel's partner.


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Gunmar SCVI portraitGunmar Soul Calibur VI Gunmar is a member of the Aval Organization and Adel's superior.

Phobos' Allies


Deimos is the younger brother of Phobos, who is actively forging a body for his younger brother.

Phobos' Shades

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Phobos' Shade SCVIPhobos' Shade Soul Calibur VI Phobos' Shades are powerful creations of Phobos of unknown origin.


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Talos SCVI portraitTalos Soul Calibur VI Talos is a powerful automaton designed and created by Phobos.



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Bune SCVI portraitBune Soul Calibur VI Bune is a Lost Soul who was released from Astral Chaos when Helen destroyed the Soul Edge fragment in Malik's possession. Bune has the ability to resurrect corpses to fight at his side and used the mummies within the tomb he was in to attack Helen. Bune himself then challenged Helen and was impressed with her skills as a warrior. He then granted her some of his power and allowed her to leave his tomb.


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Malik SCVI profileMalik Soul Calibur VI Malik was a noble of the Egypt Eyalet, driven mad by the influence of the Soul Edge fragment in his possession. He directed his attacks from a tomb he entrenched himself within, although Helen and Leandra tracked his warriors to him. He and his subordinates were inevitably killed by the two warriors, and Helen subsequently destroyed his Soul Edge shard.


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Taki vs Chohakkai Chohakkai was a demon that possessed Takagi before the year 1583. Taki defeated the demon and expelled him from Takagi's body, managing to not only seal the demon away but also spare the boy in the process. Since the incident, Takagi and his parents have been eternally grateful for what Taki had done for them.
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