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Xie Di (シエ・ディー, Shie Dī; Chinese: 謝地 Pinyin: Xiè Dì) is a fan character created by Hyper Zergling for the Soul series of fighting games. He appears in Soulcalibur VI, which marks his debut appearance in the new, rebooted Soulcalibur timeline.


Soul Calibur VI

Xie Di is the second son of a wealthy politician of the Ming Empire. Since a young age, Xie Di and his two younger brothers, Xie Yu and Xie Ren, trained at the Shaolin Temple, and became very skilled warriors. Shortly after returning home, Xie Di’s hometown had periodically suffered Astral Fissures, corrupting many locals and twisting them into bloodthirsty Malfested. The brothers would fight off Malfested time and time again until in 1589, they encountered three mysterious foreigners who were seemingly aware of the reasons behind the storms. Their eldest brother Xie Tian chose to pursue the foreigners for answers behind the fissures' cause and enlisted the help of his brothers to aid him on his journey. The brothers traveled west for several months, fighting more malfested along the way, until they arrived at an Italian town that was under attack by lizardmen.



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