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Ignaios Lupino is a fanmade character created by Ignaios, present in the Soul Calibur series (Please do not edit this page unless i do it!). His only appearance is in Soul Calibur IV.

What lies in his soul is Purity.

Birthplace Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Age 19 (Became inmortal)
Height 6´ 0´´
Weight 170 lbs
Blood type Unknown
Weapon type Long Sword and Pistol Sword
Weapon name Soul Edge
Style name

Swift Wolf Style


Unknown Previous Family, presumed dead

Jasper, master (deceased)

Wolf pack, actual family


Ignaios is a short-hazelnut haired slim young man, who has small onyx-black eyes. He is rather medium-sized. It is said t

Ignaio's wolf form

hat he has the ability to swap between two forms (Human and wolf) at his own will.

Human form: He usually wears heavy black plate and mail armor, covered by a giant helm, although he sometimes uncovers his chest.

Wolf form: His body stays the same, although his head resembles that of a wolf. He still wears heavy armor, and he sometimes uncovers his chest


Ignaios Lupino is a man-wolf who has engraved his name in history. His birthplace and date are unknown. It is only known that he was found by a pack of wolves in the most dangerous forest in North America. For unknown reasons, the wolves did not kill him, but instead raised him as one of their own. It is also presumed his human family was lost or murdered in the woods.

One day, as a pack of wolves was looking for food in the North American forest, the most dense and dangerous forest at the time in the world, a little human baby was found crying. The wolves had no idea what to do with him. However, the alpha wolf decided to take the baby as one of his sons. Of course, this created a lot of anger and confusion in the pack. Wolves had protected the forest from human intruders, as they only caused destruction. A human could not form part of the pack. The alpha wolf, however, would not allow wolves to speak about that to his son.

Time passed, and Ignaios was four. He learned how to look for food and to survive within the forest. Even though he could not understand why, all the wolves looked down upon him, all of them but his father and mother.

When Ignaios reached nine years old, he began to see differences between him and his brothers. He had no fur, no claws, no sharp fangs. He wasn't fast enough to hunt and his smelling sense wasn't as developed as his brother's. Ignaios also began to understand why every wolf in the pack ignored him. Everyone thought that when he grew up, he would become insane and destroy the woods, and the pack.

At this point, Ignaios could no longer tolerate it. One day, without saying anything, he left. Of course, leaving the woods was no easy matter. Ignaios spent wandering around the forest for a long time, until he fainted due to the hunger and thirst.

Luckily for him, an English knight was horse-riding nearby, when he saw the child. He did not hesitate to take him with him to his house. Jasper, the knight, was also an English colonist who was about to part to England, so after providing Ignaios with clothes, food and drink, and seeing he had nowhere to go, he decided to take him with him to the outskirts of London.

Jasper was the head of the English army, but was also a very honest and gentle man. He provided Ignaios with protection, education and even taught Ignaios how to handle English rapiers. Ignaios was very grateful to him, however, he could not forget the ones who had also taken care of him. All those boys who heard his story also looked down upon him, which made Ignaios feel horrible, as he thought he did not fit anywhere.

When Ignaios had fifteen, he was old enough to join the army. He, however, did not like the English rapier, as it was too gentle for a sword, according to him. After mastering twelve different kind of weapons, Ignaios found his favourite: The pistol sword and long sword. He was a complete beast with it. He could beat lieutenants and high ranked knights. However, people still did not become friends with him, as they thought he was some kind of monster.

At the age of nineteen, Ignaios was not happy. Jasper tried to do everything, he gifted him excellent swords and promoted him to sub-head of the army, but Ignaios still was depressed. He no longer had the savage spark in his eyes he had when Jasper had found him in the woods.

One day, as Ignaios was walking through the streets in London, he heard two knights were talking to each other about an evil sword that could grant the wielder anything he wanted. Ignaios was so curious that he asked the knights about it, only to make both of them laugh against him.

Ignaios, once more guided by his savage insctincts, decided to leave on a journey to look for this sword. He left a note to Jasper telling him that this was the only way to find self-confidence. He travelled from town to town, from country to country. He at last, came to an incredibly high tower, which was said to hold the hero king who possessed the evil sword. Ignaios started to ascend it, finding corrupted gladiators and warriors who attacked him. However, Ignaios was firm in his goal and defeated everybody.

Once he reached the top floor, he saw the majestic hero king, who introduced himself as Algol. They did not say anything else, and started to battle. Algol not only possessed the evil sword, but some kind of twin sword too. His style was peculiar, but Ignaio's speed was vital and let him defeat him. Ignaios took pitty on the king and took the sword, and as he was about to leave, Algol asked him: Tell me, why do you seek the sword? Do you think it will make you forget your problems?. Ignaios then told him his story and that he only looked for the approval on people. Algol responded that power is not enough to make people like you, and that sometimes people were horrible beings. However, he also told him that the sword would not help, and instead would corrupt him until he eventually lost control over his body. Ignaios now lost all his hopes and was just about to jump from the tower when Algol suggested him something. He would give Ignaios the ability to become wolf or human, being able to swap between forms at will. However, Ignaios had to promise to use the sword only for good and pure reasons, such as fighting only when it's needed, so that way he would stay pure forever and the sword would not be able to corrupt him. Ignaios, suddenly feeling dizzy, fainted. When he woke up, Algol had vanished. He tried becoming a wolf and succeeded. Now, finally, his family would approve him again. But first, he had to do something.

Ignaios was thinking that although the wolves would probably accept him, humans would not, since he did not change at all. However, he would still say good bye to Jasper. But something tremendous was happening at England.

London had been devastated by some kind of evil aura. The buildings were now ruins. Ignaios could feel how Soul Edge breathed intensely. Something terrible had happened. Being unable of finding Jasper anywhere, Ignaios went to the center of the town. There, stood an Azure knight with an immense two handed sword, and in front of him, Jasper was laying on the floor, breathing heavily and wounded terribly. Ignaios asked the knight what was he looking for, although he secretly knew, and the knight told him: I am Nightmare, hand over the sword to me!. Ignaios, now feeling furious because of the destruction the knight caused, teleported behind the knight and stabbed his pistol sword in Nightmare's head. However, the knight laughed and sent Ignaios flying backwards. Nightmare was about to stab Ignaios on the heart, when the young boy rapidly swapped forms and transformed into a wolf. Hastily, he jumped over to Nightmare and bit him until the knight was defeated. The village was saved, although probably everybody was dead.

After some minutes, people started to show up from the ruins and get near Ignaios. He, however, went to look for Jasper, who told him that he was in charge now, and that he was proud of him, and with a last breath of joy, he died. The villagers, for the first time, clapped at Ignaios, their savior and now head of the remaining army.

The town was fastly rebuilt. Everyone helped. The army was slowly getting new members, and those who died were engraved on a memorial stone. The villagers learnt that they shouldn't judge someone because of their appearance or origins, since he can be the savior of their lives. Ignaios was a bit happier, although he did not want to live with humans. He wanted to live with his family. After two years after the great destruction, Ignaios handed over the army to the next officer in charge.

Back in North America, Ignaios adopted his wolf form and entered the woods. He found his pack waiting for him. His adoptive father told him to swap forms, back to human. Ignaios, astonished, did as he pleased. All the wolves in the pack, one by one said sorry to Ignaios, while his father explained that when he was lost, all the wolves began to miss him, and that they realized they had been horrible beings. However, when the birds told the wolves that Ignaios had acquired the ability to become a wolf and that he was on his way to the woods, every single wolf in the pack was happy. The alpha wolf also told Ignaios that he would happily take him as his son again, which Ignaios agreed, and he also told him that he did not have to live as his wolf form for the wolves to accept him.

And finally, Ignaios, who had been loved by no one, achieved to engrave his name in history and in people's hearts, living peacefully in the woods and protecting his pack, his true family.

In Soul Calibur 4

In Soul calibur 4, Ignaios returns to the battlefield as he sees his forest begins to heat up unusually. Slowly, all the vegetation begins to die, the water evaporizes from rivers, and his pack is in danger.

Once again, Ignaios has to go and find the cause of it. However, it is not a normal heat wave. It is something much stronger. Suddenly remembering something, Ignaios realizes it is probably one being's fault: Nightmare.

He had probably survived to their fight in London, and was so powerful that his flames could be felt anywhere in the world. To finish the heat wave, Nightmare had to be finished. Ignaios then decides to head back to Europe.

In London, he hears about an abandoned castle: Ostrheinsburg. As Ignaios heads into Germany, new warriors challenge him, but, as always, Ignaios emerges as victor.

Finally reaching the castle, Ignaios feels the heat is insoportable. Surprisingly, there is also another kind of wave which is freezing cold. Trying to find the sources of these weird waves of temperature, Ignaios climbs through a tower, only to find two knights fighting fiercefully against each other.

The battle could not be fiercer. Nightmare was using a Soul Edge replica (probably made from a fragment), which released flames with each clash. The other knight, which his name was Siegfried, was using the other spirit sword that Algol had when Ignaios battled against him: Soul Calibur. This sword, unlike Soul Edge, sent cool waves in all directions when Siegfried handled it. Both knights fighted terribly well, and their styles were alike. Ignaios waited until one would emerge as a victor.

Finally, as Siegfried missed to slash Nightmare, the azure knight grabbed the spirit sword handler's neck and threw him out of the tower and into the abyss. The freezing wind was no longer felt anymore. Now, only a terrible heat could be sensed.

Ignaios revealed himself against Nightmare. The knight was already pumped out, and seemed to be in shape. Ignaios, however, had not fought in many years. Without saying anything to each other, a new encounter began.

Nightmare struck first. With an immensely strong horizontal slash, the azure knight broke Ignaio's breastplate. He was now vulnerable to the heart. Nightmare kept attacking from side to side, Ignaios being unable of finding a right time to strike. Suddenly, Ignaios got distracted and Nightmare made an uppercut to his stomach, sending him flying thirty feet high. Ignaios was so weak that he could not swap into Wolf form. However, he could not let the forest die. He was a protector, and it was his job to stay pure and make sure everyone else is protected. He would not let Nightmare take Soul Edge. He would not allow him to turn the world into a desert. With the remaining energy, the werewolf threw his long sword to Nightmare, who parried it with his sword. Despite being parried, the longsword made Nightmare vulnerable to another attack, and Ignaios knew that. Pointing the azure knight with his pistol sword, Ignaios fired twenty times to Nightmare's chest, and then fell to the ground.

At first, Ignaios was not sure if he had managed to destroy Nightmare. He was unable to move since he had fell in a very bad position. He remained silent for some time, until he recovered some energy and was able to stand up. Terribly weakened, but happy, Ignaios had indeed managed to destroy the azure knight. Only his sword had survived the assault.

Ignaios then absorbed the remaining fragment and smelled the air. There was no scent of evil. The temperature was now cool, instead of that horrible heat. Yes, Nightmare had been gone, forever.


Ignaios is usually very self-confident, and sometimes speaks off his mind too much. He is also very egocentric in the way he thinks he is the best. Although he is indeed incredibly strong, intelligent and powerful, sometimes he exaggerates about his supernatural powers. Still, Ignaios is a very warm person. He is very social and charming, and claims family and friendship are the most important things in the world.

During battle, Ignaio's humorous side disappears. He suddenly turns very serious and tries to end the fight as soon as possible. Following what Algol told him, he never kills when he can avoid it, and, on the other hand, tries to be nice to the opponent.

Critical Finish

Ignaio's critical finish consists on a complete dark background with a full moon in it. The opponent cant see anything, when suddenly, a wolf howls and the opponent is struck twenty times by a razor blade in one second, and falls defeated into the darkness. Then, Ignaios appears lit by the moon while he puts Soul Edge away, saying: You should have never lowered your guard.


-Hah! Behind you!


-Come on! You can do better than that..

-Behind you!

-Too slow!

-This is over!

-You know you can't win, right?

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