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"A sword doesn't make you powerful."
— Kinata

Kinata (キナタ, Kinata) is a character in the Soul series of fighting games. She made her debut in the series' fourth installment Soulcalibur III and returned in Soulcalibur IV, Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny and Soulcalibur V. She is skilled in the art of Ninjitsu and uses swift acrobatic moves and powerful magical based attacks to deal with opponents.

What lies in her soul is Power.

In Soul Calibur V's promotional material she is referred to as The Vengeful Ninja.



Elizabeth Atherton was born in London, England in 1572 to a wealthy family with connections to the queen. Elizabeth's family could get whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted as long as they stayed in touch with the queen. However, when Elizabeth was seven years old she started hearing talk amongst people. Talk of an evil but powerful sword called Soul Edge. Elizabeth was intrigued of this sword and asked her mother if she could get some soldiers to get it. Her mother was frightened that Elizabeth even knew about the cursed sword and she told her to be quiet and never speak of it again. Elizabeth did as she was told but it never left her mind.

In 1585, Elizabeth at thirteen years old heard about the cursed sword again and that people were looking for it. Elizabeth wanted to find the sword so badly but her parents wouldn't have it and she was punished for even speaking about it. Of course, this piqued her curiosity so she ran away. Elizabeth stole a canoe that was moored to the side of a huge ship. Elizabeth knew the art of canoeing well and she successfully sailed away from London. But the sea was harsh and her canoe didn't last long in the dangerous waters. The canoe was destroyed and she was washed away at sea.

Eventually, Elizabeth washed up onto shore. She was lucky to be alive but she was unconscious. She was found by a man, his name was Koutea. Koutea took her to his house in the Holy-Roman Empire (Elizabeth had washed up very far from where her canoe crashed).

Three days after Koutea rescued Elizabeth, she regained consciousness. She was extremely lucky to be alive after the state she was in. Koutea revealed that he was a master in the art of Ninjitsu. Elizabeth was confused at what it meant and so Koutea began teaching her bit by bit. Elizabeth was becoming a master at it like her guardian.

Soulcalibur III

Kinata SoulCaliburIII

Kinata in Soul Calibur III.

In 1591, Elizabeth felt she was finally skilled enough to go out on her own. Koutea embraced Elizabeth and said: "Kinata... be safe!" Elizabeth was confused at this statement and Koutea apologised and explained that he once had a daughter he named Kinata, however she died shortly after childbirth and he had never gotten over her death. Kinata looked up at Koutea and said that she would be his Kinata. Elizabeth Atherton didn't exist anymore, it was just 'Kinata'.

A few days after she had said goodbye to Koutea, Kinata had travelled to a place called Ostrheinsburg. She had her Kunai in her hands and she was cautious to anyone she encountered. She was walking mindlessly when suddenly she was attacked by a girl with a ring blade. Kinata was thrown off her feet by the girl and she was stunned. Kinata tried reasoning but the girl was not interested. Kinata had to fight for the first time ever in real circumstances.

Kinata Tira Pic

Kinata and Tira fighting.

Kinata jumped up and kicked the girl in the face. The girl was stunned at the sudden movement and fell back. Suddenly she growled and charged at Kinata, who had just gotten off of the floor. Kinata jumped in the air and threw one of her kunai. The kunai stabbed the girl's leg. She screamed in pain and Kinata pushed her to the floor, grabbed her kunai and ran.

Kinata was frightened, why would the girl randomly attack her? Kinata was even more wary of anyone to walk near her. Kinata sat down on the floor and rested, she tried to think of the things Koutea had taught her.

"Wait for the opponent to attack you, then you can dodge and counter attack for even more damage."

Kinata was reassured by Koutea's teaching and knew she could fight well if she tried. Kinata continued to rest and she just listened to nature's sounds for a while. The peaceful sounds were broken by some voices. Kinata could barely hear them but she heard two words she hadn't heard in quite a while. Soul Edge. Kinata was still intrigued by the sword of nightmares and she walked over to the voices. There was a big man talking to a thinner man. Kinata shyly asked if they knew the whereabouts of Soul Edge. The men laughed and said that she shouldn't be worrying about it, but then the bigger man said:

"Well, if you don't know, the Azure Knight has it, he's always had it. Nightmare they call him. Steer clear if you ever see a man with dark armour, he's dangerous and he will not stop until he's claimed your soul."

Kinata was slightly scared by the words the big man said but at the same time she was ever more curious. Kinata pressed on in her journey, this time her objective was to find Soul Edge.

Just as Kinata was walking along the road, she was once again stopped by someone. It was another big man but this man had a some sort of animal on his head. Kinata explained that she was in a hurry to find Soul Edge. The man laughed.

"Look girlie, you need to go home. This is a warning not a threat. You will get killed out there, you may think your an experienced fighter, but you aren't. You don't even have proper weapons! Those kunai will snap in two with most fighters. Please girl, go home. Get home safely. Maybe if Soul Edge is still out here in a few months or years you can come back with armour, weapons and experience." the man said to her, each word sounding meaningful.

Kinata thought to herself, it was true, she had no armour and no proper weapons. Kinata nodded at the big man.

"I'll go home. But in a while if I see you again, don't try to stop me. I'll be back for Soul Edge, that sword is going to make me rich and famous!" Kinata said in arrogance.

The man laughed at the young girl and watched as she walked away.

Post Soulcalibur III

Kinata returned home a few days later. Koutea was awaiting her. Even though Kinata was 19, she was still inexperienced and young. Koutea listened to Kinata's story and handed her a box.

"What's inside?" Kinata was excited.

"Open it, you'll see." Koutea replied.

Kinata opened the box and inside were two kodachi. Kinata was surprised and unsheathed them both. Engraved on each blade were a single word. On one 'Love' and on the other 'Hate'. Kinata was overjoyed at receiving these weapons and she embraced Koutea.

"Look Kinata, your story has made me realise you are not ready to fight yet. Come on, lets test these swords out." Koutea replied as he got up.

For the next few months, Kinata trained non-stop to be perfect at using her swords. During this time, Koutea bought for her some armour (boots, pauldrons and gauntlets) and after a few months had passed Kinata found that she was ready to face real people in battle.

Koutea was impressed at Kinata's quick learning but he had some bad news. He was leaving. He had to go and investigate a rumour he had heard. Kinata offered to go with him but he declined and said he had to do something alone.

For the first time, Kinata was without Koutea. Kinata continued to train to better herself but ultimately, she was just waiting for Koutea to return.

Soulcalibur IV

Later that same year, Kinata heard about Soul Edge once again. They said that the presence was close by, it was

Kinata in Soul Calibur IV and Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny.

supposedly in Ostrheinsburg. Kinata was still worried about Koutea but her curiosity got the better of her and Kinata left off there almost immediately. After all the years of having the sword in the back of her mind, she finally had a chance to get it.

On the boat ride to her destination, Kinata was attacked by a woman named Sadia. Sadia fought bravely but was ultimately defeated. The pair became friends after their battle but Sadia returned home.

Kinata battled with many people when she reached Ostrheinsburg - most notably, Setsuka. She and Setsuka had a long battle and eventually they both surrendered to each other. They decided to become allies for a short while until Setsuka needed to leave for personal goals. Afterwards, Kinata met a young girl searching for the cursed sword. Kinata decided to help her out by defeating her enemies who were chasing after her. For a short while Kinata trained her just as Koutea had trained Kinata. Kinata eventually said her farewell to the young girl called Talini. Kinata climbed the Tower of Remembrance. When she reached the top of the tower the battles were all over. There in the middle of the tower a lifeless body was sprawled across the floor. It was Talini. Kinata rushed over to her and held her in her arms. It was too late, she had been killed. But there was a sword beside her. Soul Edge. The power of the cursed sword flung Kinata against a pillar and she was knocked unconscious.

Kinata came to a couple of minutes later and she was astonished at what she saw. Talini was floating in the air, fire surrounding her. Talini had Soul Edge in her hand and her eyes had become red. A deep voice spoke out of Talini.

"Come, lets do battle - it will be your last" The Voice said.

Kinata unsheathed her swords and got ready to do battle with a possessed Talini.

After a long battle Talini was defeated but so was Kinata. They were both tired. The demon inside Talini spoke out once more.

"This isn't over. I shall pierce Soul Edge through your heart and collect your soul!"

Talini came charging at Kinata, with Soul Edge raised. Suddenly there was a bright light. Soul Calibur appeared in Kinata's hand. With all her might, she smashed Soul Calibur against Soul Edge and the power was immense. Talini and Kinata had another battle, this time Kinata was wielding Soul Calibur.

After the battle the two still couldn't defeat each other. Kinata and Talini were thrown against the pillars. Kinata couldn't get up. Talini, with the corruption of Soul Edge, floated high. She charged Soul Edge up, ready to kill Kinata. That was when Setsuka jumped through the sky and sliced Talini's arm off with her blade. Talini fell from the sky and landed hard on the tower. Talini screamed in agony but picked up Soul Edge with her left hand.

"You bitch!" The demon inside Talini cried out at Setsuka.

"Battle me, demon!" Setsuka retorted.

Setsuka drove at Talini with her sword unsheathed, Talini prepared to defend but was charged off the tower. The two fell to the bottom.

"SETSUKA!" Kinata called, but Setsuka, nor Talini answered.

The battles were over and Kinata was alive. But battered. She slowly got to her feet and looked up. There on the pillar was a hooded-man. He jumped down and Kinata painfully lifted Soul Calibur.

"Put it down, Kinata" a familiar voice commanded.

Kinata dropped Soul Calibur and rushed towards the man. The two embraced as she recognized him as Koutea, her guardian.

"Come, lets go home." Koutea said as they made their way down the tower.

After reaching the bottom of the tower Kinata rushed over to an parasol left lying on the floor. She picked it up and unsheathed the blade. It's master was missing. Kinata held it tight and then continued walking with Koutea.

Post Soulcalibur IV

After seeing the deaths of so many, Kinata was left scarred emotionally. She couldn't go back to her former life because it wasn't what she wanted. Koutea said his goodbye to Kinata as she went off travelling the world. Kinata fought countless people for justice. She often fought when she was hired to put down criminals. One such criminal was a woman called Fox. Fox was a ninja, like Kinata, and was very skilled. She had committed countless murders just for the sake of it and she was one truly evil woman. Everybody knew her because she wore a fox mask all hours of the day. Nobody knew what she really looked like.

Kinata went after Fox and eventually found her and they did battle. Fox emerged the victor and sliced Kinata's face. Kinata's pride and honour being damaged, she went searching for Fox once more. But this time, Fox came to her. They had one last battle, this time Kinata won. She blasted Fox with a terrifying energy, Kinata herself didn't know where it had came from.

Two months later, Kinata started her journey back to Koutea. She couldn't find any boats willing to take her on board and so she started offering to pay them. Eventually Kinata came across a boat with two passengers: a man and his maid. The man introduced himself as Prince James and his maid as Maria. Kinata asked if she was allowed to board their ship to her destination. Prince James gladly allowed her on board for one small favour: protection. Kinata was to help the pair defend themselves against the assassin Itola. Kinata accepted the challenge and the three sailed off.

Three days into their journey, Itola attacked the ship. She flew seemingly out of nowhere and sliced down. She nearly cut James' arm off but Kinata had seen her and unsheathed her sword and blocked her blow. Kinata kicked her away from James and Maria and told them to head for the cabin. Kinata readied herself for battle.

Itola kicked Kinata in the gut to start off. Kinata fell back and unsheathed both of her swords. She sliced once; cutting Itola's face. Itola wailed in pain but kept on striking. After a few blocks, Kinata sliced down with her sword but Itola grabbed Kinata's arm and snapped it. Kinata screamed and fell to the floor in pain. She dropped both of her swords and winced as Itola's blade came down onto Kinata's neck. Itola slowly pushed down on her sword. Kinata was terrified for her life and she did the only thing she could think of. She grabbed Itola's sword's blade. The blade dug into her hands and made them bleed but she held on and started pushing the blade away. Eventually after minutes of pain, Kinata was freed. Kinata stood up and picked up one of her swords: Hate. Her sword showed what her emotions were. Kinata, with a burst of energy, jumped through the air and landed behind Itola. Before Itola had realised, Kinata stabbed her sword through Itola's back. Itola screamed in pain as Kinata dragged her sword through Itola's body. Kinata eventually reached Itola's heart and stabbed with all her might. Kinata let go of her sword and watched Itola's lifeless body crash to the ground. James and Maria ran out and thanked Kinata for what she had did. Kinata nodded and picked her sword from Itola's corpse and her other floor from the boat's floor. She sheathed both her swords and fell to the floor in need of rest.

Eventually Kinata had reached her destination, Kinata thanked Prince James for everything he had done and went on her way.

Three months after she had killed Fox and fourteen years since she had left Koutea, Kinata returned home. But she didn't have a nice surprise when she came in through the door to his house. Koutea had been murdered. Kinata found him sprawled on their home floor, lifeless. The only clue she had was a small sword with a note wrapped around it. The note read: you'll remember me, you always have. Kinata was clueless to what this meant but she swore revenge. Her personality spiralled down until she had nothing in her life worth taking. Anything she did was for revenge.

Soulcalibur V

Three years after Koutea's murder, Kinata found a clue as to who the murderer was. She found a discarded halberd near Kinata's home. She knew of the halberd's owner, Talini. Kinata clenched her fists and dropped the halberd, Talini had died seventeen years ago. Kinata knew it, she found Setsuka's blade and she knew that Talini had died along with Setsuka. Kinata walked away from the halberd and left town for a walk to collect her thoughts.

On her return she saw the town burnt to the ground. There were burnt corpses everywhere. There was children crying and adults running. Kinata looked up at the sky. She couldn't believe what she saw.

"YOU!" The dark, evil voice called down.

"T-Talini! What are you doing!?" Was all Kinata could mutter.

"Finishing you off like I should have done years ago." Talini replied.

"So you did do it, you killed him!" Kinata screamed up at the floating figure.

"Of course, I knew it would get to you. I love how hatred and revenge have taken over your soul, much like Setsuka's." Talini shouted down.

"Setsuka! Is she alive!?"

"Oh, I don't know. I am, that's all that matters. I no longer have Soul Edge but I have some of it's evil, brilliant power. And I shall use that power to destroy you and all that you love!"

"You bitch! How could you do this!? I helped you!" Kinata spat as she shouted the words.

"You dare insult me?" Talini muttered as she flew down to attack Kinata.

Just then, Sadia jumped down and sliced down. Sadia had sliced the same arm that Setsuka had seventeen years ago. To Sadia and Kinata's surprise the arm regenerated after a few seconds of pain.

"You? Why are you here - helping me?" Kinata asked Sadia

"That floating demon destroyed my home!" Sadia shouted as a response.

Kinata gritted her teeth and turned to look at Sadia. The pair nodded at each other and Kinata unsheathed her swords.

"Let's do this!" The women shouted in unison.

The pair attacked multiple times at the over-powered Talini but to no avail. Talini simply dodged the strikes with little effort. After a short time Talini charged down and punched Sadia in the face. With such power, Sadia's jaw was broken.

"Agh!" Sadia screamed.

Kinata jumped high into the sky and charged at Talini. She dodged the charge and Kinata crashed into the ground. Talini jumped to the floor, grabbed Kinata's arm and snapped it.

"That's just a taste of my power, I'll be making much more hell for you two from now on. You'd better watch out." Talini commented as she floated off into the sky.

Kinata and Sadia led on the floor in agony whilst fire consumed the town. The pair managed to get themselves onto their feet and out of the town whilst there was still an entrance.

A few months after Kinata's initial clash with Talini, she found herself living with Sadia in Athens. Sadia had

Kinata in Soulcalibur V.

managed to buy a house in the months after her village's burning. During these months, Kinata and Sadia had been training non-stop to get the power needed to defeat Talini. Sadia had no magical power but she was an excellent fighter. Kinata was too an excellent fighter but inside of her she contained a power received from Soul Calibur when she held the sword briefly. The power inside of her was not controlled. Kinata knew she had a mysterious power locked away in her body but she had no way of releasing the power and so Sadia and Kinata started travelling. They were looking for Edge Master. He knew all about every single fighting style, power and weapon and so he was a brilliant place to start. After a few weeks of travelling, Sadia and Kinata found Edge Master. Edge Master explained about the power inside Kinata being caused from both her holding of Soul Calibur and also from the deep revenge she had hidden away. The only way to potentially release and control the power would be to fight Talini, the one she vowed revenge on. Kinata nodded her head and looked to Sadia.

"Sadia, this mission is mine and mine alone. You've helped me so much but, I must continue this journey of revenge by myself." Kinata spoke in hurried words,

"I understand Kinata. You must do what you must do. All I ask is that you kill that bitch. Make her pay for what she did." Sadia replied.

Kinata nodded at Sadia and the Edge Master and slowly started walking away, off into the Athens' sunlight.

Kinata began her journey by visiting her old burned down village. Kinata needed to look for clues regarding Talini's location. Her search didn't last long before a bunch of armoured people came pouring in shouting in a strange language. Kinata didn't say anything but she readied herself for battle. Kinata quickly dealt with the four of them by using her skills in ninjitsu. She teleported behind one of them and slit their throat. Kinata wiped the blood off of her blade and sheathed it. She knew she couldn't find any clues in her old town and so she decided to leave. Just as she began to walk out she had an urge to go visit her home city in England. She wanted to know if her real parents were alive or dead. But Kinata shook the urge out of her head and carried on looking for Talini.

As she was walking, Kinata came across another town engulfed in flames. She assumed Talini was the villain here too. But in the middle of the city she saw a young blonde man fighting with a few other people. Kinata decided to stay clear and she carried on walking.

Kinata fought many other opponents on her journey. She fought: Leixia, Maxi, Natsu, Ivy and Astaroth before she found a good clue. There was a red pauldron left on the floor along with a charred trail. Kinata knew Talini wore red armour and so she followed the charred trail for a long while. She kept following it until she was attacked by Tira. Kinata needed to follow the trail and so instead of fighting back, she ran. Kinata ran down the charred trail until it led to another town.

Kinata believed that there was somebody else, other than Talini, who was responsible for the burning of these towns. That was when Kinata heard somebody shout: "Pyrrha" Kinata looked up and saw the same young boy from the first town. He was holding an unconscious girl in his arms. Kinata felt pity for the two of them but she had no choice but to carry on her road of revenge.

Whilst Kinata was walking, wearily, a man walked up to her and spoke to her. He introduced himself as Kilik and he said that he could feel the pain and sorrow emanating from her. Kinata told him her story. Kilik listened without stopping her and when she had finished her story, he said that she should do what she pleases to the 'Malfested' Talini. Kilik stopped himself before he said "but don't let her corruption become your corruption, make your will known and you will not become like her." Kilik then slowly walked off. Kinata wondered what he meant by these words but she decided not to worry about them.

Shortly after seeing the man named Kilik, Kinata was once again approached by a stranger. The stranger introduced herself as Jean Grey. Jean told Kinata that she didn't look happy. Kinata looked up at the woman with a frown. That was when Jean slowly told her that sometimes all problems would come to an end if one found their blood. Kinata knew that Jean was on about family. Kinata looked down to the ground sadly and explained that she had no family. Jean grabbed Kinata's head and slowly lifted it up. Jean said that everything would be fine because somewhere in this world you have a blood relation and it will make things better. Kinata was brightened by her words and she walked on. Despite the fact Kinata was happy with what Jean said, she was still on her mission to kill the woman that ended her happiness.

Leandra Scott

Another woman Kinata encountered on her search for Talini was Leandra Scott. The woman had definitely seen her share of battles, judging from the scars on her body. Kinata didn't want to talk to anybody at the moment she saw her and rage boiled inside of her just at the sight of another person. Kinata spoke to Leandra and she seemed just as full of rage as Kinata was. The two battled fiercely against each other but in the end the fight had no winner. The two were exhausted and Leandra saw in Kinata's eyes that she was looking for revenge.

Leandra looked up and said: "Never lose your faith in a promise you made to a loved one."

Kinata listened to the words and took them to heart, she had swore that she would find and kill Talini to both Koutea and Sadia. Kinata looked at Leandra and then walked away, finally on her way to confront Talini.


Eventually, after many weeks of searching, Kinata finally found Talini.

"TALINI! Get down here now!" Kinata shouted at Talini, who was hovering in the sky

"No, I like it up here. Besides I can kill you so much more easily up here," Talini replied sarcastically,

"You're a coward! You'd never face me in a one to one fight without hovering in the sky. You always choose the cowards way out! Even when I was training you!" Kinata spoke angrily,

"You what?" Talini spat,

"You heard me Talini. Face me in a fight, here on the ground. I want to battle you, fairly." Kinata hissed.

Talini flew down to the ground and gripped Kinata's neck.

"You want a fair fight? Well let us have one!" Talini threw Kinata against a nearby pillar, commencing the fight.

Kinata stood up, her back hurt from the initial attack. She unsheathed both of her swords and charged up into the air. She swiftly bounced off another pillar and struck down. Talini dodged the move swiftly and replied by kicking Kinata in the face.

"Is this all you can do?" Talini smiled.

Kinata said nothing but she stood up and slashed at amazing speed. Kinata's attacks came from both directions and Talini was struck a few times. Talini subsequently shot a magical wave at Kinata but she quickly dodged it. Kinata wanted to find the power within her and so she concentrated her grip on her swords. Slowly but surely, Kinata could feel the power rushing through her veins. Kinata's swords lit up a bright blue colour and the mist of blue slowly started emanating from both the swords. Talini was angered at her power, she flew up into the air. Kinata looked up at Talini and jumped, she sliced many times into the air, the power of the blades made Talini fall back to the ground. Kinata jumped onto Talini's stomach and dug her blades into both of Talini's arms.

"Agggh!" Talini growled as she sucked the energy from the blades into her body.

Talini then flew up high and summoned fire that surrounded Kinata. Kinata jumped into the air and landed on a pillar. She subsequently jumped onto Talini and took back her swords. The pair were now fighting in the air. Talini had summoned a sword that looked like Soul Edge and was striking back with it. The clattering of swords was deafening. Talini lifted her summoned sword into the air and struck down with all her might. Kinata was forced quickly to the ground and she landed hard on her back. Talini then struck down with her sword but Kinata quickly got up. Kinata forced the power inside of her out and grabbed Talini's neck. Kinata slowly drained Talini's power. Her grip tightened and Talini was struggling for both air and power. Kinata forced her anger out and stabbed one of her swords into Talini's collarbone and slowly started slicing down whilst her grip on her neck was still tight. Talini was wailing in agony as Kinata's blade dug into her skin. Kinata then took her blade out and Talini slumped to the floor. She was alive, but she was powerless. Kinata's eyes glowed fiery. Flames were on Kinata's skin from the power and Kinata couldn't stop herself. She lifted Talini up with her power and threw her up against a wall. Kinata then stabbed her blade into Talini's arm and then let go. Insane with rage, Kinata began tugging at Talini's arm until it ripped violently off. Talini's arm was gone and so, nearly, was her life, with a dying breath she told Kinata something.

"After you taught me, I... I encountered Nightmare. He struck me down in one hit. I died there, but my soul awakened in his blade. I became malfested and waited at the top of the tower for you. The sword I was carrying was not Soul Edge. It was only a fragment of it. Kinata... you wielded a sword... Soul Calibur, but it wasn't real. You wielded another sword, a copy of Soul Calibur that unlocked something in your soul. I tell you this now because I have peace, thanks to you. But you must not let power take over you, but it may already be too late... Kinata... you have killed me and now you will become me... I'm sorr--" Talini died before she could finish.

Kinata did not take in anything that Talini had said because of her anger and indefinite rage. Kinata swiftly and insanely started ripping Talini's body to shreds, she cried and laughed like a deranged psychopath whilst doing this. The last thing Kinata did was set fire to Talini's body with the power she had obtained. Kinata looked up to the sky with glowing eyes and screamed into the sky. She ran and encountered many lost souls, she killed each and every one of the weary travellers and flew off into the midnight sky.


A few days after Kinata had become a corrupted malfested, she began to have pains in her mind. She kept hearing a man say something to her but she couldn't make out what it was. Kinata walked on a strange beach before she found a small hut. The malfested Kinata took off her ruined armour and clothes and put on a black dress she found in the hut. Kinata still had her normal self inside of her but the normal and the malfested were battling it out within her soul. As Kinata was screaming in pain, a man entered into the hut. He began asking what was wrong with Kinata before she looked at him and snarled. The Demonic Kinata unsheathed her blades but subsequently dropped them to the ground and she readied her fists. She punched him twice in the face and began screaming and growling uncontrollably. Then from out of nowhere, power flashed into her eyes and suddenly a beam of light exploded onto the man's body. He was set on fire and his charred body was all that remained. Kinata held her head and her eyes changed back to normal. Kinata looked down at the charred body and collapsed.

Kinata awoke a few days later. She found herself chained up, Kinata rested her head in the air and shouted for help. A few minutes later, a man burst into the room. It was the man from before, Kilik. Kinata's human instincts buried in her soul were trying to reach out to Kilik but they couldn't reach out far enough before Kinata's demonic instincts took place. Kinata went crazy, her eyes turned black and red and she screamed. She started pulling at the chains so hard, they broke. Kinata tried to run away but Kilik kept her under control. Suddenly, Kinata flung into rage and pushed Kilik away with all her might. Kinata ran out of the place she was being held in and ran off into an unknown land.

Post Soulcalibur V

Kinata seemingly disappeared after escaping from Kilik. Her blades were found later by Sadia. Sadia later placed the blades on Kinata's memorial, the memorial had been created by Sadia, believing that her good friend had perished after defeating the demonic Talini.

Several weeks after the memorial service, Kinata's blades disappeared from the memorial stand and since then there have been several incidents in Japan detailing a flying, female demon with two kodachi attacking civilians.


  • Foster-daughter of Koutea.
  • Fought Tira.
  • Told to return home by Rock.
  • Taught Talini.


Although it is not previously seen before Soul Calibur V, Kinata has always had a great power locked away deep inside of her soul.

Kinata is ultimately considered good in Soul Calibur III and Soul Calibur IV as she welcomes allies and doesn't kill anyone. She was driven on desire to see Soul Edge not knowing its ultimate evil and dangerous power. She treats all her friends with the upmost respect and sets her goals with the intention of achieving them.

However, her alignment is turned in Soul Calibur V because of Koutea's murder. She isn't evil but she doesn't care about her foe's lives anymore and she lives for nothing but revenge so overall she now has a neutral alignment. However, at the end of Soul Calibur V Kinata drains power from Talini and is ultimately malfested by murdering the girl, these actions indirectly caused her to turn evil.


Soulcalibur III

  • Ouch!
  • Get away from me!
  • I want Soul Edge!
  • Get off of me!
  • Leave me alone!
  • Come on, let's fight!
  • I can't be bothered with you.
  • I won!
  • Yes! I beat you!
  • Get outta my way!
  • You'll never beat me.
  • Ouch! That hurt!
  • Take this!
  • Yah!
  • Die!
  • That was fun!

Soulcalibur IV/Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny

  • I will remove all obstacles in my path.
  • Challenge me again if you dare.
  • Fool, you dare to stand up to me?
  • You risk your life and that's all you've got?
  • It appears I must teach you with pain.
  • Who are you? State your name!
  • Who are you? What are you?
  • You worthless piece of trash.
  • Can't you even gauge your own enemy's strength?
  • Let's measure your strength!
  • You're worthless. Be gone!
  • I have no time to listen to the loser!
  • That did amuse me for a while.
  • There is no need for your justice.
  • The time has come.
  • Don't enter a battle you can't win.
  • How's this?
  • I'll crush you!
  • Eyes front!
  • Too easy!
  • All talk and no action!
  • How's this?
  • Die!
  • Is that all?
  • You failure!
  • Not even close.
  • Watch me.
  • Next!
  • Shut up!
  • Disappear!
  • Elimination by force!
  • Don't take me lightly.
  • I'll force you!
  • Don't run.
  • No escape!
  • Too late for regrets.
  • Fight me!
  • Defeat is worse than death!
  • Don't get cocky!
  • Obvious.
  • Wretched insect!
  • Outta my sight!
  • Scared?
  • Be gone!
  • Your life ends here! (before performing a critical finish)

Soulcalibur V

  • I shall have my revenge!
  • This mission is mine and mine alone. (spoken to Sadia)
  • I must continue this journey of revenge by myself. (spoken to Sadia)
  • You bitch!
  • Let's do this!
  • So you wanna fight?
  • Death to the weak!
  • I'm hungry...
  • You say something?
  • Just for you...
  • What!? (spoken when struck by a tremor)
  • It won't go easy! (before Critical Edge)
  • You're mine! (during Critical Edge)
  • The battlefield is where I belong.
  • Farewell.
  • Here you go!
  • You seem strong...
  • Go away!
  • You think you're strong enough?
  • Ready. Let's go!
  • Idiot.
  • I lost! (During Ring Out)
  • Too strong! (During Ring Out)
  • Now... Taste this!
  • Die!
  • Disgraceful...
  • Are you... stupid? (Taunt)
  • It's over!
  • Your... A pain! (Brave Edge)
  • This will hurt!
  • My mistake (Time out)
  • Sadia, I thought I told you to stay away! - Spoken when engaging in battle with Sadia
  • I didn't want to hurt you... - Spoken after winning a battle against Sadia
  • You... won? - Spoken after losing a battle against Sadia
  • It's time for you to die! - Spoken when engaging in battle with Talini
  • THIS IS IT! - Spoken after winning a battle against Talini
  • Agggggggghhhh! NO! - Spoken after losing a battle against Talini
  • Who are you? - Spoken when engaging in battle with Mary
  • Just get out of my way. - Spoken after winning a battle against Mary
  • You're strong... - Spoken after losing a battle against Mary
  • I don't care if you have that sword, get out of my way! - Spoken when engaging in battle with α Patroklos
  • A sword doesn't make you powerful - Spoken after winning a battle against α Patroklos
  • Damn! - Spoken after losing a battle against α Patroklos
  • I WILL RIP YOU IN HALF! - Spoken in Malfested Form
  • DIE! - Spoken in Malfested Form
  • YOUR DEATH AMUSES ME! - Spoken in Malfested Form
  • WEAKLING! - Spoken in Malfested Form
  • JUST DIE! - Spoken in Malfested Form
  • ARGH! - Spoken in Malfested Form


"Armour is vital for a good defense."
— Kinata to Talini.

Soulcalibur III

In Soulcalibur III, Kinata has short cut red hair in a neat bob. She has bright blue eyes and a normal complexion. Her primary costume consists of a rough black kimono, gauntlets, long trousers and comfortable boots. In her secondary costume, Kinata wears a red dress with black boots.

Soulcalibur IV/Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny

Kinata has short cut, red hair which she usually lets sway naturally. She has bright blue eyes and normal complexion. In Soulcalibur IV her primary costume consists of a headband, pauldrons, a rough kimono with a black band, gauntlets, leather trousers and high-heeled boots. Her costume colour is primarily black with red as its secondary colour. Her secondary costume in Soulcalibur IV is a stereotypically upper-class British outfit with silk gloves, a frilled top, a frilled skirt, laced stockings and high-heeled boots. In her second costume she wears her hair in a more neat and stylish bob.

Soulcalibur V


In Soulcalibur V, Kinata has short/mid-length faded red hair left loose. She has bright blue eyes and a normal complexion, she also has a prominent diagonal scar on her face. Her first outfit is primarily red and black and it consists of a black and red kimono, black and red pauldrons, black trousers, black boots, black gauntlets and a silver necklace, she also wears a spy mask and a pink flower on her kimono. In her secondary outfit, Kinata has a blue and red country tunic with a stylish belt and a red mid length skirt with a scorpion printed on the front. She also has a gold chain, black boots and a blue bow in her hair.



Close up of Demonic Kinata.

In Soul Calibur V once Kinata has won fifty fights she gets an ending. This ending unlocks her third costume. This costume is a new character named Demonic Kinata. Demonic Kinata looks the same as normal but she now has a pale complexion and black and red eyes. Demonic Kinata has a more malfested voice and she now wears a small black dress with a silver necklace and small black boots. Demonic Kinata also has chains on both of her legs and her arms. Demonic Kinata also uses Devil Jin's fighting style.


In Soulcalibur III Kinata is quite timid and shy but after her initial battle she becomes more confident. After a few months of independence Kinata became a completely different person with a determination for battle.

Kinata has a very driven and confident personality. She is good in battle and knows it, she doesn't like being defeated but will accept it if she is. She is also a kind person who treats her friends and allies like family, she can be emotional at times but as she has grown she has been able to hide her emotions more.

Kinata is also very sarcastic, which can also be mistaken for vanity. She taunts her opponents through their flaws and tries to enrage an opponent to blindness.

Due to the great emotional pain she had experienced after the deaths of many, Kinata became severely depressed after the events of Soulcalibur IV. This was unknown to herself and to her friends and Kinata dealt with the pain by battling every foe she came across.

After her malfestation, the once sarcastic and confident woman has became a crazed demon-like being who has no regrets about murdering anyone and everything in her path. At times, the mortal inside of the demon bursts out in rages, however, the incidents are becoming less frequent and soon Kinata's soul will be lost forever.


"Feel the hatred!"
— Kinata after using her sword: 'Hate'.

Primarily, Kinata has two ninja short swords as her primary weapons. Love is the weapon sheathed on her upper-back and Hate is the weapon sheathed on her lower-back.

Soulcalibur III

Kinata has two weak kunai as weapons. They are dull and plain and hold no unique characteristics.

Soulcalibur IV/Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny

In Soulcalibur IV she has two swords called Love and Hate which are her trademark swords. They have plain black handles and sharpened blades.

Kagekiri Kinata

Love and Hate.

Soulcalibur V

Kinata has her trademark "Love and Hate" swords in Soulcalibur V they look different to what they looked in Soulcalibur IV, the blades are more polished and the scabbard is white and black dotted. Her two swords have gained power since she absorbed some power from the fragment of Soul Edge when she clashed with Talini but not enough power for the weapons to be considered 'Cursed'.

Demonic Kinata does not use any weapons, she instead uses her bare fists. She also can produce lasers and wings due to her malfestation.

Fighting Style

"You must be swift and agile to use this stance."
— Koutea to Kinata.

In her debut, Kinata's fighting style is a form of very basic ninjitsu and she mostly uses kicks and various slashes with her kunai to deal with opponents.

A few months after the events of Soulcalibur III, Kinata has evolved her fighting style techniques due to intensive training. She now uses her dual kodachi to fight her opponents. Kinata often uses quick jump moves and teleportation moves. She is skilled in kicking and can also summon flames and perform other magical attacks.

However, in Soulcalibur V, Demonic Kinata uses a strange fighting style. Kinata does not use any weapons in this form and instead uses powerful punch and kick attacks along with aerial and laser special moves.

Critical Finish

"Building up your strength can result in great power."
— Koutea to Kinata.

Blades of Vanquishment: Kinata shouts "Your life ends here!", kicks her foe, and then performs a magical ninja spell in order to triple herself into three. Afterwords, they all slash through the target, jump into the air, and become one again. Finally, Kinata takes down the helpless opponent in one fatal strike.

Critical Edge

"The power in your soul must be unlocked."
Edge Master to Kinata.

Great Flames of Vengeance: Kinata lifts her kodachi in the air and shouts "It won't go easy!" she then plunges her swords into the ground and summons six flames to take down her opponent.

Wings of Death: Demonic Kinata flys into the sky and subsequently plunges down and sweeps her opponent to the ground twice. She then flys up to the sky once more and shoots a demonic beam from her eye which blasts the opponent with a great flame.


Soulcalibur III

Kinata walks along a lonely street and suddenly she walks into a huge man. With a deep voice the man tells her to go home after warning her about the dangers of Soul Edge. Kinata turns around disappointed.

No Input Ending: Kinata continues walking until the screen fades to black.

Input Ending: Kinata turns around and walks back over to the big man, with all her strength she pushes him over and runs off whilst shouting: "I'm going to get Soul Edge!"

Soulcalibur IV

Kinata looks over the edge of the tower whilst lying on the ground and screams out Setsuka's name. She turns herself onto her back when she realises she is gone. With tired eyes, she scans her surroundings and sees a hooded man. She slowly gets to her feet and raises the false Soul Calibur for another battle. The hooded man jumps down and tells Kinata to put Soul Calibur down. Kinata drops the sword and rushes towards the man and embraces him, realising it is her guardian, Koutea. The pair start their descent down the tower towards home. The screen fades to black.

The screen flashes and shows Kinata and Koutea exiting the tower, Kinata notices something and rushes over. She finds an umbrella and a sword. She unsheathes the sword and sighs. She clenches the weapon in her fist and then returns to Koutea.

The screen fades to black once again and says: "Kinata and Koutea never forgot what they saw that day".

Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny


Kinata's ending changes in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny and it simply shows Kinata tackling Talini off of the tower.

The text says: "Kinata vanquished a great evil at the cost of her life."

Soulcalibur V

Although there are no endings present in Soulcalibur V, Kinata still had her own storyline. Her ending saw her and Talini fighting. Kinata eventually killed Talini by draining all her power and stabbing her in the throat and cutting her arm off.

After the battle Kinata looks up to the sky with glowing red eyes and then shouts into the sky before she runs off into the pitch black night. The screen shows a picture of the full moon followed by a number of human screams, slashing sounds and battle crys. After the audio stops, Kinata flys up into the sky and releases a laser from both of her eyes into the voidless night.


Water Mill Valley (SCIII)

The valley is lined up with many gigantic water mills that generate power and provide fresh water for nearby inhabitants.

Distant Marsh (SCIV/SCBD)

It is set in a lush swampland. Ancient ruins covered in vines provide 3 walls for the area.

Unknown Forest (SCV)


The stage is set in a peaceful forest. The platform which the fight takes place on is partially encircled by water, enabling ring-outs to three sides of the ring. There is also an owl peeking out of a tree, observing the fight, along with some deer.


Demonic Kinata's stage is set in the night time version of the Unknown Forest.


Sound of an Angel (Soulcalibur III)

Protectors Of The Earth - Two Steps From Hell (Soulcalibur IV / Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny)

To Glory - Two Steps From Hell (Soulcalibur V)


  • Kinata's parents sent out a search party to find their missing daughter but the party gave up after six weeks of searching.
  • Kinata actually means: 'To Quarrel'.
  • Love and Hate (Kinata's weapons) are actually the Kagekiri swords in both Soulcalibur IV and Soulcalibur V.
  • Kinata's 2p costume in Soulcalibur IV is themed as an upper-class costume. This is because of her wealthy British background.
  • Kinata did have a 3rd costume in Soulcalibur IV which was full goddess armour (minus the helmet) all in white and white hair. She also wielded Soul Calibur in this costume (Siegfried style).
  • Kinata was going to have been killed by Talini in Soulcalibur V but instead she drained Talini's power and became corrupted.
  • In her malfested form, Kinata changes fighting styles because she lost her weapons.
  • Kinata's true parents gave her the name 'Elizabeth' because it was the queen's name at the time of her birth.
  • Kinata's Gauntlet sprite is just a recolour of Hilde's sprite.
  • Kinata fought the warrior Leandra Scott sometime during her search for Talini, the battle lasted long but in the end had no winner.
  • In Soulcalibur V, Kinata's arcade lineup is: Ivy, Natsu, Maxi, Leixia, Xiba, Sadia, Kilik and Talini.
  • Demonic Kinata's lineup is: Kilik, Nightmare, Edge Master, Algol, Siegfried, Sadia, Alpha Patroklos and Elysium.
  • Kinata dramatically changed characteristics during the few months between Soulcalibur III and Soulcalibur IV. This was due to her solitude during the months after Koutea left. After Soulcalibur V, Kinata's personality greatly changed once again. Being less sarcastic and more battle-hardened, Kinata felt no remorse for her foes and only cared about vengeance.
  • Kinata's theme music greatly reflects her personality in each of her appearances. In Soulcalibur III, she was very timid and shy (hence the slow violin music.) In Soulcalibur IV, she was a lot more headstrong and arrogant but also very spiritual. Finally, she was driven with vengeance in Soulcalibur V, hence the more upbeat, dramatic music.
  • After Soulcalibur IV, Kinata became severely depressed and battle became a way for her to deal with her emotional problems.


Soulcalibur III

Soulcalibur IV

Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny

Soulcalibur V


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