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Koutea is a character in the Soul series of fighting games. He only appears in Soul Calibur IV because of his demise prior to the events of Soul Calibur V.


Koutea had a simple life, he didn't have a job but he was occasionally called upon to kill a local bandit threatening his home town. That provided him with a steady income and a nice life. He was an expert in a Samurai style as well as Ninjitsu. This easily made him a very expirienced fighter.

He kept on this life for many years until one day he chanced upon a girl in a torn dress. He picked her up off the shore and took her home with him. She woke up three days later. She was frightened but happy to be alive. She said her name was Elizabeth Atherton and that she was from London. Koutea was surprised at this but didn't say anything. He didn't know what to do with the girl he had found. So he did what he did best, teach her. He taught her to become a master at Ninjitsu.

It took a long time but eventually she was as good as him at the Ninjitsu fighting style. She was 17 when her training finished. Koutea told her that there was nothing left that he could teach her and said that he had to go. The girl began to cry and Koutea simply said:

"Don't cry my Kinata, don't cry."

From then on, Elizabeth Atherton called herself Kinata.

Koutea had gone off to find Soul Edge as he had sought it for many years and it's presence was nearby. He fought many strangers on his way to get the cursed sword and was very surprised to see Kinata climbing the tower herself. Koutea decided to follow her but not make his presence known. Koutea followed her all the way to the top where he watched her have a massive battle with Talini. Eventually, after the battle had finished he took her home.

Fourteen years later, he was murdered. Kinata was devastated and swore revenge on whoever did it.

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