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Sadia is a character in the Soul series of fighting games. She appeared in Soul Calibur IV and returned in Soul Calibur V. She is strong-willed and very passionate in what she does.

What lies in her soul is hope.


Sadia was an orphan for as far as she could remember. She never had true parents and she was forced to wander the streets aimlessly looking for food as a child. Eventually however, an elderly blacksmith took pity on her and allowed her to have food at his house in return for helping him out around the forge. A fourteen year old Sadia thought this was a perfect idea.

At age 16, Sadia was given her own sword and shield by her friend, the blacksmith. Soon after that, however, the blacksmith died on top of his old age and disease. Sadia was forced to work the forge all by herself. She couldn't cope without assistance and was soon forced to sell the forge just to scrape by.

Three years later, she heard of a cursed sword that would surely be worth a lot of money. She ventured far and wide to find the sword but never had any luck.

Eventually at age 21, she heard another rumour of the cursed sword and she ventured to Ostrheinsburg to finally find her destiny.

Soul Calibur IV

During her time searching for the cursed sword, she found many people battling her. She managed to defend herself with her sword and shield but she couldn't figure out why they were so evil.

When she reached a small room, she was ambushed by an assassin. He nearly killed her but she managed to push him out of the room. Sadia locked the room and waited. Soon after, however, she was attacked by another person. She was a woman called Desela. They did battle and Sadia could see the hate in the woman's eyes. Sadia managed to hold her off long enough to tire her out and eventually escape.

Sadia ran far from the room onto a small canoe, where she drifted off down the river. Halfway through the journey, she was intercepted by a ninja. Sadia pleaded with the ninja not to kill her and the ninja granted her wish but they still did battle. The ninja revealed herself as Kinata. Then she disappeared.

Suddenly, Sadia heard a scream. She looked up and saw Desela plunge her sword into a woman's heart. Sadia growled at the injustice and jumped up to battle with the evil woman. They clashed sword and shield many times but eventually Sadia got the better of her. Sadia plunged her sword through her gut. Desela fell to the ground in pain and squirmed around on the floor until she died. Sadia felt bad but she continued on her way to the huge tower.

Sadia was once again stopped by Kinata. Kinata told her to turn back as the way was not safe. Sadia agreed with her, she couldn't take any more battles or deaths.

Soul Calibur V

Sadia was left on her own by Kinata. She awaited patiently for news of her return, she needed to know Talini was dead for what she did to Koutea and her own village.

Eventually, after weeks of waiting, Kinata returned home in nothing but a dress and chains. Sadia was happy to see her but concerned about what happened. Sadia took her into her house and listened to her story.


Sadia has a very kind-hearted and warm personality, she is caring towards others but can be vengeful when somebody hurts her or her friends.

Fighting Style

Sadia uses Cassandra's fighting style in Soulcalibur IV and Pyrrha's fighting style in Soulcalibur V.


Sadia's sword and shield has no name because she doesn't feel like weapons need to be named.

Critical Finish

Sadia's Critical Finish is the same as Cassandra's critical finish.

Critical Edge

Sadia's Critical Edge is the same as Pyrrha's critical edge.

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