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Note: This character was created by me, Jessieninjaautism15, nobody can edit this without permission, sorry.

Christopher Curtis is a fanmade character who's first appearance was in Soulcalibur IV and is going to continue to be a created character in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny.

What lies in his soul is Power and Torment.


Chris is a show-off.  He can be angry at times when it comes to his mother.

But when it comes to friends and rivals, Jessie, his neighbor across the parking lot, is smart and autistic.

But to friends, he's a good friend.


Soulcalibur IV

Chris is currently the only son of a convenience store worker. He was born in 1996 in Pennsylvania. He met Jessie when he was 12.

When he was 13, a mysterious man (Maxi) came to his door, asking for Jessie. But Chris did the right thing, he knocked him unconscious.

When his mother came back from work, she found the unconscious Maxi, and carried him inside, grounding Chris for a month.

A month later, Maxi came out of the coma he was in, and resumed his search for Jessie. Chris was no longer grounded.

He visited Jessie's apartment a day later. A knock was on Jessie's door, when her dad answered it, he knew it was Jessie's rival.

"Get the hell off my doorstep, leave my daughter alone or I'm gonna kick your ass!"   is what Jessie's dad said before bringing Jessie's older sister, Brittney, out to the doorstep to beat Maxi up.

"I...I just came to see Jessie." That was Maxi's response.

Then Chris had suspicions about Maxi.

He stole a katana and a flag looking sashimono and set out at midnight.

Chris had to save a friend/rival from being kidnapped by Maxi.


Soulcalibur IV

Chris defeats Maxi, who is on the ground, unconscious, with Jessie, who is seen crying.

Chris: Jessie, I'm...

Jessie: Go away Chris! Just Go!

(This next scene takes place in Colorado.)

Sarah: Chris!

Chris: Oh...uh...Mom...wassup? I...I was just...uh...saving Jessie from the dude I knocked unconscious a month ago.

Sarah: You are officially grounded, Chris.

Chris: That's some bullcrap.

Then the text only epilogue says, Then, he made Jessie more miserable than ever.

Battle Quotes

Character Select:

  • I'm so ninja.
  • Dude

Before Battle:

When feeling up to it:

  • Oh my god, you've got to be kidding me.
  • Dude...not cool.
  • Ok then...
  • Whatever, I'll win anyway.
  • *laughs* Idiotic.
  • I don't know.
  • How Pathetic...really
  • Cool beans...not! *laughs*
  • Dude, why are you pursuin' Jessie? (In Chris's story mode)
  • I am the ultimate! My name is Chris! Yeah!
  • *laughs* *yawns*
  • I dislike Jessie's sister...hear that Brittney?! *laughs*
  • Knock me out, and when I wake up, enemy bashin' time.

When not feeling up to it:

  • This is gonna make me mad!
  • Leave Jessie alone!! (In Chris's Story mode)
  • This is pissing me!
  • Julio, if you see this, you will love the fact that I, Christopher Curtis, am better than you...So screw you dude!
  • Oops, see where this gets ya?
  • This is bullcrap!
  • Jessie, where in the freak are you?
  • How rude...
  • I hate you Maxi...or whatever your name is...
  • This is some dumb crap...that's right...that's what I said.

Victory Quotes

  • I told you...
  • Maxi, stay away from Jessie! (In Chris's Story Mode)
  • My god...I won. I told you Julio!
  • Well that was pathetic.
  • I am way better than anyone. *laughs*
  • Crap...Julio and Michael are gonna hate this, but I won't.
  • Uh...
  • I'm gonna whoop somebody's ass. *laughs*
  • Goodbye!
  • Um....okay.*laughs*
  • I told you I'm the ultimate. Ha!

Loss Quotes:

  • That's some bull!
  • Dang it!
  • Grr!
  • I hate you Maxi!
  • God dang It!!
  • I'm sorry Jessie!
  • I've been powned? How could I have been powned?

Critical Finish

First, Chris grabs the neck of the opponent,  then while the opponent is unconscious, he throws them up up in the air, then when the opponent falls to the ground, Chris takes his foot and steps on their head, laughing maniacally. He then says "Well, that's what you get...happy now?" To Maxi, he would say, "Dude, you've been cursed because I'm so ninja!"


  • Chris has ADHD.
  • Hilde is secretly in love with Chris.
  • Chris thinks Jessie is heading to Ostrheinsburg, but Jessie is actually wanting to find out the truth about her biological parents.
  • Chris is black and white, making him the only character who is biracial.


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