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"I won't leave anyone behind!"
— Aeon Balkia

Aeon Balkia is the hero and the main protagonist within the story of Soulcalibur III's Chronicles of th Sword, and Soulcalibur: Road to Salvation. He returns as a major character in Soulcalibur IV, and Soulcalibur V as a member of Schwarzwind.

Aeon's fighting style is just like that of Siegfried's, but is also more skillful in the art of hand-to-hand combat. He can manipulate the elemental powers of Earth, Water, Ice, and Lightning and use them to fight his enemies.

What lies in his soul is Sacrifice.

In Soul Calibur V, he is referred to as He Who Protects The Powerless.


Aeon was born into the most wealthy, and the most powerful kingdom in Europe of three children, with him being the oldest. However, Aeon was born as an anthropomorphic wolf from his birth, and was kept protected by his family from then on. His father then realized that Aeon was born like this because of his vast power in the elements, and several people viewed him like a god, while others say otherwise. Aeon had to go out in the city in a hood, and his sister and brother always tag along with him to keep him company. His mother always cherished him when he was born, and never was disgusted by his appearance. When Aeon was 8-years-old, he was trained by his father to master his skills as a knight, and to fully control the elements that he was gifted with. Aeon finally finished his training within a month, and his family was very impressed and happy to know of it. Aeon is now 18-years-old, and tries to become a hero of the people by proving them in saving lives. But despite trying to live up as a soon-to-be hero of the people, Aeon was shunned by most, and hardly made any friends because of his animal appearance. Even so, he lived happily with his family. However, Aeon's happy life was soon to be destroyed. As he was strolling at night in the city, he saw fire coming from his home, and hurried to his family's safety. Unfortunately, he came there too late, and saw his home in flames. Aeon falls to his knees in sorrow and cries, but hears his brother and sister from a distance. He finds them and gets them out of there. But they ask him to find their parents, for they could still be alive somewhere. Aeon heads into the burning kingdom to find them, and manages to heal them and get them out. However, Aeon sees a hundred soldiers holding his siblings hostage, and asks them to let them go. The soldiers refuse, and they try to make his siblings see their brother as a monster, and that he deserves to be killed as an abomination. But his siblings don't believe him to be a monster, and said that he is their family. Aeon then fend off the soldiers from his sister and brother, and told them to stand back. After defeating the soldiers, Aeon then goes with his family to live somewhere where no one can harm them. Within a month, they finally rebuilt their home and everything seemed to be back to normal. But Aeon felt that he should distance himself from his parents and siblings so that they won't get hurt for his presence. Aeon leaves his home and family, but not before telling them that he'll be back soon and that he'll send them letters to know that he's doing well.

Heroic Efforts in COTS

After fives years of training on his own, Aeon soon decided to join an army for the greater good, and to preserve peace throughout the world.

Becoming Commander

Aeon soon joined the Grandal Army as a cadet, and met Abelia at the time of tactical training. Aeon was nervous at first, but made success in passing the test of tactical training. He then fought against Abelia in tactical battle, and soon fought and defeated her in combat. Aeon express some degree of being close to Abelia, though he kept it to himself from then on. Aeon soon had to fight Girardot Argezas, and it proved to be challenging at first. Aeon then prepared to fight Girardot in combat, and Girardot expresses that he is quite strong and that he may succeed in life; but only after he defeats him. Aeon won, and Girardot admits that it was more than enough to pass. Aeon is now made to be commander, and several of his friends help out as his companions. While on the day he was made commander, Abelia came to congratulate him for succeeding. Aeon turns shy and says thanks. Abelia tells him that he should still remain vigilant, as more battles will come in due time. She turns away and walks, and Aeon tries to say something but couldn't. Girardot appears and asks Aeon if something is wrong, but Aeon says that it's nothing and leaves to his room. Leaving Girardot to wonder on what was going on with him.

First time in the night

Aeon was given a mission at night time, and soon met a man that he would soon fight in the future: the man named Chester. After defeating his bandits and himself, Chester told Aeon that he has absolutely no intention of dying here and escaped with a goodbye wave to Aeon. Aeon tries to stop him but was too late, and is frustrated by this to a certain degree. When he got back, he wondered about who that man was, but Abelia came in to check on him. Aeon wonders why she's here, but she just replies that she just wanted to know if he's angry about letting the culprit escape. Aeon tells her that it won't happen again and fears that the mystery man may come back in sometime. Abelia gets close to Aeon and comforts him by placing her arms around him, and Aeon blushes from this. Abelia tells him not to worry, for he has friends by his side and will never abandon him.

First time in battle

Aeon is now put to battle for the first time in real combat, and everything becomes a slight thrill for others. Aeon is confronted by and prepares to fight Luna, who says that he is the only one who has provided a worthy challenge. Aeon defeats her, and she orders her troops to retreat, but were defeated in the process by Aeon's troops instead. Aeon was even confronted by Astaroth, and was able to beat him in combat. But the giant expresses that he's got some guts for a fool, before falling from defeat. After that, Aeon went to fend off more forces and won the battle in a matter of moments.







A Former General's Fall


Broken Friends

Reminiscing Past

Invading the Emperor's Castle

Confronting the Tyrant Ruler

Aftermath of COTS

Aeon finally defeats Strife, and the latter tries to walk away in the burning palace. But the former emperor falls to his death, and Aeon looks to him with silence. Aeon now turns around and leaves, leaving the castle to burn in ruins. Peace has now been brought back to the land, and Aeon looks to the skies and are now looking peaceful and beautiful. With both Soul Edge and Soul Calibur gone, peace may return to the world yet. When Abelia sends her scouts to the outer lands to rebuild after the horrors of war, Aeobn arrives and comes to see her on her well being. He and Abelia are now seen walking by the streets and have a long conversation. They even got to see the statue that was made for Aeon in their time of war. Aeon expresses his thanks to her and that everyone has been a great help to him these past years. Abelia smiles and says that he was indeed a great leader for guiding them to bringing back their land to restoration. Aeon now tries to ask her something, and Abelia wonders what it is. Aeon then blushes and stutters in words, but now asks her if she would live with him. Abelia then kisses him on the lips and says that she had waited for him to ask. Aeon is happy to hear this, and they hold hands together and walk off to the newly built castle that is currently made for Aeon. Abelia is impressed by the feature, and wonders if Aeon is to be their emperor. Aeon just clarifies that he wants everyone to live happily, and they perhaps need a ruler who's heart is pure and kind. Abelia comments that he would be a fine ruler, as he is very kind to everyone he made as friends.

The Quest for the Swords of legend

Six months have now passed since the war, and Aeon and Abelia are shown within the castle's chambers.

Revelation of Origin

The Final Battle

Aftermath of Road to Salvation

With Night Terror finally defeated for good, Aeon and Abelia are finally out of the realm where they were imprisoned.

Soul Calibur IV

Making New Allies

Battle with Algol

Nightmare's Brutal Duel

Soul Calibur V

Seventeen years had passed sense the last battle with Soul Calibur and Soul Edge, and Aeon lived peacefully with his family.

Confronting Patroklos

Dumas' Deception

SoulCalibur's New Wielder

Confrontation with Tira

Journying with the Siblings

Graf Dumas is Nightmare

Rekindling Patroklos' spirit

Search for the Sacred Treasures

Edge Master's Interference

Return of the Hero King

Saving Pyrrha

The End of Tira

Final Conflict with Elysium

The End to the Legendary Swords



Aeon is quite known to be very kind and gentle, though most mistake him to be dangerous because of his appearance. Aeon always thinks of protecting those close to him first, and puts other things second and last. He only seeks victory to preserve peace for all, and never asks for anything in return. This makes him a selfless and benevolent hero. Aeon also shows great skill in combat, but only does so if need be, or in defending his friends and family. In battle he turns into a man with calm and focus to anticipate an enemy's attack pattern, and holds back his immense strength to only incapacitate or leave his enemies defenseless. He never delivers the final blow on someone who can't defend themselves, but would do so if they continue to harm those he cares about. His kind nature also helps him see how the world is sliding towards destruction, and wishes to restore it to peace for all. This becomes the reason that he is now the new emperor for all, as his pure and kind nature would surely keep the world in balance and prosperity.

Aeon is also aware that there are others like himself that may appear to be monsters, but still have their own hearts. He did this twice with Lizardman and Nightmare, and was able to redeem Lizardman, but not so lucky with Nightmare (As he is the manifestation of pure evil). Though this proved to be reckless and foolish to most, the fact that Aeon placed his life on the live to save those who are cursed is proof that he is one to protect anyone worth saving, evil or not.

Fighting Style

Aeon's fighting style is exactly like Siegfried, but is as highly proficient in the art of hand-to-hand combat. Due to his anthropomorphic appearance, Aeon possesses keen senses and heightened physical prowess. His strength is exceptionally high, as he can break through walls and even crush a human being with his fists (though only when necessary). His speed allows him to be unpredictable and can make counterattacks on enemy openings. His endurance, durability and stamina allows him to withstand normal attacks, and even when sustaining heavy damage from mystical attacks, he can still fight without slowing down. He can even jump up to high buildings and leap to farther distances from up to 50–100 meters away.

Aside from combat skills, Aeon is also extremely skilled in elemental power. He can manipulate the powers of Earth, Water, Ice and Lightning to his will, and can use them in an offensive and defensive measures.

Critical Finish

Critical Edge


  • Faust
  • Faust/Soul Calibur



  • "I don't fight those who can't defend themselves."
  • "My friends are more important!"
  • "Victory gained from tyranny is not victory!"
  • "Evil only gives birth to more evil."
  • "Hatred cannot bring back the dead."
  • "It's not about what you are, it's about who you are."
  • "You fight with power, but I fight with my heart."
  • "Love and compassion is what saves one from drowning in darkness and evil."
  • "I would risk my life to save those I care about!"
  • "Soul Calibur, give me strength!"
  • "Let go of the evil and feel some remorse!"
  • "I almost lost everything and I'm not going to lose you too."
  • "The only darkness that lives inside me is the one that fights beside me."
  • "There's more to the soul than just darkness and evil, it's full of all kind of things."
  • "The world is made from both good and evil, and they continue to conflict with one another."
  • "I want to bring peace to this world, for that is my dream."
  • "Abelia, I wanted to ask you this before, but I've been scared to do so."
  • "So, I want to ask: Would you like to live with me?"
  • "As the new emperor, I vow to bring peace to the world, no matter the hardships that follow."
  • "Nightmare, why do you seek to end the world?"
  • "Aeon? Funny, that's my name, too." (to Lizardman in Soulcalibur IV)
  • "Algol! I'm here to stop you!"
  • "I'm only here to stop Algol. I don't want to fight you." spoken in story mode to Mitsurugi.
  • "Please, stand aside." - spoken in story mode to Mitsurugi.
  • "If you won't listen, then I'll have to knock you out." - spoken when engaging in battle against Mitsurugi.
  • "My business is with Algol. Now, stand aside." - spoken when defeating Mitsurugi.
  • "Algol, I won't allow you to be resurrected. Time is meant to move forward, not to be stopped! If you wish to absorb Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, then you'll have to beat me." spoken in story mode to Algol.
  • "I won't let you have your way!" - spoken when engaging in battle against Algol.
  • "Your ambition stops here." - spken when defeating Algol.
  • "This person doesn't reek of a malfested. He's human, just like you." - spoken in story mode to Patroklos.
  • "I've got no idea why Dumas would order a kid like you to kill innocent bystanders, but I won't stand by quietly." - spoken in story mode to Patroklos.
  • "It's just like Z.W.E.I. said. If you continue to serve Dumas, then you won't be able to find and save your sister from Tira." - spoken in story mode to Patroklos.
  • "Tira is the malfested with the ring blade; your sworn enemy. If you wish to find her and save your sister, then you must leave Dumas' hold on you." - spoken in story mode to Patroklos.
  • "I'll go with you to confront Dumas, and perhaps you'll learn the truth from his mouth." - spoken in story mode to Patroklos.
  • "Looks like you've heard the truth. Now, it's time I lend you a hand." - spoken in story mode to Patroklos.
  • "Now that you no longer belong to Dumas, I'd like to come with me and meet my comrades. I'm sure they'll help you in finding your sister."
  • "Oh, Z.W.E.I.! Were you waiting for us all this time?" - spoken in story mode to Z.W.E.I.
  • "I like to help others see the truth, even if it is a little foolhardy." - spoken in story mode to Z.W.E.I.
  • "Hey, no need to point swords around. You might need to learn proper first impressions, you know." - spoken in story mode to Patroklos.
  • "I guess Siegfried wants to see how skilled Patroklos is, even though he handed him Soul Calibur in its silent state." - spoken in story mode to Z.W.E.I.
  • "I also once wielded Soul Calibur in the past, though it had been lousy when absorbed by Night Terror. Luna was the first person I saw wielding it, then came me and then it chose Siegfried from 17 years ago to end Nightmare. That battle was intense, but he managed to defeat the Azure Knight."
  • "You're not using Soul Calibur for revenge, it's meant to vanquish evil and save the world from a great calamity. It's a sword meant to save and protect, not kill."
  • "There is a whole world of difference. Trust me, I know."
  • "Hey! What did I tell you about proper first impressions?"
  • "Hey, White Sable and Viola! It's been a while since I last saw you two."
  • "You heard the man, Patroklos, now stop whinning and let's get to adventuring! C'mon, it'll be fun."
  • "Tira may be around somewhere. We just need to look around more thoroughly."
  • "Anyway, White Sable, I see your skills are still as deadly as ever. I'd hate to see you fight Z.W.E.I. in a death match."
  • "Ravens?"
  • "Tira. So, you came to us instead."
  • "Careful, Patroklos. She's a lot more dangerous than she lets on."
  • "Patroklos, wait! Don't go without back-up!"
  • "Tira, this is as far as you go. Surrender at once, and I promise to spare your life."
  • "Calm down, Patroklos. Remember, your sister's life is at stake."
  • "And you still look as young and childish as ever. Guess that's to be expected of one who gave their souls to evil."
  • "My job is to protect the weak and powerless. My appearance and powers have nothing to do with you, or your fiendish plans."
  • "Glad we fixed this lost sibling reunion. Now, let's get back to the others."
  • "No need to worry, Z.W.E.I. Patroklos managed to scare away Tira, but I fear she may come back soon."
  • "Anyway, this is Pyrrha, Patroklos' sister. They definitely look like brother and sister, huh?"
  • "Well, if you intent on going back home, I'll be glad to help out as your bodyguard. Free of charge."
  • "I guess that's that. I'll see you guys when I get back. Stay safe!"
  • "Here. There's enough food for the three of us here."
  • "Astaroth?! ...No. You're not him."
  • "Careful, Patroklos. He may not be the real thing, but he's still deadly. Stay on your toes."




Night Terror


Girardot Argezas










Edge Master





Soul Edge/Inferno

Soul Calibur/Elysium



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