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"My power shall bring terror and fear"
— Emil

Emil Deaman(エミール・デイマン, Emiru Deiman) a character in the Soul series and made his debut in Soulcalibur V.

He uses the same moveset Devil Jin

What lies in his soul is Power.

In Soulcalibur V's promotional material he is referred as A Wingless Demon

Physical appearance

Emil has short black hair, blueish purple eyes and pale skin. In his transformed state he retains his hair color but his sclera turns black and pupils turns red, his skin turns black and gains increased height and muscle, horns, dark red markings on the front of his torso and back, and a small eye like mark on his forehead. He also has black energy like wings that he can summons on will.



He wears a grey circlet with a red gem, a grey haori with a red trim, a pair of white arm bandages, a brown belt, blue pants and brown boots.


He wears the same belt, pants and boots but has lost his bandages and haori.


Soulcalibur V

Emil and his sister Emilia was tasked by their father to revive Night Raven but the plan back fired as he betrayed them and left into hiding. Emilo in disappointment sent the two to find the son of John, Jack who had stolen The Diabolus and bring him to him.

After finding and brought Jack Emilo, the siblings were each given a mission. Emil's mission was to gather fragments of The Diabolus while his sister was sent to gather The Angelus fragments.

Emil saw this as an opportunity to gather power, further enhance his strength even if it ment killing malfested in they way. With his goal set, Emil flew away in search of the fragments.

However he had no idea that in his way, a girl wielding a snake sword would change his way and his own fate.



Fighting style

Emil's fighting style is the same as Devil Jin, see his page for more information.

Critical Edge

Daemonum Laser: Emil jumps in the air and begins to spread his wings and starts a diving kick at the opponent that launches them in the air twice until he begins to do a powerful eye laser beam and performs a grab move that slams the opponent to the ground.




Battlefield: War


  • Brutal Instincts


Soulcalibur V


  • Ah, this will be easy
  • Alright, I'm gonna enjoy this
  • Gotcha
  • Hey
  • What
  • Ready
  • Just die
  • You idiot
  • You called?
  • Poor baby
  • Want more?
  • Try again
  • Oh yeah
  • Piece of crap
  • You're a pain
  • Come on now
  • I'm the king
  • Let's have some fun
  • Justice is for losers
  • Wh..wh..Whaaa! - On ring out 1st
  • Daah! - On ring out 2th
  • Whaait - Spoken after Yoshimitsu's Critical Edge
  • No way - Spoken during Algol's Sadalsuub Markad.
  • What's going on - Spoken when it by tremor
  • I'm the best - Taunt
  • No Fair - On guard break
  • I'll get you next time - Spoken after losing by a time out
  • That hurt - Spoken after being defeated by Yoshimitsu's Soul Siphon
  • I can feel it...Yeeah - Spoken during Critical Edge
  • There's more where that came from
  • I might have a position open for you
  • That's gonna leave a mark
  • I don't even know my own strength


  • You will die
  • Your time has come
  • Gotcha
  • No
  • Perish
  • Begin
  • Silence
  • Amateur
  • Your mine
  • Stay down
  • Just die
  • Now die
  • Stop resisting
  • It's time
  • Its futile
  • Take this
  • I'll kill you
  • You are weak
  • This is your grave
  • It can't be - On ring out 1st
  • How dare you - On ring out 2th
  • Damn it - Spoken after Yoshimitsu's Critical Edge
  • Too strong - Spoken during Algol's Sadalsuub Markad.
  • What the? - Spoken when it by tremor
  • Are you scared? - Taunt
  • Impossible - On guard break
  • What, I failed - Spoken after losing by a time out
  • Pity - Spoken after being defeated by Yoshimitsu's Soul Siphon
  • See you in hell...Just watch - Spoken during Critical Edge
  • Is that all?
  • Just a scratch
  • Fool



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