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"The plan is spinning, soon it shall be done "
— Emila

Emila Deaman(エミラ・デイマン, Emira Deiman) a character in the Soul series and made her debut in Soulcalibur V.

She uses the same moveset Viola

What lies in her soul is Wisdom.

In Soulcalibur V's promotional material she is referred as A Seer of Darkness

Physical appearance

Emilia has short dark red hair, white eyes due to blindness and pale skin. In her transformed state she retains her hair color but grows in length, her sclera turns black and pupils turns red gaining sight, her skin turns black and gains horns, and dark red markings on the upper portion of her face.



She wears a helmet with a light purple cloth inside the helmet and a red trim, white bandages covering her eyes, a light purple brightly-patterned trench-coat with white frills, a white collar and a black undershirt with red elegant trimmings, a pair of white skintight bellbottoms with a slit design and comes with grey rings that holds the trousers and light purple and red stilettos.


She wears a black roman inspired breastplate over a light purple sleeveless shirt, a pair of black gauntlets with four red sharp blades, white pants and black greaves with red trim and skulls.


Soulcalibur V

Emilia and her brother Emil was tasked by their father to revive Night Raven but the plan back fired as he betrayed them and left into hiding. Emilo in disappointment sent the two to find the son of John, Jack who had stolen The Diabolus and bring him to him.

After finding and brought Jack Emilo, the siblings were each given a mission. Emilia's mission was to gather fragments of The Angelus while her brother was sent to gather The Diabolus fragments.

Emilia saw this as an opportunity to gather knowledge about The Angelus and perhaps The Diabolus as well. With her goal set, she went out in search of the fragments and hopefully information.

Little did she know, that her fate was about to change.



Fighting style

Emila's fighting style is the same as Viola, see her page for more information.

Critical Edge

Industria Captionem: Emilia will say "I won't go easy...Your mine", as a magical seal appears behind her and she casts a spell. The orb will start to glow and pull Emilia's opponent near it in a stun-like manner.


Clara Ignis


Abandoned Mansion


  • Wandering Seer


Soulcalibur V

  • So you wanna fight
  • You say something
  • Obvious
  • Come
  • Ready
  • Gotcha
  • Want more?
  • Go away
  • No escape
  • Just die
  • Your persistent
  • This'll hurt
  • There you go
  • Now, taste this
  • Just for you
  • You're a pain
  • I won't lose
  • I lost - On ring out 1st
  • Too strong - On ring out 2th
  • Careful - Spoken after Yoshimitsu's Critical Edge
  • What the - Spoken when it by tremor
  • Are you stupid? - Taunt
  • Too much - On guard break
  • My mistake - Spoken after losing by a time out
  • This can't be the end - Spoken after being defeated by Yoshimitsu's Soul Siphon
  • I won't go easy...Your mine - Spoken during Critical Edge
  • I'm hungry
  • You seem strong
  • You think you're strong enough
  • The battlefield's where I belong



Series Appearances

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